Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 4-10

Tuesday’s Mars-Pluto showdown will generate volatile energy, but it’s smooth sailing after that, thanks to the sun and Saturn meshing with Neptune…


October 23–November 21

There’s a hurdle to get over early in the week when your co-ruling planets do battle with each other. Subconscious aggression can heat up a conversation, and words have the power to wound, so edit yourself. Examine your emotions instead of slipping into a destructive behavior pattern. You could be working against yourself, and a resolute decision to change may be called for. The Scorpio sun vibes with Neptune a few days later, indicating that being yourself — and maybe even being the center of attention — will fulfill a deep need to connect with others and feel joie de vivre. You can enter that elusive, lovely state of flow that takes you out of self-consciousness and allows you to simply be. Romance, play, creativity or spirituality are a few of the possible ingredients in your ideal experience. When Saturn and Neptune huddle for the final time this year, your mind turns to serious matters. You could be examining the way your mind itself operates, weighing how your habitual thought patterns shape your perception of reality. Doing the necessary work to change those default modes can put your dreams of love and happiness within reach. You can manifest what you yearn for by developing new ways of processing information, seeing the world and communicating. It’s important to you that your creative contributions matter, and writing in particular could be holding your attention.



November 22–December 21

If you’re feeling a time or money crunch, this week’s fight between Mars and Pluto warns you against overextending yourself. Group dynamics are extra complicated now, and values, material goods, control and finances are likely triggers. You might have to make a choice based on what’s truly most important to you. Luckily, a sun-Neptune confab later in the week gives you a free pass to escape all the commotion and go in search of an atmosphere that relaxes you. You could lose yourself in a meditation session or a soothing spa treatment, and delicious food or home entertainment like music or movies may hit the spot. If you’re not in the mood for alone time, have someone over whom you can unwind with. Saturn in your worth zone and Neptune in your foundation angle are holding their final conference of 2019 (the first two were in January and June), and they’ve been emphasizing the theme of security on and off all year. Working to become more self-reliant has built up your sense of wellbeing and shown you that you can stand on your own two feet. Financial wealth may not come easy, but that’s part of Saturn’s point. He’s pushing you to earn a living and provide for yourself, and in doing so, you’ve started to feel more grounded, safe and at peace.



December 22–January 19

Pluto in Capricorn has to fend off Mars in your achievement angle this week, so continue to be mindful of your conduct around authority figures if you want to avoid explosions and implosions. Your determination to accomplish something is mingling with your compulsion to maintain control, creating a very combustible concoction. If you’re able to work by yourself (and perhaps on yourself), that would be ideal. Deep psychological transformation can come out of consciously channeling this intense energy. Plus, you can get on the same page with a group late in the week, thanks to chemistry between the sun and Neptune. Expressing your personality and your empathy will allow you to integrate successfully, especially if you focus on commonalities and play a role that serves the greater good. Your ruling planet holds his final summit of the year with Neptune on Friday, again helping you to bridge the gap that you’ve felt between yourself and others while serious Saturn treks through Capricorn. Some degree of isolation has been necessary for you to concentrate on the rigorous process of carving out your identity in the world. You’ve grown to know yourself better, which has eased your efforts to find your true tribe. Enjoy the natural flow created by your self-knowledge and your desire to connect with people on a meaningful level.



January 20–February 18

You’re ready to take risks in order to learn and grow, now that Mars is barreling through your expansion house, but his quarrel with Pluto this week can trigger self-destructive action. Avoid knee-jerk responses if you feel like someone’s working against you; instead, look for any motives you might have for holding yourself back. Difficult feelings that you haven’t dealt with may lead you to sabotage your efforts to conquer new territory. Yes, you’re a progressive sign. But you’re also fixed, making you rather ambivalent about change. Fortunately, the sun is dovetailing with Neptune, which will help you shine in a professional or public arena and feel good about yourself for excelling. Your creative or spiritual gifts may earn positive attention now. Aspire to align your highest values and your ambitions — and don’t hesitate to prove what you’re made of! And when Saturn syncs with Neptune for the third and last time this year, working to tie up loose ends, get closure, let go of regret and guilt and wipe the slate clean in preparation for the next chapter in your life will elevate your purest priorities and make you less scared of lack and loss. Wrapping up old business on various levels — literal, emotional, karmic — can nurture your spiritual wellbeing, change your view of what’s important in life and quell fears of not having enough and not being enough.



February 19–March 20

This week’s friction between Mars and Pluto can generate tremors in your relationships, and you’d be smart to sidestep power struggles and try not to let anger get the best of you. Stay away from the comparison game, because jealousy and envy tend to create suffering. Keep solid boundaries between your friendships and your sex life now, and be very careful with privacy, trust and secrets. Your ruler, Neptune, is linking with the sun later in the week, which could bring a spiritual awakening of sorts or cause you to learn something cathartic. You could have an adventure you’ve dreamed of or an experience that inspires you to dream even bigger. But since this combo can expand your consciousness, you should be careful not to succumb to illusions. Permeable Pisces sometimes have trouble filtering what they’re taking in. Saturn in your network house holds his third and final meeting of 2019 with Neptune late in the week, underscoring the message that teamwork makes the dream work. You’re seeking out mentors and assembling a group around you who can help you to actualize your ideals. Rely on your friends to keep your feet planted on solid ground. Become active in organizations that share your ideals and hopes. Transcend your personal agenda and work to contribute something to the world that will serve the greater good.



March 21–April 19

When Mars goes up against Pluto this week, tension over goals can impact a partnership. Get problems out into the open and solve them together, staying on equal footing. If you can maneuver yourselves onto the same page, you can go after something big together. On edge due to work pressures or another person? Decisive action could help avert spontaneous combustion. The sun and Neptune are linked, coaxing you to keep focusing intently on a passion project, close relationship or private process; your investment can bring a sense of peace and healing. You’re attuned to subtleties, and your imagination and intuition can lead to cathartic revelations. Understanding yourself deeply — or sharing your real self with another person — can allow you to release your need to steer the ship. Trusting in the universe will make you more connected to your divine destiny. Saturn and Neptune are convening for the final time in 2019, encouraging you to continue striving to live up to your potential and make your mark in the world. Resist the pull of the existential void that causes you to question what we’re all doing here. The process of setting and achieving goals can quiet your fear that life isn’t turning out the way you’d hoped. Just keep climbing the mountain one step at a time, and you’ll gradually find your view improving. The determination to keep going makes you a winner.



April 20–May 20

Since Mars in your productivity corner and Pluto in your expansion sector are at odds early in the week, stress could impact your physical health, and you may feel a meltdown coming on. Ease up on the throttle if you’re overwhelmed with work and tackle tasks one at a time. Where can you make the most difference? Focus your energy there. Try not to force matters to get results. And avoid destructive criticism and micromanaging, which can easily backfire. Have faith that things will turn out the way they were meant to. Consider teaming up for a humanitarian cause when the sun joins forces with Neptune in your humanity house. Common ideals will bring people together, and you’ll draw energy from serving a higher purpose. Saturn is clicking with Neptune for the last time this year, offering you extra incentive to keep soaking up knowledge. Working to learn everything you can in order to achieve your dreams not only puts them within reach; it also connects you with various circles of people who are a good fit for you. Continue to dedicate yourself to causes you believe in and doing what you can to make the world a better place. You’re becoming more conscious, seasoned and committed and finding others who are on your wavelength — not to mention helping humanity!



May 21–June 20

A feud between Mars and Pluto this week takes the drama or passion in a close relationship up a notch. Avoid power struggles at all cost and steer clear of jealousy as well. A love affair might get too intense for your liking, or you could feel like someone’s trying to control your easy-breeziness. Trouble may involve lust, trust and loyalty under this planetary map. But you can enjoy the fruits of your labor when the sun in your productivity corner gels with Neptune in your ambition angle days later, giving you a lovely sense of being in a groove. Creative and spiritually inspired work will thrive under this influence. Saturn is also linked with Neptune (for the third and last time this year), reiterating the theme that investing in partnerships is key to manifesting an aim that has so far eluded you. You might be working to access outside resources like grants and loans so you can make your dream a reality. And figuring out how to merge your assets, talents, values, needs and priorities with those of another person will also put you on the right path. Coming to grips with a loss and rebuilding after a crisis can fortify your faith in what you may achieve. Your inner strength has been tested, and now you have a better idea what you’re made of and where you’re headed.



June 21–July 22

The spat between Mars and Pluto early in the week can cause turmoil in a close relationship, and repressed anger or an old behavior pattern may be at the root of it. If you’re in a bad mood, try not to take it out on others. Dealing with your emotions can help create change in your one-on-one connections. Days later, the sun and Neptune join forces, alluding to a transcendent experience that’s based on the simple joy you get from being yourself and doing what pleases you. Under this influence, you can express who you are and what you feel without reservations. Believe in the possibilities that life has in store for you. And never doubt what you have to offer the world! Next, Saturn will link with Neptune for the final time this year, reminding you that the work you’re putting into your relationships is revealing higher truths. A significant bond may have been put to the test, and the lessons you’ve learned from strengthening it or severing it have taken a spiritual or philosophical turn, leading you to muse on big life questions. Maybe you’re pondering how real the lines that divide us are and whether we’re all more connected than we think. The effort you’ve put into building and maintaining healthy connections — and the relationships and interactions that feel hardest — are teaching you something valuable.



July 23–August 22

With Mars and Pluto butting heads, things may not play out exactly as you’ve planned them in your head. You have specifics in mind that changing circumstances are sure to affect. Got an idea that could potentially help others or make a difference in the world? Go ahead and pitch it. But don’t push your point too vehemently at work or speak in haste. The sun is in cahoots with Neptune later in the week, inspiring you to take care of someone you love or luring you to romanticize feelings of closeness. Perhaps you’re so comfortable with someone that it seems like you’ve known each other forever. Relaxing in familiar surroundings will soothe you, so don’t feel bad about skipping social plans to stay in! Saturn’s coalition with Neptune, a repeat of their meetings in January and June, will be their last get-together of 2019, again highlighting mind-body wellness. Your physical health and psychological wellbeing go hand in hand, and if you’ve done your best to take good care of yourself this year, that has reduced your stress. Productivity is enabling you to be more self-sufficient and secure. And if you know you’re getting your act together, contributing something useful and enjoying the quality of your daily life, the idea of sharing your life with someone without becoming dependent or needy seems doable. Plus, you can take concrete steps to improve intimacy and trust — healthy relationships require work!



August 23–September 22

You might jeopardize your security for something or someone you’re passionate about when Mars and Pluto cross swords in your worth and fulfillment sectors this week. Maybe you’ll be tempted to splurge on something you’re obsessed with, assuming it will give you great pleasure. Or you could be fixated on a person and put your self-confidence on the line in hot pursuit. Jealousy can lead you to fight for what you think is yours. Don’t allow anyone or anything to have so much influence over you that you feel insecure. Take your power back! The sun and Neptune make music days later, facilitating authentic, vibrant communication that puts you on the same wavelength with others. You can easily convey heartfelt empathy and sense true unity with people, and there’s a chance you’ll form a spiritual or creative partnership. A desire to understand and be understood will seal your bonds now. And with Saturn and Neptune putting their heads together for the third and last time this year, it’s become clear that the work you’re doing to become a more well-rounded human being is enhancing your relationships with other individuals. Consciously striving to be the best version of yourself and to achieve personal fulfillment puts you on a higher wavelength, elevating the quality of your connections. If you’re making a real effort to find love, hopefully you’ve noticed the universe meeting you halfway!



September 23–October 22

Mars in Libra clashes with Pluto this week, so you might feel triggered by family or pushed to the limit by domestic or personal obligations. Before you lash out, look at your own emotions; they’re apt to be rather volatile now. Don’t stuff down dark feelings, or they’ll wind up calling the shots. Make time to sift through them by yourself — or ask a healing professional for help. With the sun doing his best to burn off Neptune’s fog days later, the more confident you are, the more productive you’ll be. And strong self-esteem can help you tune into your body’s needs and honor the connection between spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. Tapping into your full array of talents and making great use of your resources will facilitate meaningful work that benefits others. Saturn is clicking with Neptune for the last time this year (their previous confabs happened in January and June). Once again, unpacking emotional baggage and coming to terms with the past feeds into physical wellness and allows you to organize your life around a higher purpose. The spirit of service has kept you going as you’ve worked on your home or worked from home. Maybe you’ve assumed a parental role, taking care of someone who’s sick. The process of growing up is separating you from your family so you can establish yourself as an adult and discover what you’re meant to do in the world.


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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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I like what’s in store for me – peace and healing are just what I need at this moment! ❤️✨

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