Finally Animal-Free Fluffy Sweaters, Cardis and Totes (That Won’t Shed!)

These ultra-plush staples won’t require you to carry a lint roller… Introducing FP One’s fuzziest vegan assortment.

How many times have you fallen in love with that 90s screen star look of a floofy mohair sweater or furry cardigan only to realize that wearing a garment made of animal materials, in practice, can get messy? Messy like carrying a lint roller for the entire day to capture the trail of fibers that act like stowaways on a pair of dark denim. Messy like an allergy attack for you (and your coworkers!) every time you breeze into a room surrounded by a cloud of tiny hairs suspended above your sweater. And messy like disrupting an animal’s life, in any way, for a piece of clothing. Why not look to the future for ways to update the process and clean up your wardrobe without sacrificing warm, fuzzy options that keep you feeling cozy in the cold and looking chic at the holiday party? 

That’s exactly what our very cool, very low-key FP One designer did for the latest collection thanks to a mix of careful scouting and innovative new techniques. She’s so low-key, in fact, that we’ll refer to her as “FP#1” for this piece. “I needed to find cozy ideas for fall and holiday without using animal fur,” she admits. Thanks to a mix of Japanese innovation and technical skills, the modern classics she dreamed up like a twinkling Delaney Sweater and cloud-soft Allegra Cardigan are some of the most futuristic yet. “There is always something new happening with yarns striving to be softer, loftier, mixing yarns together,” FP#1 explains. “I was looking for super-soft hand feel and the coziest spins. This year the furry yarns moved to a whole new level of soft and furry!” 

And for the silhouettes to match the new wave of super-soft, vegan options, they’re the timeless classics that we’ve been seeking. “The silhouettes stayed simple – with a twist – for these sweaters because the yarn is so interesting,” FP#1 shares. An ability to manipulate both the shape of each garment and every aspect of the actual “fabric” by mixing yarns and stitches is part of what made sweaters FP#1’s first love – in addition to perfectly balanced proportions. “I loved big sleeves and cropped silhouettes for these yarns to complement the high waisted bottoms of the season,” she explains. “Though the yarns are very furry, the sweaters remain light as a cloud.” 

Below, a breakdown of five of our favorite floofy, fluffy pieces:

Innsbruck Pullover

DESIGNER NOTES: “I think the INNSBRUCK sweater broke a new barrier for me with regard to ‘looking like real fur.’ It’s the first time I’ve seen a fake fur sweater that looked and felt so close to real fur. But, NO ANIMAL FUR was used. We actually started with super soft fake fur fabric that was darker on the inside and lighter at the tips (like real fur is) and cut it into skinny strips. Then we HAND KNIT the strips like yarn to keep it as loose and soft as possible. Even my sister (who would never wear a furry sweater made of mohair or angora for fear of being “too hot” or the hairs getting everywhere) LOVED this sweater. I think I’ll be giving her one for Christmas this year!”

Cozy Femme Tote

Like a poodle for your personal cache of keys, computers and compacts. This carryall can be snuggled into like a pillow on a long work commute or toted around in the cold as a scarf-alternative for your arms. 

Delaney Sweater

DESIGNER NOTES: “The DELANEY yarn took yarn mixing to a whole new level! Using lurex to make a ‘hairy’ yarn was new in itself, but adding that to the super soft furry yarns made the ultimate holiday sweater yarn!!! We ended up with the SOFTEST and the SPARKLIEST sweater, all in one…perfect for the holiday season.”

Aria Cardi

Reminiscent of the Cher’s classic Clueless cardigan, but in all-season shades like ivy league maroon, French girl gray and marshmallow creamy white, it’s hard to resist the perfectly cropped proportion against an easy pair of jeans. Even the oversized sleeves leave plenty of room for layering. 

Allegra Cardi

When we talk about screen stars and perfect sweaters, it’s not surprising that Rachel Green’s fuzzy white mohair adaptation has created an internet craze trying to find a modern alternative, thanks to Gen Z’s obsession with FRIENDS, resulting in yet another revival of the 90s aesthetic. Look no further than the Allegra cardi, with sweet details like cuffed sleeves with tiny buttons and a totally vegan composition.  

DESIGNER NOTES: “These (the Allegra and Aria cardis) are shorter-hair furry sweaters, not the longhair furry like Innsbruck and Delaney, but still breaking barriers in soft furry newness, avoiding animal fur in any way.”


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These are so cute! They look so comfy too! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Just found this site. Now i know where to look for unique fashions.