Office Style x 3: Introducing A Trio from Our Store Team

This week, we’re highlighting a team to whom we’re incredibly grateful — our retail team. Shadai, Alissa and Ella took a few minutes to share with YOU some of their favorite local must-do’s. Take note!

Shadai Schreiber | SBL Westloop Store 1851, Chicago IL

Favorite eatery in town: There are so many restaurants in Chicago and I have yet to try even half of them, but a favorite go-to is Dove’s Luncheonette in Wicker Park. It’s a small diner that makes the best Mexican food. The pepper and potato hash is a must!

Best place to unwind? In the summer, there’s nothing better than walking along the lakefront; but in the winter I like to unwind at home with a good book, and glass of wine, and hang out with my husband and cats.

Most rewarding work experience: Honestly, any time I get to work with my coworkers in a meeting or workshop, I am reminded how much I admire the company for promoting collaboration, training, and growth. These experiences and friendships I’ve made along the way are truly invaluable.

Item you are most excited to show every customer who walks in the store: I’m really excited about all the new beauty gift sets we are carrying this year, especially the Youth To The People Discovery Kit. They’re perfect for giving to others or yourself!


Alissa Black | District Brand Leader, FL

Wearing the Harmony Faux Fur Coat

Favorite eatery in town: Pizza Bruno! A cute neighborhood pizza joint with the best garlic knots you will ever eat.

Best place to unwind? I travel a lot during the week, so I love to cozy up at home with my husband and my cat.

Most rewarding work experience: We are fresh out of SBL holiday meetings, and I always leave feeling so inspired and proud of the teams I get to work with every day!

Item you are most excited to show every customer who walks in the store: If you know me, I’ve tried to sell you the Going West Boots. I have them in 4 colors and love to sell them — because I truly think everyone needs a pair.

Ella Cross | SBL Lenox Store 850, Atlanta, GA

Favorite eatery in town: Lately I’ve been finding myself at this cute Louisiana-meets-Vietnam spot called Bon Ton! I’m a vegetarian and their falafel banh mi is to die for, and their cocktail game is A1!

Best place to unwind? If I need time to myself, I’m off to the yoga studio! If I want to unwind socially, I’m either at my favorite Italian spot called Noni’s, or hiking with friends!

Most rewarding work experience: Overall, I feel most excited and accomplished when I know I’ve made an impact on someone — staff and customers alike! Everything from coaching and developing my team, to picking a bomb outfit that the customer can’t wait to wear! I’m all about sharing great energy and a memorable experience!

Item of clothing you are most excited to show every customer who walks in the store: To say I’m obsessed probably isn’t strong enough to describe how much I love the Easy Street Tunic! I have it in black AND pearl, and it’s hands-down my go-to piece for everything! The quality and fit are great, it’s easy to care for, and it looks so cute with anything I throw it on with — what’s not to love?


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Everyone in your team is so stylish! ❤️✨

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