What’s Your Role In The Party Ecosystem? How to Play to Your Strengths

Whether you’re hosting, avoiding toasting, feeling all the energy, or just trying to have a good time, your natural instincts are already perfect… 

As prime soiree season arrives to the scents of santal and melting Red Hots, let the tour de party begin. What to bring (a cutie gift!), what to wear, what to prepare? Your choices all play into the concept that yes, you can just be yourself and therefore, a festive shining star filling exactly the role that you’ve been called to complete. 

A gracious host, a firecracker of conversation, a gorgeous wallflower, an energy refresher – it’s all part of the party ecosystem that thrives with the right blend of individuality and sheer enthusiasm. There are countless iterations to test out and ultimately conquer your social anxieties. Here, we break down some simple examples to expand the idea that what it takes to be the life of the party is, in fact, playing up your personal strengths:


The Breath of Fresh Air

Perhaps you’re the type that can walk into a space and know, without a doubt, that there’s some lingering energy that needs to be cleared. You can’t just move past it, and sometimes the sensation is enough to skip the event altogether. Instead of avoiding the opportunity for community, why not come prepared with a home refresh kit? I can attest firsthand that one of my favorite gifts a pair of guests ever brought over was a bundle of sage with which they cruised around and cleared out energy cobwebs, inviting a new, fresh perspective. Plus, the smoke already smells like a holiday? Moon and Jai’s High Vibe Home Ritual Kit mixes up the ingredients with Palo Santo, matches, and clearing stones like purifying copal and chill black tourmaline. 

The Sober (or Sober-Curious) Coolio

Gone are the days that a “rager” was synonymous with boozy antics. The sober movement is in full swing, and there’s never been an easier time to bond over alternatives to alcoholic spirits. Toss a dropper bottle of Anima Mundi’s Happiness Tonic in your jacket pocket and prepare to dazzle. Who wouldn’t want to try a mocktail of wild-harvested “happy herbs” known for their serotonin and dopamine-regulating skills? It seamlessly swaps “I don’t drink” with an inclusive “I drink this instead – want to try it?” response – and the promise of mood-boosting possibilities (and a hangover-free morning) is its own ice-breaker. 

The Friendly Firecracker

Maybe the role of social butterfly comes naturally, and if that’s the case, pollenate the room with a connective attitude. Swirl around with an offering that links up the group, like asking each friend and stranger to pick their favorite option from this Teeny Tiny Mega Stud Earring Set until everyone has a new team accessory. Or maybe it’s simply a swipe of opalescent Mineral Shimmer on a chosen area (like a stripe right on top of the cheek for a sparkly alternative to sporty eye black) that syncs up guests with a shared game of dress-up. What better excuse to share mess-free glitter with an entire dance floor? Use those spotlight-stealing powers not only for yourself, but for the good of all! 

The Dream Host 

The MVP of the party (aka the host with the most) sets the tone for the entire team, so no need to let your nerves overtake you. Hype up your senses with some pre-party tub time co-starring Plant Apothecary’s Get Happy body wash and Bathing Culture’s CBD-infused Dipsea Soak salts. Dust on a smokeshow lid with PYT Beauty’s No BS Eyeshadow Palette to remind yourself that you’re calling the shots, and a good time will be had. The beverages are prepped, the healthy snacks are arranged with a boost of B-12 from Sakara Life Energy Bars, — now simply drop the lights low. There’s no need to switch on those bright gallery bulbs, opt for some tea lights and a few eucalyptus-scented luminaries to encourage fearless dance moves. 

Throw on a synthy mix of timeless firepower jams and prepare for the fanfare!


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Thanks for the recommendations yet again! ❤️✨

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