Adios, Mercury Retrograde! What Else Is In The Stars This Week?

Mars goes into Scorpio, the sun goes into Sagittarius, Venus and Jupiter have a get-together, and Mars and Uranus face off in a tricky battle.



November 22–December 21

Be content with operating behind the scenes after Mars sneaks into your subliminal corner, where he’ll bed down for the rest of the year. Working solo in a low-key setting is your best bet, and you might get involved in a selfless endeavor that benefits others. But you could grow frustrated and sabotage yourself, particularly if you want more recognition. The more aware you are of self-defeating tendencies, the better off you’ll be. Try not to slip into a regressive behavior pattern, and instead, confront your hidden motives. With Mercury doing a U-turn, your intuition will be on point, so give it its due. Introspection can reap rewards. And once the sun surges into your sign, your birthday season is up and running! Your newfound vitality and enthusiasm will enable you to make an impression on people, even if you’re not feeling very chatty yet. This is your time to focus on who you are and what you want. Venus and Jupiter are also forming a dynamic duo in Sagittarius, which will send your luck and charisma soaring. You can easily attract whatever — and whomever — you desire but might have trouble narrowing down options. You’re in no mood to prejudge a potential pleasure and may be fired up to toss the dice on an unexpected love interest. Maybe they live far away or their views differ dramatically from yours. Regardless, Jupiter inspires you to learn, and such a connection is bound to be educational. If you’re in a going-nowhere relationship, here’s your chance to free yourself. Already into someone? You’re ready to make the first move now. A Mars-Uranus opposition again warns you to keep an eye on subconscious impulses so they don’t blindside you and disrupt your life. This is your season to do you. Happy solar return!



December 22–January 19

After Mars cruises into your humanity house, teamwork will be a winning strategy for the rest of 2019. The best way to pursue your interests and achieve your goals now is to seek out people who share them and collaborate. It’s a good time to do things that benefit others, so you might opt to join forces on a philanthropic endeavor like a holiday donation drive. Find ways to coordinate your own needs and aims with those of others. And with Mercury turning direct in that house, group communication will get easier, and you can clear up any misunderstandings that have arisen in the last few weeks. The sun is ducking into your release corner for its annual monthlong hibernation, preparing you for the fresh-start energy of your birthday season. Rest and reflection are in order, so find a bit of peace and quiet in order to look back over the past year and take stock of where you are. Venus and Jupiter have a rendezvous that could bring a surge of unconditional love or inner sense of wellbeing. Unplug and unwind solo or with someone you care about. You could make a grand, kindhearted gesture or indulge in an escapist pleasure. You’re open to connecting with someone on a deep level, but you may not see them clearly or maintain good boundaries. Take a wait-and-see approach if you meet a new match. Next, a Mars Uranus faceoff hints that you might need time off from people, so try to find a balance between going your own way and cooperating with others. Romance, fun or creative expression could cause you to veer off in another direction, but you could also make a singular contribution that reroutes a group effort.



January 20–February 18

Your ambition shifts into overdrive when motivated Mars ascends to your achievement angle, where he’ll be hovering for more than six weeks. You’re geared up to put your plans into action and chase after big goals. If possible, work independently and pour your energy into projects that mean a lot to you. Mars doesn’t like answering to anyone, so the same goes for you during this transit. Since you could step on toes while climbing the ladder, try to stay aware of how you’re coming across. Thankfully, Mercury is pivoting forward in that angle, ensuring smoother communication with authority figures and savvier career planning. If you feel you’ve misrepresented yourself lately, now you can clarify matters. The sun’s arrival in your humanity house encourages you to devote some of your attention to the various groups you belong to and the roles you play in them. While you’re busy pursuing your own objectives, you should also make time for friendships and socializing. In fact, this week’s Venus-Jupiter rendezvous ensures that you’ll thrive on being around a lot of people, so RSVP yes to gatherings of every sort. Your positive vibe could also translate to backing a progressive cause or a philanthropic endeavor or traveling with your squad. You can easily meet new faces, so get out there and network (or flirt, depending on your priorities!) And if you’re already in a relationship, you’ll enjoy socializing as a couple now. When Mars goes head to head with Uranus, try not to let domestic or emotional turbulence sidetrack your effort to achieve something. Keep impulsiveness in check and call a timeout if you need to deal with a situation in your personal life. And if your parents are fighting, stay out of the fray!



February 19–March 20

When Mars blasts into your exploration corner at the beginning of the week, your appetite for adventure grows. Between now and the end of the year, you’ll be more inclined to take risks. You’re on a quest to have fresh experiences that expand your mind, so get out there and conquer new territory. You also have the courage to fight for truth and justice, making this a good time to become active in a cause. Mercury is moving out of reverse, so travel, education and intellectual debates won’t be so fraught with detours, delays and misinterpretation. The big picture should start to fall into place, as recent revelations gel. Be patient while the meaning gradually becomes clearer. With the sun climbing to the peak of your chart, you’d do well to keep a high profile in the coming month and show what you can do. Your work could earn you accolades, and you might be given a leadership role or bigger responsibilities. Venus and Jupiter are meeting up in your ambition angle, which may give your PR a major boost and help you make great contacts. You might travel for your job, land a plum assignment or charm higher-ups effortlessly. Single? You might find love through your career now. And if you have a significant other, set goals together that point you in the same direction. A Mars-Uranus opposition can instigate a sudden difference of opinion, so choose your battles, listen well and be open to changing your mind. Beliefs can be limiting, and this is a good transit for pushing their boundaries so you can broaden your perspective. Don’t take huge chances on a whim, but do set off on an impromptu trip or adventure if the opportunity arises.



March 21–April 19

Your ruling planet, Mars, dives into your depth zone this week and hunkers down for a lengthy stay, activating your libido and narrowing your focus to what (and whom) you’re most passionate about. So dig into the projects and relationships that truly matter to you and give them your all. This transit is ideal for research, investigations and psychological exploration; leave no stone unturned in getting to the bottom of something over the next six and a half weeks. Thanks to Mercury’s reversal, you can get a firm grasp on anything you discover! After the sun zings into your exploration corner, you may want to take the blinders off. Keep zeroing in on those passion projects, but give yourself permission to fly off on a tangent once in a while and check out a wider range of possibilities. You might travel, take a class or become interested in a different culture or belief system. Venus and Jupiter are aligned, amplifying the allure of difference and catapulting you out of your comfort zone. A romantic getaway, a gratifying encounter with an appealing stranger and a shared learning experience are all favored. If you’re dating, you’ll be drawn to someone from outside your world. For maximum joy and growth, this planetary combo dares you to choose the unfamiliar! When Mars and Uranus face off, however, neediness or insecurity can complicate closeness. You might lash out at someone, particularly if you’re anxious about getting your needs met. The part of you that doesn’t want to be weighed down could play a role in the conflict. If you’re alone, facing something in your psyche can yield insights that have the power to shift your self-image.



April 20–May 20

Once Mars crosses your interpersonal angle, your most productive strategy will be to team up with other individuals on projects and activities and reap the benefits of partnership. You won’t get as much done flying solo, so reach out to people and propose collaborations. Between now and the end of the year, you can get conflicts out in the open in your relationships and work through them together. Mercury is edging forward in that angle, promoting diplomatic dialogue that will enable you to get on the same page, especially if you need to clear up recent miscommunication. It’s so much easier to resolve your differences when the messenger planet is back in gear. The sun’s segue into your depth-and-sharing sector will put you in tune with a subtler side of life, and you’ll be more psychologically oriented, perhaps identifying with strong emotions and desires. Venus and Jupiter are holding a meeting in that sector, hinting at powerful closeness and self-acceptance. You’ll feel brave enough to be totally vulnerable with another person or to explore your feelings so you can understand yourself better. Sex, emotional excavation, a passion project or investigation can turn into a splendid adventure, and since Jupiter rules travel, you might form a strong connection with a long-distance love or bond with your S.O. from faraway via WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime. But with Mars opposing Uranus in Taurus, there’s a chance a close connection will be disrupted if an urge for personal space arises. It could suddenly feel like cooperating will curtail your freedom. Or maybe someone will have a strong reaction to your need for independence or the changes you’re going through. Being the agent of change in your own life can keep Uranus from totally upending it, so embrace the spirit of revolution!



May 21–June 20

With Mars entering your efficiency corner, you’ll be channeling loads of energy into taking care of the business at hand. This is a six-week period for buckling down and getting to work. Do what needs doing at your job, tackle daily duties, exercise regularly and take pride in being productive and useful. You may not get tons of credit for your efforts, but you can gain satisfaction from accomplishing what’s necessary. Fortunately, your ruler is getting back into gear, which should straighten out scheduling snafus and improve your attention to detail. Now you can dot the i’s and cross the t’s to get back on track. After the sun moves into your interpersonal angle, you’ll draw energy from other individuals and will thrive on companionship. You can learn more about yourself through one-to-one connections in the month ahead than you can be going it alone. Venus and Jupiter are gelling there this week, hinting at luck in love. You could meet someone from a different country or background or find yourself drawn to a person who doesn’t match your usual criteria. If you’re dating and seeking a match with LTR potential, keeping an open mind will increase your odds of success. This planetary configuration can help you learn something from your relationships or bring an opportunity to help other people. Networking can also pay off big time in the form of a beneficial contact or mentor. A Mars-Uranus faceoff indicates that you’re sure to get distracted and will need a break from work to avoid burnout. Even a quick mental escape can do the trick. And guard against shady people and your own subconscious urges; they can undermine your efforts or set off tremors in the workplace. Build freedom into your schedule and go in search of peace.



June 21–July 22

You’ll be inclined to do as you please for the rest of 2019, once firecracker Mars charges into your joy zone for a lengthy tour. You’re motivated by fun, creativity, romance, self-expression and passion, so identify what you desire and go after it wholeheartedly! You might make the first move on someone you’re attracted to, dive into an artistic endeavor or simply carve out plenty of spare time for play. And with Mercury going direct in that zone, a creative block could lift, or you may feel less tongue-tied around someone you’re interested in. If your mind has been on an ex, it’s easier to turn your gaze toward the future now. With the sun showing up in your efficiency corner later in the week, you’ll need to shift some of your attention to getting things done. All play and no work won’t cut it when the focalizing planet is shining its light on your productivity. You might find ways to combine the two, perhaps by tackling tasks with creative flair or expressing your personality while making yourself useful. Since Venus and Jupiter are vibing, you should be able to pull that off and won’t have any trouble getting along with coworkers while you’re at it. You might enjoy doing something healthy like working out or doing something kind like a big favor. Being of service to others will feel extra gratifying, and a positive attitude about helping can boost your relationships. This week’s best mood enhancer? Gratitude for all the little things in life. When Mars and Uranus face off, the urge to march to your own beat could lead you to rebel against a group or a friend. The fact that you’re identifying with different people as your interests change can be both anxiety-inducing and exciting.



July 23–August 22

Between now and the end of the year, you’ll be busier around the house, thanks to the presence of Mars in your foundation angle. You might do your job from home or jump into domestic projects with a fervor. Repairs and renovations may be in order, but you could also become rather testy with family and housemates. So it might be a good idea to run what you’re doing past anyone who shares your space. If you simply find yourself in a bad mood, try not to engage in petty battles; instead, spend time alone doing things that relax you. Luckily, Mercury is getting back on course, helping you to understand your emotions and articulate them — and straighten out crossed wires on the home front. After the sun blasts into your joy sector, a big part of you will want to get out of the house and have some fun. Your love life, creativity, hobbies and passions should get their due in the coming month, so set aside time for romance and play. And doubling down on that theme, Venus and Jupiter are convening, giving you full permission to enjoy plenty of anything that puts a smile on your face. A crush might blossom into a full-blown love affair, or you might fall hard for someone new who’s a change of pace for you. It’s also possible that fresh sparks will reignite a current romance. Your heart is wide open, so don’t be surprised if love rushes in. An artistic gamble — or any risk in the name of self-expression — is apt to pay off. With Mars and Uranus going head to head, though, you’ll need to keep emotions in check around authority figures, as your mood can provoke you to rebel. Laying low would be a smarter move than lashing out.



August 23–September 22

You’ll be fired up to pitch your ideas and be your own best advocate after Mars zips into your thinking-and-talking corner this week. Your mind will be quite active for the next month and a half, and you could grow restless. Travel and learning are highly favored during this period. If you can’t take a long trip, weekend getaways, day trips and neighborhood explorations should suffice. Stand up for what you think, but if you find you’re getting into pointless arguments, you might want to pull back and ask yourself if you’re identifying too strongly with your every thought and getting defensive. Thankfully, Mercury’s direct turn will help you communicate more clearly and perceive other people’s meaning more accurately. Once the sun dips down to your foundation angle, a chunk of your attention will shift to home and family. You could split your energy between busily running around town and crashing at Casa Virgo. And since Venus and Jupiter are cozying up, you might feel like doing the same with a special someone behind closed doors. You could also be in the mood to host a blowout party at your place or overindulge in simple pleasures like comfort food. Your relations with family and roommates should run smoothly, thanks to this pairing. If you get swept up in sentimentality and nostalgia, enjoy riding the wave. Since domesticity and love are combined under this influence, you might move in with someone or make holiday plans that involve each other’s families. An opposition between Mars and Uranus hints at conflict if you let a difference of opinion escalate. Try to keep an open mind and aim to listen and learn rather than digging in your heels.



September 23–October 22

Early in the week, activating Mars enters your worth house, which he’ll be rocketing through for the remainder of the year. His presence there could lead to spending sprees, possession purges or a drive to boost your income, as you’re motivated to be more proactive about dealing with your resources and acquiring what you feel you need. Watch out for impulse splurges if you’re trying to stick to a budget. Evaluate everything you have at your disposal, and use those assets to the best of your ability, Now that Mercury is wrapping up its retrograde phase, your judgment will be much sharper, and any delayed payments should come through. With the sun segueing into your cognition-and-communication house, your thoughts and speech will benefit from added vitality. You’ll channel tons of energy and personality into your ideas and daily interactions and might decide to travel or study something new. Let your curiosity lead the way to new experiences in the coming month. A Venus-Jupiter confab in that house can inspire you to flirt with abandon, share your heartfelt feelings or enjoy getting on the same creative wavelength with someone. Noticing beauty and goodness in people and the world around you will keep your spirits high. You can easily lighten the tone, show your sappy side, meet new people and get excited about a pleasant encounter — depending on what you’re in the mood for. But a Mars-Uranus standoff can set off shockwaves in a close relationship. Maybe you’ll assert yourself to get your needs met and receive an unexpected reaction. In this case, flexible demands will help to keep the balance of power fair. If support is erratic, you may have to work harder to be self-sufficient. Give and take is sure to be tricky, and someone is likely to pull away when security is at stake.



October 23–November 21

Once every couple of years, your co-ruler, Mars, pays a visit to your sign that lasts for about a month and a half and lends you the drive to chase after personal goals. Such a visit will begin early this week and last until January 3, firing you up to execute your agenda. You can get tons done but should try not to be too domineering in your zeal to accomplish what you want to. Still, you needn’t hesitate to stand up for yourself and show what you can do. You’re capable of jockeying for position and making a big impression during this period. And thanks to Mercury’s about-face in Scorpio, the objectivity of your thinking and effectiveness of your communication are about to improve. If you’ve felt misunderstood or made iffy choices of late, you can bring about a course correction. The sun is exiting your sign and continuing into your worth zone, where he’ll persuade you to focus on what you have and what you need. And because Venus and Jupiter are aligned there at the moment, a strong desire to splurge could lead to extreme decadence or generosity. Other possibilities: a wise investment or financial windfall! This planetary pairing can also inspire you to indulge your senses; smell, sight, sound, taste and touch all have the potential to deliver plenty of pleasure. Warmth, stability, security and dependability will appeal to you in your relationships now, and you might enjoy a burst of self-confidence. When Mars faces off with Uranus, however, you might go after what (or whom) you want, while someone eludes you or withholds what you’re after. If people aren’t being who you need them to be or doing what you want them to do, don’t push. Remember that your agenda is yours, and they’re entitled to their own.


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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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Travelling is spot on for me – I’m actually flying to Korea this week! So excited! ❤️✨

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