Foresight Is 2020: A Plastic-Free World Starts By Swapping the Little Things

This is a year of thoughtful choices: Washable paper bags, biodegradable hair ties, and a coffee-pod-free planet await… 

In less than two weeks, 2020 officially arrives. 

The Pantone color of the year? A classic, chilled-out blue. 

The theme for our team? Foresight–not hindsight–is truly 20/20. 

There just isn’t a luxurious budget of time to play it fast and loose and look back at the chaos with a casual shrug. Instead, making considerate decisions and thinking about the consequences of our actions can be a daily habit. Especially when you start small. 


Small like making a vow to no longer pick up that drugstore package of rubber bands every month and trying out biodegradable Organic Plastic-Free Hair Ties. Tiny changes to the things we use the most can create an opportunity to do less harm. Plastic straws have been taboo for a whiiiile now, and for anyone that gets weirded out by mysterious metal alternatives (are they clean, aren’t they?) Serax’s slick Glass Straws look like magic wands: sparkling and transparent. 

Consider the non-recyclable coffee pods that you, or someone in your direct line of contact, use every day. They’re just so accessible… which is why sometimes the joy of gazing upon a design-forward choice is the only way to combat the ease of single-use environmental clutter. In crystal clear, glowing amber, and moody gray, Yield’s Glass French Press offers a stylized update without the waste. 

On grocery runs, think of French girls like Jane Birkin carrying wicker baskets to market (not unlike this Neon Mini Bolga Basket) where there isn’t a plastic bag in sight. Even these cute Uashmama washable Paper Bags can tote around produce or be folded over (like little cuffed jeans) to create soft-edged bowls and storage bins for streamlining an end-of-year organization spree. Pivoting away from a disposable world instantly makes the present feel a bit more luxurious, yes?   


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Such great insights! Thanks for the post! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

I love the wicker basket idea. Will definitely be getting at least one to take to the markets!