Your Weekly Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 28-November 3

*ALERT* Mercury is going retrograde ON HALLOWEEN!! Will your costume and your plans be sorted by then? We hope so…


October 23–November 21

A faceoff between the Scorpio sun and Uranus at the beginning of the week could rattle your ego if you take it as a direct challenge. It may seem personal if someone exhibits unreliability, erratic behavior or a need for space, and you could feel threatened by instability in a relationship. Or perhaps you’re the one who’s restless and ambivalent and you’re projecting these feelings onto the other person. Maintaining healthy boundaries will help you sort out your own role in the situation. Does it seem like someone’s forcing change on you? Make room for the element of surprise; you might experience a liberation or awakening of sorts. A Mercury-Venus rendezvous in your sign can inspire you to express your personality, desires, emotions and creativity, so relish the experience of showing the world who you are and what’s inside you. After that, Mercury will be backtracking through Scorpio, making it much harder to get your message across. Postpone big decisions, and instead, rethink your personal choices and consider what you want to say when communication clears up in a few weeks. And try not to get too hung up on being misunderstood! Once Venus segues into your worth house, your desire for nice things could increase, leading to shopping sprees. Fortunately, you’ll also have an easier time attracting what you need — which might add up to financial opportunities.



November 22–December 21

Although this is your season to enjoy peace and quiet, a sun-Uranus opposition signals that you’ll be pulled into the real world by a quick turn of events like a health issue, an office crisis or the need to adjust your schedule. Juggling your workload and keeping up with changing circumstances may be a challenge, and if you get stressed, you should take a breather to unwind. Sleep — and any other practice that soothes your soul — will replenish you; then you can get back on your grind when duty calls. With Mercury and Venus coming together in your spirit sector, you might try to gain insight into a past relationship; write in a dream journal; work on something privately that requires artistic imagination; or confide in someone you care about in an effort to release old feelings. Mercury is doing a 180 there, pulling some of your attention inward. In the next few weeks, you can glean more info from your dreams, intuition, imagination, memories and buried feelings than you can from the outside world. Communication won’t come easy, so don’t force it. Tune out the noise and tune into your soul. After Venus sashays into Sagittarius, you’ll feel more sociable, attractive and affectionate. Your magnetism and charm will draw people into your orbit, and you won’t have any trouble getting along with everyone and enjoying yourself.



December 22–January 19

A standoff between the sun and Uranus this week can generate friction between fitting in and standing out. You’re prepared to play nice with others but may have an urge to shoot off on your own tangent, leaving teamwork in the dust. Or friendship and romance could prove to be quite a tricky mix. The sun’s placement calls for you to integrate and cooperate, while Uranus tempts you to shake things up and do as you please. If you see a way to amuse yourself and still cooperate, go for it, but if not, you might need to march to your own beat for a minute. Luckily, there’s plenty of potential for impromptu fun with your squad. With Mercury and Venus joining forces, you’re game for socializing, professional networking, talking to friends and hanging out with a lot of people. Shared interests, ideals and objectives gain importance over personal ones now. Mercury is starting to backpedal, though, so crossed wires among friends or another group can cause misunderstandings. Avoid gossip, back up all your devices and postpone buying tech for a few weeks. You could reconnect with an old pal and find yourself contemplating who you want in your inner circle. Social media will be rife with drama, making it essential to practice good netiquette. Once Venus ducks into your retreat corner, you’ll crave more alone time and private time with your nearest and dearest.



January 20–February 18

When the sun goes toe to toe with Uranus this week, a mood swing or a sudden change in your family or home environment could set you back on your heels and require you to improvise. You might need to give yourself an out if you’re feeling antsy. You’re focused on achieving your goals and making a strong impression, but you need to deal with what’s going on in your private life or inside you; if you ignore it, it’s liable to intrude at an inopportune moment. An alliance between Mercury and Venus a couple of days later will inspire you to connect with people in power, promote yourself, charm higher-ups and do high-profile work that calls for creativity and mental agility. Business dealings should go smoothly now. Next, Mercury turns retrograde, which will complicate communication with authority figures for a few weeks. Watch your tone, and review your goals rather than publicizing them. You might revise a biz plan or rethink your career path, bringing them more in line with your current circumstances and identity. After Venus sails into your humanity house for a three-and-a-half-week stay, you’ll want to be around plenty of people — the more the merrier! Say yes to social occasions like parties and professional networking events. Plan a girls’ night out — or two or three — with your squad. You’ll enjoy group activities and endeavors, especially ones with a philanthropic purpose.



February 19–March 20

A disagreement may pop up out of nowhere when the sun and Uranus face off early in the week, spanning your communication and beliefs houses. Stop and ask yourself if you really feel so strongly about this issue. It’s essential to pick your battles because petty arguments will take up valuable real estate in your head. On the flipside, an intelligent debate could be educational and enlightening, and fresh insights can push you out of your default mindset. Just take things in without jumping to conclusions. You might meet someone unexpectedly under this influence, too. And if you’re rattled by nervous energy, a change of scene could be the perfect antidote. With Mercury and Venus lining up, you’ll be able to relate to people who are very different from you and will get pleasure from learning new things. After Mercury shifts into reverse, perplexing debates may spark up again, and you’d do well to seek fresh perspective. This is an excellent time to weed out prejudices as you examine your views. Be patient with travel and education-related snafus. Revisiting and relearning are bound to be easier for the next few weeks. Once Venus ascends to the peak of your chart, you’ll naturally turn on the charm with higher-ups and can gain favor that advances your career or enhances your reputation. Doing creative work and playing nice with colleagues can also help you polish your image.



March 21–April 19

Your money or confidence might take a hit when the sun and Uranus lock into an opposition at the beginning of the week. Conversely, financial or personal insecurity could get in the way of sharing. Are you anxious for support? Try to keep your expectations on a more even keel if you can. Don’t take what you’re getting or not getting from someone too personally. And if an impulse to be self-sufficient makes interdependence almost impossible, do your best to avoid stubbornness and selfishness. You can get back on course, probably in a more interesting way than if you hadn’t hit this bump to begin with. A Mercury-Venus get-together a couple of days later favors trust, healing and acceptance, putting closeness back within reach. However, Mercury will be traveling retrograde from October 31 to November 20, which can mess with communication in an intimate relationship. You might reminisce about a past lover or reflect on a painful loss. Protect any info that you want to keep private, and probe your psyche for nuggets of truth. Restarting an investigation or research project can be fruitful during this period. With Venus bursting into your expansion zone, the appeal of difference becomes readily apparent. Exposure to a wide variety of people, arts and cultures can bring you joy. In the weeks to come, you might get involved in a long-distance romance, have a vacay fling or find yourself drawn to someone you’d normally swipe left on.



April 20–May 20

Uranus in Taurus will oppose the sun in your interpersonal angle just as the week gets underway, and as a result, you might grow impatient with the compromises that are part of connecting. Restlessness can lead you to pull away from your S.O. or another person who’s important to you. If you’re itching for your independence, you may need to take a break. There’s a chance you’ll want to break up rather than call timeout, but Uranus shoots from the hip, so press pause before you do anything radical. You’re better off contemplating your relationship dynamic without necessarily making a major move to change it just yet. A healthy bond will bend without breaking when such inevitable shakeups occur. You may even have a revelation about who you are in your relationships and whether that role suits the person you’re becoming. A Mercury-Venus alliance midweek will help you to engage in dialogue, negotiate and maintain a pleasant rapport. Soon after, Mercury will go off the grid, though, which can jam the signals between you and other individuals. Give people the benefit of the doubt instead of assuming. You might rehash old fights without reaching any new understanding. But reviewing your relationships and your agreements with others — explicit and implicit — will be worth it. Next, Venus dives into your depth house, bringing a craving for closeness and mingling emotions with sex. Under this influence, you want what you want with extra intensity.



May 21–June 20

The sun in your efficiency corner moves into an opposition with Uranus at the start of the week, so your efforts to get tons done may be waylaid by something unforeseen. Be prepared for detours; anything from a mere flight of imagination to consequences coming back to bite you can throw you off-course. It’s also possible that another person will undermine you — or you’ll inadvertently undermine yourself. An unconscious urge to rebel could be at the root of all this. Don’t fight it. Call timeout if you need a break from the action! If info comes to light, you could be compelled to strike a compromise. Avoid an overreaction like snapping at coworkers; they may be on your side and not the cause of disruption. This opposition asks you to balance control and surrender. With your ruler, Mercury, beginning to backspin, however, you should try to edit yourself at work, as crossed wires on the job are especially common during this transit. You’re liable to overlook details, so be prepared to double back and correct yourself later. Thankfully, this is a good time to reapply for a position, revise a project, relearn a skill, revamp your routine and research a health issue. After Venus crosses your interpersonal angle, you’re apt to enjoy the company of other individuals, so make a point of connecting one on one. It’s easy to compromise, make peace and show affection now.



June 21–July 22

Give people leeway to do their own thing early in the week when the sun stages a standoff with Uranus in your humanity house. Romance or friendship could heat up and then cool down now; you might be sending mixed messages, or someone could throw you for a loop with their push-pull behavior. You should keep expressing your individuality, but it may be harder to pursue personal pleasures if a friend or group is acting disruptive. Spell it out if you need more freedom, rather than pulling a disappearing act. With Mercury and Venus teaming up, you might also put your feelings for another person into words, convey your humor, read for pleasure or do some creative writing. But thanks to Mercury’s retrograde turn late in the week, you could become a bit tongue-tied when you try to speak from the heart. Between October 31 and November 20, you may reevaluate what fulfills you, rediscover an old source of pleasure and enjoy rereading and revising. Don’t be too surprised if an ex springs to mind or pops out of the woodwork during this period. After Venus segues into your efficiency corner, you could start to appreciate feeling helpful and productive, and you shouldn’t have any trouble getting along with colleagues. Working on a relationship problem or dealing with practical matters in a relationship will also come naturally.



July 23–August 22

Be ready to step out of your comfort zone momentarily to deal with whatever comes up when the sun goes head to head with Uranus at the beginning of the week. It won’t be a cinch to relax at home if something happens at work or if your boss’s whims threaten to gobble up your downtime. Your parents could also throw you off-kilter or disagree with each other now. Or perhaps you want the freedom to chase after your goals, and your family or home life is making demands on you. Try working remotely or effecting another change to restore balance. But don’t do anything too drastic, because Uranus can trigger impulsiveness that leads to further chaos. As Mercury and Venus coalesce midweek, your ideas and decisions regarding domestic issues like décor and entertaining are likely to be on point. But Mercury is going rogue late in the week, which can scramble signals on the home front. If you feel misunderstood when trying to articulate your feelings, you might want to stick to introspection or speak to a healing professional like a psychotherapist. This is a good time to ruminate on private feelings, rethink your living situation and reconnect with family. You’re likely to wander down memory lane in your head and speak with a tinge of nostalgia now. Venus’s arrival in your joy sector can inject more romance, fun, creativity and passion into your life over the next few weeks.



August 23–September 22

When the sun faces off against Uranus this week, an interesting debate could arise. See if you can separate your ego from your thoughts and ideas. This opposition invites you to stay curious and be open to changing your views. A spirited discussion can turn into a heated exchange in no time flat, though. Weigh your words, listen to people with different viewpoints and recognize you’re probably neither 100% right nor 100% wrong — and besides, it’s not a contest. You might also have an a-ha! moment or a sudden need to go off the grid, and whether you become more conscious or skip town, follow where your mind takes you and you won’t be bored. When Mercury and Venus meet up midweek, you can reach out to people, express affection, share creative brainstorms, enjoy your interactions and appreciate the beauty around you. This can be a good time to tell someone how you feel. But with Mercury pivoting backward, communication and travel will become a hornet’s nest. Keep your sense of humor and practice patience. Postpone signing paperwork, making big decisions and having important talks until after November 20. Venus is slipping down to the base of your chart, encouraging you to relish the pleasures of home and family over the next few weeks. You might opt to entertain, decorate, indulge in good food or catch up on your favorite shows.



September 23–October 22

Discord between the sun and Uranus this week can make you uncertain of getting what you want from someone. Maybe you can’t decide between holding onto what you have and betting on an unsure thing. You’re identifying strongly with your money, possessions and needs, and the idea of relying on other people or outside resources seems dicey. Be willing to ride out the inescapable ebb and flow, and don’t react in haste if you feel unsettled. Changes in a close relationship could shake your self-worth. Remember you can’t control others. Their feelings about you and their behavior toward you don’t define you. Those emotions and actions belong to them. And if you’re overly focused on what you consider nonnegotiable, you might underestimate the value of what someone is offering. A Mercury-Venus summit can help you get a handle on what you want and need so you can either ask for it or figure out how to attain it. After Mercury does a U-turn late in the week, your financial judgment won’t be as sharp. You’d be wise to put off splurges and negotiations for a few weeks and go over your budget with a fine-tooth comb. Your ruling planet’s arrival in your thinking-and-talking corner can make your mindset rosier and your interactions warmer. Notice the love and beauty in your everyday life. Explore your neighborhood. Let people know you care — or flirt with someone you fancy!


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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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A tough week coming up! Thanks for the horoscope!

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