Your FP Weekly Horoscope, Week of December 16-22

Which sign will succumb to its daydreams as we draw nearer to the Winter Solstice? Read on and find out!


December 22–January 19

Teamwork will be extra productive this week, thanks to Mars in your network zone collaborating with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. A sustained, coordinated effort is bound to pay dividends, so join forces with others on endeavors that are important to you — and perhaps also to the lives of others. You have a lot of weight on your shoulders, and letting cohorts share some of the burden would be a smart move now. With Venus segueing into your worth house and clashing with Uranus in your pleasure sector, your tastes could become more lavish, and a whimsical desire can lead to impulsive splurges. But you can also find an unexpected way to get what you want. Mercury has a similar clash with Neptune that might make it challenging to stick to the unvarnished truth. You could deliberately mislead someone, accidentally put a questionable spin on what you’re saying or keep secrets that add to the general confusion. Try to say what needs to be said as plainly as possible. Studying a mystical or metaphysical subject or doing some creative brainstorming would be a good use of this energy. The sun’s arrival in your sign heralds the beginning of your birthday season, filling you with vim and vigor. Go ahead and focus on yourself and take advantage of your ability to make a big splash. Happy solar return!



January 20–February 18

The best way for you to achieve your goals this week is to toil behind the scenes with quiet determination. Finishing up old business is a better bet than starting something new, since Mars is syncing with Saturn and Pluto in your release corner. Next, Venus’s arrival in Aquarius will send your stock soaring! You can wrap people around your little finger in the coming weeks and should use your magnetic powers for good. Plus you’re feeling extra attractive and sociable — just in time for the holiday party season. Single? Be strategic about mistletoe encounters! Venus’s dustup with Uranus hints that your family or home life could temporarily put a damper on your social life or your mood. Mercury’s muddle with Neptune means you might be eyeing fresh aspirations but haven’t figured out how to fund them. Or maybe you’re trying to find a good fit between your talents and new goals. Don’t deceive yourself about the nitty gritty. Acknowledge you’ll need to fill in the blanks later. And if you’re noticing where your values and priorities diverge from those of a friend or group, don’t try to reconcile them — or someone (including you) could feel inferior or taken for a ride. Once the sun plunges into your release corner, your solar year starts winding down. Plenty of rest and reflection will help you recharge your battery in preparation for Aquarius season.



February 19–March 20

When Mars gels with Saturn and Pluto in your humanity house this week, shared adventure can solidify a friendship and fighting for a cause can empower a group. Get out there and have a new experience with other people; breaking new ground together is way better than flying solo now. With Venus slipping into your release corner, you’ll start to crave alone time or private time with someone special, and you could be moved to make a kindhearted sacrifice. But a Venus-Uranus scuffle implies that distracting interactions or thoughts can prevent you from enjoying your solitude, or you might grow impatient while taking care of someone. Mercury has a similar tiff with your ruler, Neptune, in Pisces, suggesting that you won’t have the best judgment regarding plans. Ambitious thinking may spur you to plot a path to success, but fuzzy logic can cause you to get lost in illusions. There’s also a possibility that you’ll trip over your words when trying to spell out your goals or talk to authority figures. Do your best to stay grounded but inspired — fresh ideas could be the end result! After the sun dashes into your humanity house, you’ll be more oriented toward friends and groups and will draw energy from being around plenty of people.



March 21–April 19

Your ruling planet is still cruising through your depth-and-merging zone, and he’s cooperating with Saturn and Pluto in your achievement angle this week, indicating that your most promising strategies for success will be intense, focused work and partnership. You might zero in on a passion project, essential research or a dogged investigation to get results. Or you could form a dynamic duo and put your shoulders to the wheel together. With Venus relocating to your humanity house, you’ll soon want to hang out with lots of people, so make social plans, say yes to big events and gatherings and do a bit of professional networking if the opportunity arises. A Venus-Uranus quarrel hints that group relations will briefly be affected by shaky confidence, or iffy funds can complicate socializing. And you could have trouble staying in the moment or find your enthusiasm waning when Mercury squares off with Neptune. Perhaps you’re incubating hopeful aspirations but also mourning lost chances. You’re searching for meaning in the future and the past and not viewing either clearly. Maybe you need time alone to daydream. But if you channel this energy, one plus is you can spot injustice and feel immense compassion for those who are less fortunate than you. The sun’s ascent to your achievement angle gives you even more drive to chase after your goals in the coming month.



April 20–May 20

Cooperation is the name of the game this week, due to Mars in your interpersonal angle harmonizing with power players Saturn and Pluto. You might strike a compromise that gets you past a roadblock or snag a partner in crime who will take a leap of faith with you. It will be easier to pull off a major coup like a bucket-list trip now if you team up with another individual. After Venus, your ruling planet, climbs to your ambition angle, you can charm higher-ups and curry favor with very little effort. But her current discord with Uranus suggests that your impatience or desire for autonomy could complicate matters. Fortunately, you should be able to do highly creative work under this influence. Because Mercury has a similar struggle with Neptune, mistrust and secrets could cause problems. Maybe it’s best to stay mum until this haze clears; there’s a risk of saying something not meant for the general public and then having it spread. Or you might confide something private to friends and feel misunderstood. The sun’s transition into your exploration corner can bring a jolt of enthusiasm that inspires you to broaden your horizons in the month to come. You’re in the mood to travel and to entertain different viewpoints and beliefs.



May 21–June 20

With Mars zooming through your efficiency corner, you’re super motivated to get tons done. The doer planet’s confabs with Saturn and Pluto this week can boost your productivity by allowing you to home in on key tasks and execute them from beginning to end with impressive dedication. Narrow your focus to what you know is truly most important and get to work like a dog with a bone. Venus is entering your exploration zone, increasing the appeal of difference and encouraging you to seek love and beauty in a wide range of places and forms. Her current disagreement with Uranus could potentially undermine the pleasure you’ll get this week from meeting new people and having unfamiliar experiences. You might unintentionally sabotage yourself, so pay attention to subconscious impulses. Your ruler, Mercury, has a similar beef with Neptune, which could send a conversation in circles. You may find you’re speaking at cross-purposes even though your intention is to get on the same page. It’s not easy to find a common language under this influence, so don’t expect to wind up at the same destination. The sun is plunging into your depth-and-merging sector, shining a light on hidden matters such as private emotions or an intimate relationship. Tune into what’s going on inside you and in your personal life.



June 21–July 22

Mars in your joy zone forms alliances with Saturn and Pluto this week that can reinforce the bond between you and a romantic or creative partner. You might also be in the midst of doing what you love and receive a powerful response from others. If you act with heartfelt passion, you’re likely to find yourself on solid ground. Venus is diving into your depth-and-sharing house, increasing your desire for closeness and intensifying your emotions. Her quibble with Uranus in your network sector could mean that your rapport with another individual will change because of social circumstances or a friendship. Try to allow for more personal space in your relationships. Mercury’s run-in with foggy Neptune signals that you may not see the whole forest because you’ve zoomed in on the trees. If you’re too fixated on minutiae, you’ll lose sight of the big picture. For example, maybe you’re thinking about all the to-do lists and planning that the holidays entail and you’re not even close to losing yourself in the spirit of the season. This too shall pass! Avoid saying anything overly critical, as your meaning could get lost in translation. After the sun crosses your partnership angle, you’ll gain energy from your interactions with other individuals and should make a point of connecting with people one on one.



July 23–August 22

When Mars in your foundation angle clicks with Saturn and Pluto this week, you’re sure to get a lot done working from home or working on your home. So dive into domestic projects or pull out your laptop and work remotely. Venus is dancing across your one-on-one angle, enhancing your rapport with other individuals and helping you to maintain peaceful relations. But a temporary squabble with Uranus in your ambition zone suggests changes related to your boss, career or goals could throw off a relationship. Stay flexible and be willing to compromise! Mercury is embroiled in a commotion with Neptune as well, so you might divulge what’s in your heart and not get the exact reply you want. Or perhaps your sense of humor will sail right over someone’s head. If you can stop yourself from focusing on feedback and interpreting everything literally, you’ll have a better shot at noticing (and appreciating!) the positive vibes that come your way. Since this planetary combo can lure you to see someone — or the nature of your bond with them — unrealistically, put off important relationship talks. After the sun shows up in your efficiency corner, your daily productivity will receive a nice shot in the arm. Devote energy to improving your work ethic and your wellbeing.



August 23–September 22

Mars in your thinking-and-talking corner is dovetailing with Saturn and Pluto this week, empowering you to pitch your creative ideas, stand up for yourself and bravely speak from the heart. Under this influence, you should have some success creating a game plan for lasting personal fulfillment. After Venus twirls into your productivity corner, you’ll get more pleasure from daily doings and will have a positive attitude about work. But her brief skirmish with Uranus in your exploration zone hints that you’ll be easily distracted, even from a pleasant task — or your changing views might affect your desire to work on a relationship. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is helping you to tune into private memories, feelings and thoughts and making it easier for you to put them into words. But discord between Merc and Neptune in your interpersonal angle signals that you might not be understood as well as you’d like. Perhaps you should rethink confiding in someone. Or just go with the flow if they don’t get you. Anyone who is on your wavelength is likely to offer a sympathetic ear. After the sun barrels into your fulfillment house for his annual monthlong visit, you’ll be inclined to express your personality, feelings and creativity. Let people see the real you — and revel in your individuality!



September 23–October 22

With Mars in your worth house sidling up to Saturn and Pluto this week, you could make savvy money moves that strengthen your foundation. Use the resources at your disposal to the best of your ability, with security and self-sufficiency in mind. Your ruling planet’s arrival in your joy house can put you in a romantic, creative or playful mood in the weeks to come and inspire you to live life to the fullest. But this week’s Venus-Uranus quarrel might produce friction between fun romance and unpredictable intimacy. Under this influence, you should expect the unexpected when it comes to matters of the heart. Mercury has a similar battle with Neptune, so your mind is operating quite quickly and you could skip over key details. Perhaps you’re talking fast and trying to connect with people, but the logistics of getting together socially seem problematic. Your mindset is easy breezy, which could spell a lack of clarity. See if you can slow things down so you don’t get ahead of yourself. And try sticking to a practical approach; that way, you can avoid glossing over reality. The sun is dipping down to the base of your chart, putting further emphasis on family and home. This month, you’ll be most comfortable in familiar surroundings with people who know you well.



October 23–November 21

Your co-ruler, Mars, is still marching through Scorpio, and his collaborations with heavyweights Saturn and Pluto this week will enable you to be your own best ally. You could advocate for what you know to be true or execute a project that you’ll learn a great deal from. Rigorous intellectual work and writing are highly favored, as are community endeavors. Venus is sneaking down to your foundation angle, highlighting the pleasures of home and family and putting you in the mood to entertain, decorate, cook or spend time with relatives. Her fight with Uranus, however, implies that family relations may be at odds with a close relationship, or your desire to nest may be thwarted by another person’s whims. An individual can disrupt your peaceful mood — but not if you’re open to trying something different! With Mercury wandering into Neptune’s fog, you may have trouble accurately assessing what you have and what you need, especially if you’re idealizing the pleasure something will offer. Ill-advised spending is a danger, so put off major splurges for when you’re thinking more clearly. It’s all too easy to lose sight of your best interests now. Be honest with yourself. Are you seeing only what you want to see? The sun’s entrance into your cognition-and-communication house will revitalize your thinking and interactions in the coming month.



November 22–December 21

Working privately in a low-key setting on something that will help you to earn income, organize possessions or feel better about yourself is a winning strategy this week, thanks to Mars in your subliminal zone gelling with Saturn and Pluto. And once Venus sashays into your thinking-and-talking corner, your mindset will brighten and your social life will pick up. However, since Venus is sparring with Uranus, pleasant thoughts and conversation could take an unexpected turn due to circumstances beyond your control that suddenly arise. Relations with colleagues will be especially unpredictable. Luckily, creative thinking is highly favored! Mercury’s presence in Sagittarius puts you in a chatty mood and fills you with ideas, but since Merc is at odds with Neptune now, you might get confused or be misread, particularly if you’re fixated on literal interpretation. Neptune isn’t big on intellectual understanding; he wants you to put heart over head. You probably know what you think but aren’t crystal clear on how you feel. Seek out peace and quiet to give your brain a break. Then tune into nuances and emotions. After the sun moves into your worth sector, your focus will shift from who you are to what you have and what you need. It’s time to attend to finances and belongings and to consider how you can best provide for yourself.



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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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I see trouble coming ahead! Thanks for the warning! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

I see my future is bright. Thanks for this!