Ursa Major’s Hiking Tips Leave No Trace, Only Great Experiences

Today is National Hiking Day! Ursa Major co-founder Emily Doyle shares her go-to tips for ensuring a truly great outdoors adventure…

“Hiking together is, hands-down, a favorite activity to enjoy with our daughter, Camilla, and Lola, our Boxer pup. It allows us to hit refresh, explore nature, and connect with one another. Whether it’s a leisurely walk in the woods or an epic hike up (Vermont’s) Stowe Pinnacle, the outdoors can be invigorating, inspiring, and we all sleep a little bit better at night after getting some fresh air!”

“In honor of National Hiking Day, here are a few of the mental, emotional and physical benefits that we value:

“There is something so innately grounding about putting one foot in front of another over, and over, and over again. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of this repetitive motion that opens you up to new thoughts, or the heft of your breath that quite literally breathes new life into whatever you’re working on. Whatever the reason, the mental benefits are undeniable.

“Studies have shown that merely LOOKING at images of nature can calm people’s nervous system. Being present and taking in the smells, sounds, and sights of nature can help you unwind after a busy week.  Insider tip: “taking a walk in the woods” is a great euphemism if “hike” feels too out of reach for you on a particular day.

“Hiking is a great way to build both your strength and cardiovascular health and lean into fitness in a way that feels more flexible than a group exercise class. You’ll up your heart rate, you’ll breathe heavily, and your face might even get a little flushed (nature’s blush!). At the end of the day, you just feel good about it.”

Up the Ante

“Here are just a few helpful tips and tricks to make your next hike your best one yet:

    • PACK A TREAT. OR TWO. It can be very motivating to know something is waiting for you at the finish. It can be anything really…a thermos of hot coffee, a craft beer or cider, or a sandwich piled high with your favorite fixings. 
    • BRING FRIENDS (THAT MEANS DOGS, TOO!). Hiking can connect you with people in a way that a night out can’t. Consider getting a group together if hiking alone feels too intimidating. Our pup, Lola, is always game for an adventure and known for setting an expeditious pace!
    • PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN. It’s kind of the whole point, right? Consider bringing a film camera or committing to only snapping a couple shots at the summit (you’ve earned them!).
    • BE PREPARED. There’s nothing like having a fresh pair of dry socks back at the car. We also always stash a few Ursa Major products in our packs — Essential Face Wipes for a quick refresh, a quick swipe of Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant to keep things cool, and a dollop of Golden Hour Recovery Cream to reboot and nourish skin after exposing it to the elements (all of which can be found in our All-Star Travel Kit). 

“So do yourself a favor — go take a hike! Have fun doing it. And remember to look up once in a while — and let it serve as a reminder of how rich this life truly can be.”

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Maaan, this reminds me, I totally need to go on a hike, especially as the weather where I live is perfect for it right now! Thanks for the post! ❤️✨

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