Your Free People Horoscope, Week of December 9-16

The planets pick up a lively dance this week — Venus meets up with Saturn and Pluto, Mars vibes with Neptune, Jupiter vibes with Uranus!



November 22–December 21

You’re craving stability and security more than usual and are ready to zero in on practical steps when Venus and Saturn mesh in your worth zone this week. Now’s the time to get more serious about a plan to get what you want. Surround yourself with people you can count on and get your priorities in order. And go outside and enjoy a healthy dose of nature for instant gratification! Venus’s conference with Pluto days later can intensify material desires, and you might become obsessed with a particular one. Possessiveness can be an issue now, and it will help to drill down to your deepest values and your true needs. With a full moon activating your interpersonal angle, a partnership could reach a turning point. You may opt to make a bigger commitment now or call it a day. People might seem dramatic to you, but do your best to balance your feelings and needs with theirs and be willing to let someone else have the spotlight. Mars and Neptune are gelling, hinting that confronting something you’ve swept under the rug, tying up loose ends, grappling with the past or fighting an old behavior pattern will give you an underlying sense of peace and help you connect with your spirit. Breaking through relationship blocks and being vulnerable can also offer a bit of bliss. After that, Jupiter and Uranus form the same angle, linking stronger self-worth with a change in your health and fitness. This pairing also indicates that updating your skills (especially tech skills), switching jobs or taking on different duties will boost your income. Making the most of your talents and other assets is a must if you want fresh opportunities in your work life.



December 22–January 19

Venus and Saturn align in Capricorn this week, putting you in a serious mood and making you a little picky about the company you keep. You’re still feeling quite sociable; you just want to narrow your options. You could also get into a committed relationship now or end one if it’s not the real deal. This planetary pair wants you to be with people who are right for you — or no one at all. When Venus runs into Pluto a couple of days later, your charisma will be off the charts, giving you lots of personal power. Use it for good! Channel your passion and allure in productive directions. The full moon might trigger a crisis involving your health, work or everyday life. Take note of what’s stressing you out, and if your plate is too full, here’s your chance to take something off it. You might also complete a project, which will reduce your load. If you’ve been trying to kick a bad habit, this is the best lunation of the year for it. With Mars and Neptune convening, creative ideas, a compassionate mindset or spiritual interests may lead to inspired teamwork. Your intuition can put you on the same wavelength with a group, so heed it. Harmony between Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in your fulfillment sector alludes to the importance of taking risks for the sake of personal growth. Although you’re big on planning, spontaneous fun, go-with-the-flow romance and in-the-moment creativity can all open your mind and your heart to a wider range of possibilities. Gather the confidence and courage to leap into new experiences that reveal a different side of you and novel routes to true fulfillment.



January 20–February 18

You might become a bit melancholy and lonesome when Venus encounters somber Saturn in your retreat corner this week. But if you’ve drifted too far into fantasyland and lost touch with reality, this planetary combo will help you snap out of it. It can also enable you to keep firmer boundaries with anyone who drains you. Venus’s meet-up with powerful Pluto later in the week can intensify a private bond like a secret affair or crush. If jealousy or pain gets to be too much, keep in mind that forgiveness will be especially healing now. And you also have a chance to change your connection to the past if you so choose. A full moon might bring a romance to the brink — either heating it up with sexy sparks or causing it to boil over and perhaps end. You could also enjoy an epic night of fun or complete a creative project. A strong need to express yourself may trigger an outpouring of emotion. With Mars and Neptune in sync, you can go far while working with a higher purpose in mind. If you’re in it for more than just money, you can achieve something important. So do something ambitious that will benefit others. Icing on the cake: It will make you feel good about yourself in the process! Late in the week, Jupiter and Uranus put their heads together, hinting that an ace up your sleeve could facilitate a change in your living situation. Another possibility: Facing the truth and wanting to free yourself from the chains that bind you will allow you to change your emotional state for the better. Listen to your intuition, break out of an old pattern and release whatever is weighing on you.



February 19–March 20

A Venus-Saturn rendezvous in your humanity house can nudge you to become an official member of a group or to do something concrete in order to help out a friend. For those of you who are facing trouble in your squad or in a particular friendship, now’s the time to work on the problem and commit to getting relations back on track. With Venus and Pluto staging their own get-together days later, jealousy may arise. It’s worth it to drill down and deal with underlying issues rather than hoping they’ll go away. A platonic connection could take a sexual turn, or you might be intensely attracted to someone you meet via technology. With a full moon lighting up the base of your chart midweek, drama on the home front or in your family is possible. If you’ve been ultra-focused on goals, you might need to pay more attention to your personal life for a moment and aim for better work/life balance. Neptune’s chemistry with Mars, however, reminds you to keep chasing your dreams. Fresh experiences — especially those with a spiritual or metaphysical flavor — will help put you in touch with your higher purpose. It’s also a good time to fight for a cause that’s dear to your heart. And last, Jupiter’s chemistry with Uranus reminds you that casting a wide net and expanding the circle of people in your life can bring new opportunities to learn and may even change the way you think. Social media and tech can help you get your message across; you might discover a different way to communicate under this influence. Growing your network and connecting with fresh faces will generate exciting ideas and prospects.



March 21–April 19

Although you may already be reaping the rewards of a good rapport with higher-ups, since Venus is dancing across your ambition angle, her alliance with Saturn this week can persuade you to be more strategic in your approach. But be careful not to project an overly authoritative air because this planetary energy can be a little off-putting. If you’re single, you could use this transit to envision a plan for attaining the relationship you want. Couples can easily get on the same page now with common goals. A Venus-Pluto meeting days later may allow you to snag a powerful mentor, do notable creative work or assume an impressive leadership role. The full moon in your cognition-and-communication house can generate a flood of information; a development in your neighborhood; a flurry of thoughts and ideas; or a sharp increase in the tempo of life around you. A sibling might need your support now. Mars, your ruling planet, is syncing with Neptune, giving sex and emotional intimacy a soulful vibe and ensuring that dynamic psychological self-help will have a cathartic effect. Inspired to dive into a passion project? Go for it — your imagination is on fire! At the tail end of the week, Jupiter jibes with Uranus in your worth zone, highlighting the benefits of setting optimistic goals, taking on responsibilities that will get you noticed and projecting confidence in your ability to succeed. All of the above can improve your financial bottom line and might even change how you feel about yourself. Tapping into your singular talents will help you climb the ladder, so don’t downplay the uniqueness you have to offer the world. Make your quirks work for in your favor!



April 20–May 20

Your ruler is joining forces with Saturn in your exploration zone this week, a sure sign that it won’t be as risky as you might think to date and socialize far outside your comfort zone. Stretch your boundaries! Under this planetary map, you could get serious about someone who’s quite different from you—or different from the type of person you usually go for. Exploring unfamiliar territory can provide lasting satisfaction. Venus’s date with Pluto a couple of days later can intensify new experiences and perhaps even make them feel life-altering. What more incentive do you need to say yes to something or someone different? The full moon in your worth house might trigger a spending spree, since your material needs are all jumbled together with your emotions. An uptick in your income is also possible, or you could ride a sudden wave of confidence. This is a great lunation for indulging one or more of your five senses that you’ve been neglecting. Next, Mars vibes with Neptune, inspiring you to team up with a friend on a charitable effort or get your friends and your S.O.’s squad together for escapist fun. Collaborations — particularly philanthropic and creative ones — are sure to flourish, so don’t insist on doing everything yourself. With Jupiter and Uranus joining forces next, taking a leap of faith could shake you up in a good way. Speak your truth, fight for a cause or take a trip of a lifetime. You need to go big to move the needle now, so expand your vision and make it a reality. A major revelation can increase your consciousness and even alter your personal identity. Dare to be awake, real, free, progressive and innovative — and relish the thrill!



May 21–June 20

You’re so ready to get close to someone when Venus bumps into Saturn this week. Although Twins don’t exactly gravitate to intensity and commitment, this planetary combination can make relationships feel like a big deal in a good way. Now you might see the appeal of going all in. But if you have one foot out the door already, this is a good time to reevaluate and perhaps end a certain relationship. Venus meets up with profound Pluto days later, which could make a personal bond or emotional matter feel even more urgent. You could enjoy a potent sexual attraction, but mistrust, control, jealousy and obsession might pose problems. If that’s the case and you care enough, you’ll try to get through this rough patch. If you’re not fully invested, you could get overwhelmed. And since the full moon lands in Gemini midweek, you’re bound to get a major case of the feels. Spell out what you need from people and don’t hesitate to put yourself first, as long as you’re respectful about it. This is your annual lunation for releasing whatever (and whomever) no longer serves your growth. Thank you, next! A Mars-Neptune confab can inspire you to work hard to make a difference in the lives of others. Plus, tackling the tasks in front of you will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Jupiter and Uranus have their own confab late in the week that offers you further incentive to experience emotional intimacy and grow to understand yourself better. Accepting support and facing deep psychological truths will feel liberating and healing. You might receive help from an unexpected source. And under this planetary influence, you could also conquer your fears and have an epiphany that frees your soul.



June 21–July 22

A Venus-Saturn coalition lends a serious tone to your interactions with other individuals this week, and you could feel like you’re reaching a commit-or-quit turning point. If you’re ready to make things more official, you may get engaged, decide to move in with your significant other or finalize a biz partnership. But if an important relationship really isn’t working, Saturn can compel you to call time of death. Days later, Pluto gets involved, bringing a stronger emotional vibe — and possibly a powerful encounter or person. Maybe you’ll meet someone who has a profound effect on you, or an existing bond will change when your role in it changes. This week’s full moon lands in the last house of your chart, spurring you to finally release something you’ve been holding onto for too long. Your intuition, imagination or dreams could be full of significance under this lunation. It’s time to tend to your spirit, balancing daily busyness with inner work. When Mars joins forces with Neptune, you could enjoy escapist fun, travel for pleasure or pursue a meaningful attraction that feels thrilling to you. Going after what you desire and living life to the fullest will elevate your state of mind. At the very end of the week, Jupiter syncs with Uranus, encouraging you to allow for more freedom in your relationships and to broaden your horizons by meeting some fresh faces. Any contact, friend or love interest you click with now has the potential to enhance your life. And a current connection could have a plot twist that shakes up your social circle. This planetary pair beckons you to envision a wide range of possibilities when it comes to partnerships, teamwork and relationships.



July 23–August 22

This week’s Venus-Saturn summit can get you focused on what you need to do to improve a relationship, your health or your job satisfaction. Now’s the time to recommit to putting your nose to the grindstone and getting it done. You might examine a problem you’re having with another person or assess where your self-care is coming up short. And this planetary pairing can also persuade you to help coworkers and people you encounter in everyday life. Venus’s meet-up with Pluto a couple of days later could lead you to fixate on details or become controlling on the job, especially if creativity is involved. If you’re tempted to micromanage and criticize, reel it in! Instead, concentrate on getting more pleasure out of your work or your daily existence. A full moon in your humanity house suggests a pal may need a shoulder to lean on, or emotional drama may impact your squad. This can be a good time to walk away from a group — or even a friendship — you’ve outgrown. You can also have an over-the-top good time while socializing, and you’ll thrive on being around people. Mars-Neptune chemistry signals that facing deeply personal emotions will be cathartic, and confronting buried anger can help wash it away. Soothe your spirit by spending time alone (or with someone special) in the privacy of your home. With Jupiter and Uranus linked at the end of the week, you’re called to learn new skills; strengthen your work ethic; expand your job description; improve your diet, health and fitness; and think bigger when it comes to what you can accomplish each day. Any of the above could facilitate a change in your career path or your overall life direction and might even awaken you to your higher purpose.



August 23–September 22

Venus lines up with Saturn this week, hinting that a casual love affair may take a more serious turn. You might have a serious talk about where things are going and at long last define the relationship or part ways. If you’re single, you could see the appeal of commitment and opt to prioritize dating people with LTR potential. And if you’re into a new hobby or a creative project, you might begin treating it as more than just a fun way to pass the time. Days later, Venus’s rendezvous with Pluto will intensify fun, artistic pursuits, romance and self-expression. Because the heat is getting turned up, you’ll feel more passionate and maybe even obsessed. Try not to veer into jealous and controlling territory. A full moon at the peak of your chart can bring a goal to fruition or spell a turn in your career path. A boss or parent may be extra emo, so tread lightly. You could easily find yourself in the spotlight and should be ready to prove what you can do. A Mars-Neptune collab nudges you to stand up for yourself and speak your mind. You’re likely to get a positive response! And sticking up for an underdog would also be worthwhile, so consider giving a voice to the voiceless. Jupiter and Uranus are collaborating at week’s end, daring you to live life to the fullest and reach for the love and happiness you deserve. A new experience could help you realize something about yourself and about life in general, so don’t play it safe. Follow your heart out onto a limb, and your perspective is almost sure to change for the better now.



September 23–October 22

When your ruler, Venus, holds a conference with Saturn in your foundation angle this week, you could get nostalgic or a bit blue. Be sure to schedule some self-care to fend off a funk. You could just be in the mood to get cozy at home and spend time with people you feel super comfortable with. Your craving for security might translate to a desire for romantic commitment, in which case your thoughts may turn to cohabitation, having children — the whole nine yards. You might also be concentrating on your relations with roommates or family and what’s needed to make your living situation work better. A Venus-Pluto coalition days later will intensify your mood and possibly elicit a desire to change the look of your space and shift the energy. The full moon in your exploration corner can trigger a crisis of faith or an urge for adventure. You might consider your personal beliefs and drop one that has limited your growth. Your desire to push the envelope could lead you to take a big trip or roll the dice and have a new experience. Mars and Neptune are in cahoots, so you could devote some energy to a possession purge or use your assets to help others. If you can see the connection between your self-esteem and your health, you might just improve both. When Jupiter and Uranus cooperate late in the week, you’re likely to receive the support you need — financial, emotional, moral, you name it. An underlying sense of wellbeing can coincide with a newfound level of intimacy. And a better understanding of your backstory — possibly courtesy of psychotherapy or a family member — can free you from an emotional block or wound.



October 23–November 21

Venus and Saturn line up in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, pulling your attention to weighty matters. You might score an important contact or meet an appealing older person. If you need to have a big talk with someone in your life, now’s the time to come clean and discuss where the relationship stands. There’s also a chance you’ll ask for friendly advice or helm an event in your neighborhood. A couple of days later, Venus gets entangled with Pluto, which could drop you into an obsessive loop in your head. Can’t stop thinking about someone? Try diving into an immersive process that will take up lots of that intense mental energy. You could write in a journal, do creative work or enjoy a getaway to somewhere beautiful. When a full moon illuminates your depth-and-merging zone midweek, a sexual relationship could catch fire — in a good way or a bad way. If it’s time to finally do the deed (or split up), this lunation can make it happen. You might also gain insight into your psyche that transforms your emotional state, permitting you to move on from loss, pain or crisis. Since Mars in Scorpio is vibing with Neptune, a romance or memorable night of fun could be just what you need next. Does the love, happiness, pleasure or passion you covet seem just out of reach? Have faith and go after it anyway — you’ve got nothing to lose. At the very end of the week, Jupiter dovetails with Uranus, suggesting that the more people you’re open to, the likelier you are to form a really unique connection. Don’t think along totally conventional lines, and give everyone space to be themselves. A positive attitude and honest communication will bring opportunities your way.


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Lead image by Alessandra Olanow.


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A leadership role? So exciting! Thanks for the horoscope! ❤️✨

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Once the Gemini full moon hits, we’ll feel more illuminated on the subject of how we want to move forward in love.

3 years ago

Thanks for Virgo horoscope!

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Scorpio! Yes! Thanks.

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Reply to  Steve

Thanks also! Me too

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Thank you for Virgo!