Foresight Is 2020: Recycled Materials Make Your Basics Less BASIC 

This is a year of thoughtful choices: Washable paper bags, biodegradable hair ties, and a coffee-pod-free planet await… 

In less than two weeks, 2020 officially arrives. 

A year where the first two digits match the second two digits only comes once in a century, and this time foresight – not hindsight – is truly 20/20. 

There just isn’t a luxurious budget of time to play it fast and loose and look back at the chaos with a casual shrug. Instead, making considerate decisions and thinking about the consequences of our actions can be a daily habit. And what habit do you repeat more often than getting dressed in actual clothes? 

Considering the pieces that require the most replenishment, it would make sense to start incorporating recycled materials into say, your workout gear. Like the ECONYL collection that uses Italian yarns made from upcycled nylon collected from discarded waste collected from landfills and oceans. It saves energy in its creation, yes, and it creates a supportive compression fit.

Or maybe, like a good French girl, it’s the underpinnings that make the simplest outfit feel like a strategic move. The recycled lace used in Only Hearts Crop Bra and Lace Tank Bodysuit are crafted from regenerated threads to keep the concept of circular fashion at play. 

Statistics show that at any point in time, 50% of the global population is wearing denim, so it makes sense why the industry has created so much pollution through the process of dying and harvesting. For Boyish’s eco-conscious jeans, baggy boyfriends like The Toby can be tugged over puffy socks guilt-free. The brand uses BCI cotton (a nonprofit which supports more ethical farming), one-third of the usual water, and recycled materials for all of the trimmings like hardware and hangtags. It takes little more than a glance at the slick silhouette of their Guy Coveralls to understand that sustainable fashion is just that: fashion.

+ For more Foresight, click here.


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This is great! I’ve recently begun looking into recycled clothing, thanks for introducing these brands to me! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

1 year ago

This is great! I’ve recently begun looking into recycled clothing, thanks for introducing these brands to me!