Introducing: Free People Mineral Shimmers

Free People’s first in-house, vegan beauty product makes its way to makeup routines everywhere…including mine.

“Conservative” is the word I would use to describe my personal style — my makeup palette is usually built on earth tones (aside from the random day when I’m feeling particularly “extra” and throw on some red lipstick), and my skin routine consists of lathering on cocoa butter and nothing else. Glitter and sparkle are not in my go-to’s. This is, until I struck up a conversation with Christine, our Beauty and Wellness Product Developer, in which she told me our new Mineral Shimmers, made in-house with all organic ingredients. Immediately intrigued, I asked if I could try one.

A few minutes later, she returned with a small bottle filled with gold potion. I gently shook it to allow the two stainless steel balls inside to work their magic and mix things up. The bottom of the cap revealed a cute little sponge which I used to run the shimmer on my lids, over my eyeshadow. Its mark was surprisingly subtle at first, but something I knew I could get used to wearing regularly. The mineral gold specks gave my lids a very pretty sparkle and — for the sake of experimentation — I dabbed on a little more for a stronger effect. Then I went for it — dabbing the inside corner of my eyes, a bit on the ridge of my nose, and all the other places where I’d usually apply highlighter. The effect = beautiful. 

A week later, my Shimmer accompanied me to Jamaica where I’d be make-up free and under the sun for seven blissful days. I applied it to my lids every morning, and also experimented with applying it on my collar bone and shoulders (before spraying on sunblock!) The more I wore it, the more I loved it. A no-flashiness, no-stickiness kind of love. 

Upon my return, my magic bottle of shimmer now half empty, I chatted with Christine to learn more about this fabulous new product.


What made you choose shimmers as the first product to produce in house?

The Mineral Shimmers are our first in-house color product; we wanted to create a clean, mineral-based, good-for-you shimmer. They make an ideal “beauty accessory;” a little added sparkle to any look, outfit or mood. They are fun and easy to use!

Tell me about making these products vegan. What did you learn? What were the challenges?

It can be challenging developing certain vegan shades, as most pink and red hues contain carmine (insects!). We didn’t want any animal-derived ingredients, as we believe those ingredients belong to them.

Do the shimmers contain any crystals?

No unfortunately, that would make them too expensive! They were inspired by crystals, and the shimmer and colorants are all mineral based. There are no plastic-derived shimmers or artificial dyes inside.

What is their shelf life?

1 year!

How long did the creative process take?

From conception to actual sale on our site — 1 1/2 years. We wanted to make a beautiful and playful product for our customer, and there’s nothing like shimmer — it just lights everyone up. We took the time to ensure the base formula also provided skincare benefits. It’s infused with birch juice, glycerin and witch hazel which possess moisturizing and soothing properties. They glide on with ease — never sticky — and dry down to a weightless finish. We also wanted to find the perfect package for them; we love the little bottle and soft sponge applicator.

What shimmer color is your favorite and how will you use it?

It’s hard to choose! Each shade is so versatile and neutral. But amethyst has my heart — I reach for it often, and reserve gold when I’m looking for a bit more pop.

Are more FP Beauty products in the works? Can you tell me what they are? Or maybe give me a little clue…

We are excited to continue developing feel-good beauty and wellness products for our customer. More to come! ;)

The FP Mineral Shimmers come in four colors: luminous Gold, coppery Rose Quartz, lively Amethyst and the delicately pearly Opal. Wear each on its own or have fun with layering!

+ Shop them all here

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I love that the products are vegan! They’re so pretty as well! ❤️✨

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