Happiness Is As Happiness Runs…

Made in sunny Los Angeles, our Happiness Runs tank breeds high-smile performance. Just ask Black Girl In Om’s Lauren Ash…

Happiness is…?

We recently posed this, and a few other questions, to our friend Lauren Ash, curator of all things good and founder of Black Girl In Om, a culture-shifting lifestyle brand synonymous with black women’s wellness.

Lauren graciously hosted our October #MovingTogether event in Los Angeles, noting the powerful impact of wellness and guiding guests through meditation while wearing, appropriately enough, our Happiness Runs tank

The tank, made from a seamless compression ribbed fabric, has become a FP office staple. It is THE go-to workout cami, and in our colleagues’ downtime, easily transitions into a just-hanging-out top  paired up with joggers, as Lauren notes here:


What do you love best about the Happiness Runs tank?

The snug, body-con fit feels great. I can move freely in this, whether during my home yoga practice or while on my morning run to the ocean. The color I selected is truly my essence: bright, colorful, and here to shine.

How does it fit?

Perfectly! I recommend this tank to anyone looking for an easy, form-fitting top that works well for activewear and their everyday casual but cute lifestyle.

3 ways you’d ideally style it (or 3 places you’d def find yourself wearing it):

I’ve most rocked it wearing my gray biker shorts when running errands and hanging at my house. With just a peek of my abs showing, it’s a bit of a flirty-but-still-cozy-and-casual look.

I’d love to dress it up a bit with my high waisted denim and some heels! Maybe I’ll try that for date night and throw a denim jacket over it to layer.

I can see myself wearing it underneath some layers on my next flight. It’s the perfect undershirt and supports my girls without compressing them too much!

Fave colorway:

Anything bright and bold, like my personality.

Happiness is:

The joy that comes from walking in alignment.

Lauren also graciously shared with us an important meditation from the #MovingTogether event that we felt obliged to share with you here:

I feel great, most days. Some days, I struggle. And on those some days, I feel the weight of the responsibility I’ve been gifted. ⁣ Sometimes it feels heavier than I’d like. ⁣

But lately, I’ve been leaning more intentionally into Love. I’ve been gifted messages of patience, of being okay with all my imperfections and the areas of growth I’m navigating, of leaning into vulnerability and the boundless support around me, of counting my blessings NOW — rather than delaying my joy — and of continuing to nourish seeds I feel “should” have manifested into giant palm trees already. ⁣

I exhale. ⁣


If you’re in the Bay Area this Saturday, 11/9,

consider joining Lauren and BGIO for The Annual Wellness Day.

This event gives space for self-identified black women and women of color

to move, practice good self-care and hold important conversations

around freedom and wellbeing.


Photo by Lindsey Kusterman.


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Such a cute workout outfit! Love the bright yellow colour!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Sofia Hanson
4 years ago

I love this style, and Lauren Ash is just an amazing person. I’ve followed her for a long time.

Sofia Hanson | Hairdesigner