Foresight Is 2020: Faux Sun Is the Future’s Fun Sun

This is a year of thoughtful choices: how many sunburns can you really handle in a lifetime, anyway? 

In less than two weeks, 2020 officially arrives. 

According to the Chinese calendar, it will be the year of the Metal Rat. Rat years are traditionally known for renewal, which is why this time foresight – not hindsight – is truly 20/20. 

There just isn’t a luxurious budget of time to play it fast and loose and look back at the chaos with a casual shrug. Instead, making considerate decisions and thinking about the consequences of our actions can be a daily habit. Consider the patterns of behavior that can impact your future – like small changes that avoid nonsense waste, the updated basics worth space in your closet, and even the amount of UV radiation you’re absorbing on a daily basis. 


I caught a noughties-era Gwyneth Paltrow once praising the natural beautifying powers of a suntan on a talk show interview. Coco Chanel agreed, of course, and even brought the bronze look into fashion. Now, Coola’s Sunless Tan Luminizing Face Compact offers a spent-the-holiday-in-paradise glow without the risk (BONUS: its signature formula even helps reverse damage.)

For clever combo action, Supergoop! Sunless Tan SPF blends color-building technology with sun protection for the entire body, while the brand’s Shimmershade SPF eyeshadows offer a cutting-edge wash of shimmery color on lids with UV-blocking skills that finally account for the most delicate skin on your entire face.

And possibly most importantly, the mood-boosting, bone-strengthening benefits of a day spent outdoors can be approximated with a forward-thinking supplement boost. HUM Nutrition’s Here Comes The Sun capsules deliver the nutrients your body needs without the danger of direct UV exposure. A dose of quality vitamin D may pale in comparison to a day spent soaking up rays in the short term, sure. Still, come January, it’s all about the long game. 


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Definitely going to invest in a better sunscreen next year! Thanks for the recs! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Sarah Killion
3 years ago

I use Dr Dennis Gross Vitamin D pads – they’re great to apply after their two minute peek, followed by Murad bit c spf