SaturDIY: Low-Waste Gift Wrapping Ideas

We are wrapping gifts with paper, tissue, tape, and bows — things that are ripped off in 60 seconds and thrown away. Let’s try something new.

I’m not perfect, and sometimes I fall short, but I’m making a best effort to minimize single-use items in my life, especially when it comes to gift giving. It’s easy to get sucked down the gift wrap hole, the one that is filled with sparkly bows, plastic tape, and tons of pretty wrapping paper. If you’ve been there before (I know I have), don’t beat yourself up. Let’s just try something new!

To make things easy, let’s think this through in two sections:



Creativity knows no limits here. I love the idea of gifting something wrapped in another gift. Think: bandanas (from my own closet), cloth napkins, wax food wrap, glass jars, newspaper, etc. Consider it “less is more.” I’m gifting a big chunky sweater, too beautiful to cover up, so I’m opting to simply wrap it with organic raffia and a little spring of green to make it festive.

Smaller items are easier to wrap in a low-waste way. I love the idea of wrapping with bandanas. It makes two gifts in one, and you can skip the tape and wasted paper. Larger pieces of cloth are fun to experiment with, too (I kept my knots super organic and big). Another idea for small gift? Use jars. I’m gifting some velvet scrunchies to my sister and, instead of using a bag, I thought they would look so sweet encased in glass. I stuffed some pine inside so they would smell holiday(ish), and it dressed up the presentation a bit. My sister can use the jar for spices or teas in her kitchen after she opens it.


So we are crushing it with the low-waste wrapping. But our gifts need a little sprucing up, right? This year I’m using organic raffia, 100% bakers twine, eucalyptus, dried oranges, and some pine. All earth-friendly and beautiful. Twist, tie, and trim those gifts, my friends.

I hope this inspires you to think about our planet when wrapping your presents this year. My friends and family will enjoy these non-traditional ways of wrapping, and it makes me feel even better to give. If you have any other low-waste wrapping ideas, feel free to share them in the comments below!

 Hope everyone has a happy holiday! XO


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Love these ideas – they’re so beautiful too! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

These ideas are so cute. Going to use the mason jar one tomorrow as I wrap. Thank you from our planet!

3 years ago

such great ideas, just wished i would’ve seen this sooner as my wrapping is done. i’ll save the post as a reminder for next year or even birthdays in 2020! xo

3 years ago

Gift wrapping is one of the most wasteful parts of the holiday season, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can actually wrap beautiful presents without creating a ton of trash; you just have to use the right materials. If you look around your house, keep your eyes open at work, pull from the recycling bin, hit up a thrift shop and visit your local craft store, you can find the perfect items to wrap your presents in a zero-waste manner.