This Week’s Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen — 1/6-1/12

This week is all about (well, mostly about) Saturn and Pluto, who haven’t danced together since 1982. And they haven’t rendezvoused in Capricorn since 1518! Find out why it’s a BIG deal…


Tracy Allen’s readings will now be coming to you on a bi-weekly basis (meaning, every other week!) —

with a month-ahead focus, as well as a forecast curated specifically for you based on current events/trends/etc!

Tracy — and FP — thanks you for your patience and support. Back soon! XO





December 22–January 19

Uranus powers on this week, which could cause romantic sparks to fly or give you a sense of urgency about pursuing pleasure and expressing your uniqueness. Avoid rash risks until you feel more settled. Mercury and the sun have a meetup in Capricorn that will lend your thoughts and words an extra dose of vigor and enable you to say exactly what you mean. Merc also aligns with Saturn and Pluto, which could cause you to dwell on the negative or manipulate people. But you have the power to make flawless plans; speak with authority; read people accurately; offer penetrating insight; make an important decision; and decipher a needed change. The lunar eclipse in your interpersonal angle is opposing the planetary pileup in Cap, and it relates to the solar eclipse that occurred in that same angle on July 2, 2019. You’re meant to offset the intense focus on your own affairs by giving your relationships more attention now. You might get a lot more serious about someone or realize that a relationship has hit its expiration date. Partnership, diplomacy, compromise and peacekeeping are all highlighted as you attempt to balance me and we. People might seem like drama queens to you under this lunation, since emotions are at high tide. Let them have the spotlight for a moment. A Saturn-Pluto rendezvous, the main event of the week (and maybe even the year), will bring the focus back to you. This heavy-duty combo pushes you to step into the role you’ve been evolving into and own your power. The intense, private transformation process you’ve been undergoing becomes more concrete now. Pluto has been in your sign since 2008, while Saturn entered Capricorn two years ago. They’ve been aware of each other’s presence for a while now and are finally aligning. This is where the rubber meets the road. You’re feeling the pressure, but don’t go into control-freak mode. And don’t resist the forces of change that are working within you. What you normally would armor yourself with is being stripped away, leaving you vulnerable. Let it happen. Clinging to your old identity will backfire. Everyone is experiencing this seismic shift, but for Goats, it’s personal. It feels a lot like “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” They don’t call them growing pains for nothing! However, since Saturn is your ruling planet and you’ve become acclimated to Pluto by now, you know deep down what’s going on — and you might even know exactly what you need to do. Show up for the test, take it, and pass with flying colors!



January 20–February 18

Your ruling planet pivots direct this week, which could make you more cognizant of instability in your home life or family, unresolved emotions, and the need to break free from old patterns. And Mercury in your subliminal corner will convene with a few other planets, emphasizing your intuition and imagination. It’s natural to keep quiet now, probing your psyche but not sharing too much. Do watch what you say, since these transits can spur you to spill the beans or say something hurtful inadvertently. Look for lessons in the past and face the reality of anything or anyone you’ve over-romanticized. Conduct behind-the-scenes investigations and research. Pay attention to your dreams and hunches, as they might be laden with hidden messages. A lunar eclipse in your efficiency corner could spell a health or work crisis or the completion of a project. Take note of what’s stressing you out because this is the perfect time to drop something from your plate. If you’re overwhelmed, that’s your cue to scale back. It’s also ideal timing for kicking a bad habit once and for all. Or getting rid of clutter in your workspace. Give coworkers a wide berth if they’re acting temperamental; don’t dial up the drama. When Saturn and Pluto align in your subliminal corner this week, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime event. They’ve been dancing around each other for the last couple of years, but this confrontation is the real deal, and it feels like it. Aquarians are known for their ability to intellectually detach, and it’s surely a double-edged sword. With these powerhouse planets thundering through your subconscious, though, you can’t get away from your deepest, darkest stuff. You’re called to surrender to a higher power, let go of what (and whom) isn’t good for you and cut your losses. Sever the ties that bind you to the past and release bitterness, regret, guilt, unhealthy patterns and stuck feelings. Forgive yourself and others so you can move on. The massive shift that everyone is experiencing in some area of their lives is happening in an invisible area of yours — your soul. Those tremors beneath the surface may not be seen by others, but they’re certainly felt by you. These karmic planets are in a very karmic part of your chart, compelling you to do the inner work of shedding old skin. You’re a future-oriented sign; however, you need closure before your spirit can soar!



February 19–March 20

When Uranus does an about-face in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, it could trigger impatience or anxiety. Your thoughts are likely to pick up speed, and your interactions could turn into a whirlwind. But if you share what’s on your mind and invite input, you could get fresh perspective now. Mercury has summits with three other planets in your humanity house that will impact group communication. You could have difficult convos with friends or peers or a deep discussion with a pal. Steer clear of gossip and social-media trolls, since words are quite loaded now. Hurt feelings could impact your squad if someone speaks with too much force. Your thinking about various relationships might be rather solemn as well; for instance, you may notice how hard it is to maintain connections with people. But you’re motivated to make thorough plans to achieve something on your bucket list, and you could click with a power player if you do some networking. There’s also a chance you’ll overcome a fear of public speaking and nail a presentation. The lunar eclipse in your fulfillment zone could help a romance to flourish, perhaps with someone you met last summer — and the same could happen with a creative undertaking. It’s also possible that a love affair will burn out under this lunation. An epic night of fun is favored, and you’re sure to be wearing your heart on your sleeve. Is it time for you to finally pull off an impressive group endeavor? To take on a leadership role in an organization? To get super serious about networking and securing powerful contacts and mentors? To overhaul your bucket list so it reflects newer interests and objectives? To work on strengthening the friendships that mean the most to you? To set firmer boundaries with various people in your life? To sever ties with toxic types? To change the way you use social media and technology? To fight for a humanitarian cause you believe in? To walk away from a group once and for all? To step up and make a bigger contribution as a citizen? When heavyweights Saturn and Pluto convene for a one-day-only summit this week, all that — and possibly more — is on the agenda! Take a good hard look at your hopes and wishes, your inner circle, your digital footprint, your extended team, your collaborations, your social participation and professional network—then do what you know is necessary.



March 21–April 19

You may need to call on the lessons you’ve learned about riding out the inevitable fluctuations in your finances, assets and confidence this week when Uranus does a U-turn. His change in direction could cause money concerns or personal insecurity to recur. Mercury has several meetings with other planets at the pinnacle of your chart that can allow you to get your message across with great conviction in a professional or public setting. You’re able to articulate your goals with energy and formulate careful career plans and business plans. Weigh your words around higher-ups, since you might accidentally sound overly authoritative. If you encounter resistance, sidestep power struggles. Simply state your case, but don’t take the extra step of trying to win over someone senior to you. If you feel discouraged about your progress, focus on plotting your path forward step by step. Researching careers would be another good strategy. When a lunar eclipse rocks the base of your chart, though, your attention will be pulled toward matters closer to home. A change in your family or living situation could compel you to adapt, or you could finally complete a domestic project. Or a mood swing could push you to seek quiet alone time and self-care. This lunation reiterates a theme that success in the world is only one part of the equation. You also need to nourish your home life, personal life and inner state so you feel content and secure at the end of the day. Saturn and Pluto finally come together this week, as they’ve been hinting at doing for the past couple of years. You’ve been struggling to clarify your career path and to climb the ladder of success. When you’ve looked back at the path behind you (or down at the ladder below you, to mix metaphors!), you’ve had the frightening realization that it’s not there anymore. What choice is there but to keep going? Pluto has slowly killed off the past, forcing you to rebuild your vocation. And Saturn, more recently, has stripped away anything extraneous, making you work hard to construct something real — your true calling. This planetary alliance holds your feet to the fire; you must align your current ambitions with the evolution that is already taking place. Accept more responsibility, a leadership role, your place at the table as an authority in your field. The brass ring is yours for the taking!



April 20–May 20

You might be tempted to jump into action when Uranus goes direct in your sign this week, but the situation isn’t as urgent as it seems. Allow yourself to be reinvigorated and perhaps even excited, but don’t make yourself crazy by assuming everything has to happen now. Mercury’s meetups with a few other planets in your exploration house can get you thinking about the future and enable you to state your POV with strength. Envision the road ahead in high-def and construct long-range plans rooted in faith and wisdom. Your mind may be on big issues like justice, truth, religion and your belief system. There’s a chance you’ll become too fixated on a cause now or hit people over the head with an opinion. But you have the ability to dig deep for answers and piece together meaning. You might have a revelation that changes your worldview. If you get inundated with information and pulled in many different directions when a lunar eclipse shakes your cognition-and-communication sector, take a breath and process one thing at a time. An issue dating back to last summer involving your sibling or neighborhood could come to a head. You might also complete a writing project or finally put your feelings into words. Now that Saturn and Pluto are coalescing at last after gradually approaching each other for the past couple of years, your hard-earned knowledge is gelling as well. These two take-no-prisoners planets have been forcing you out of your comfort zone and getting you to broaden your horizons. Stability-loving Bulls aren’t known for pushing boundaries, but as your belief system has slowly been torn down, you’ve been compelled to rebuild a personal philosophy that guides your way into the future. Your worldview has shifted so much, allowing new possibilities into your head — which in turn allows new growth experiences into your life. But it hasn’t been easy trying to piece together the big picture and get up the courage to take giant leaps of faith without a net. You may have learned a lot by venturing far afield literally (through travel) or by pursuing higher education. You’ve encountered so much difference — different ideas, cultures, beliefs, arts, people, etc. — that you’ve had to adapt your perspective whether you want to or not and come up with new answers. Now there’s no going back to the way it was before. It’s time to commit to the risks that will launch you into the future.



May 21–June 20

When Uranus pivots forward this week, an urge to do something subversive — and potentially self-sabotaging — could strike. When this rebellious planet acts up, it’s tempting to do the same. But your ruler’s get-together with focalizing Saturn can help you concentrate on an important relationship, passion project or emotional issue and stick with it. If you need to have a serious talk with another person, this is a good time for it. It’s bound to feel weighty, but you can do this. Merc’s alignment with Pluto can persuade you to dig until you get to the bottom of something. Research and investigations get a green light; just understand that you could uncover something you’re not too thrilled about. You need real answers now but may not like them. Be careful what you disclose and to whom. On the flipside, confiding in someone trustworthy can result in a truly transformative and intimate dialogue. Introspection is also worth your while, as it’s apt to generate profound psychological insight. One caveat: Try not to get into an obsessive loop in your head. The lunar eclipse in your worth zone can cause you to get carried away and spend too much money, but it can also mean you’ll receive money that you’ve earned. Another upside: A surge in self-esteem can push you to see what you need or deserve. You also may shuffle your priorities now, based on what’s most important to you. Saturn and Pluto form a dynamic duo in your depth-and-merging house that’s been years in the making. You’ve known for quite a while that you can’t pull off an easy-breezy approach like you used to. The blend of ultra-serious planetary energy in a dark, complicated part of your chart is impossible to ignore. But hopefully you’ve figured out that doing the heavy lifting has undeniable payoffs. Whether you’ve gone all in on a close relationship, a passion project or a personal process like psychotherapy or rehab, that commitment has yielded a sizeable return on your investment. Ideally, you’ve improved in such areas as trust, integrity, power-sharing, intimacy, focus, loyalty and emotional courage. And you’ve likely weathered a big crisis, loss, death or wounding. All of this seems to be reaching a climax and pushing you to a choice point. You could double down on your investment or reclaim your own power. Regardless, the only way forward is through the depths — you can’t get away with skimming the surface this year.



June 21–July 22

Uranus finishes up his five-month retrograde phase this week, and you could become impatient with people’s shortcomings and quirks as a result. If you’re tempted to walk away from a group or break up with a friend, it might be for the best. But know that you don’t have to act on that impulse right away. Mercury’s encounters with a few other planets in your interpersonal angle will get you thinking intently about your relationships — and possibly one especially. Maybe you’ll feel like you need to define the connection you have with someone. Although you’re probably seeing the truth, spelling it out could sound too blunt. A heavy conversation can help you get to the heart of a matter; just remember that strong words are liable to inflict pain. Modify your speech with care. You can still have a powerful effect on another person in a good way (and they on you). Try to stay very conscious of relationship dynamics, listen attentively and avoid defensiveness and coercion. That way you can have a productive, not destructive, exchange. Cancer plays host to this week’s dramatic lunar eclipse, which could bring something that coincided with the solar eclipse of July 2, 2019 to a crescendo. You’re bound to be extra emo under this lunation and you have the right to ask for what you need, as long as you respect the rights of others. Whether you crave alone time, attention or something else, go ahead and put your needs first. Tune into your feelings, because they can point to what or who needs to leave your life. Full moons (note: a lunar eclipse is a full moon on steroids) are about endings. With two of the most influential planets — Saturn and Pluto — joining forces in your interpersonal angle, though, your relationships are definitely in a pressure cooker. As hard it has been, this planetary test of your ties has probably strengthened good ones and ended not-so-good ones. And unhealthy relationship dynamics have had to change as well, which has laid the groundwork for healthy relationships rooted in equality and respect. Power imbalances cannot continue, and dysfunctional patterns like projecting one’s own undesired qualities onto the other person must also change. You’re forced to face the facts head-on and maybe even start from scratch if need be, in order to form connections that are good for you. These planets won’t let you entertain illusions. Higher-quality partnerships — creative, romantic, business and so on — will be the end result.



July 23–August 22

Uranus does a 180° at the top of your chart this week, making you more eager to get ahead in your career or change directions and set off on a different path. Yes, change is in the air, but don’t make any sudden moves. When Mercury gets together with your ruler, the sun, in your efficiency corner, you can zero in on key details and get your point across energetically at work. Merc’s meeting with Saturn can lead you to be too critical or get stuck on little stuff. But it also enables you to come up with a meticulous strategy for success, complete with bullet points. A Mercury-Pluto pairing empowers you to work through a complex problem with dogged persistence and come up with a substantial solution. Your mental focus is practically unparalleled now, so channel it into the most constructive and challenging projects you can think of in order to maximize this transit. Be careful not to let your analytical ability and thoroughness veer into obsessive perfectionism, though! With a lunar eclipse landing in the opposite corner, your attention will be pulled away from such practical matters, and you’ll need to tune into your inner life momentarily. Something could burst through the barrier between your subconscious and conscious minds, compelling you to grapple with what’s been buried. Don’t shortchange your dreams and inklings, which will be chockfull of meaning under this lunation. Psychotherapy, peaceful solitude, a spiritual practice and plenty of sleep can soothe your soul. The Saturn-Pluto convention in your efficiency corner can dwarf even a lunar eclipse, as it forces you to audit your quality of life and your wellbeing. What has your body been telling you? How is your energy holding up, given the full plate of duties you’ve been juggling? These planets aren’t playing; they won’t let you pretend you have your act together if you don’t. Your time management; work ethic; habits; skillset; job performance; diet; fitness; physical health; stress level; organizational ability; scheduling; attention to detail; and commitment to be of service are all under the microscope. You have to be realistic now about what’s working and what’s not. Whether you’re due for medical checkups, a job change, a new workout regimen, a stricter daily routine or some other upgrade, it’s time to get dead serious about improving your everyday life. Saturn and Pluto will make you prioritize like a pro if you haven’t done so already.



August 23–September 22

Reality may appear to shift when Uranus powers forward this week. Things aren’t exactly how you thought they were, and you might rush to arrive at a new outlook. Slow down so you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. You weren’t wrong about everything, even if that’s the way it feels for a moment. Mercury is linking up with several other planets, infusing your self-expression with a mix of enthusiasm and gravitas. You can convey your unique sensibility in a thoughtful, mature manner and be taken seriously. A very adult conversation with someone you care about is a strong possibility, but you might hold back if self-inhibition quashes your desire to speak freely. Your thoughts and words have passion and depth, and you may feel attracted to someone you’re talking to. Dig deep for the courage to have a heart-to-heart with someone you care about. Bonus: You might also strike gold with a huge creative idea. This week’s lunar eclipse impacts your hopes-and-humanity zone, and #SquadDrama may ensue, or something could blow up on social media. If a friendship or your affiliation with a group is essentially over, you’ll feel obliged to pull the plug now. But if someone on Team Virgo needs your support, you should try to provide a shoulder to lean on. A philanthropic endeavor could finally come together under this lunation, or a new objective could blossom. A tête-à-tête between Saturn and Pluto urges you to get even more serious about seeking personal fulfillment outside of work. Maybe you’ve been on a mission to get pregnant. Or you’re determined to meet your soulmate and are taking a no-nonsense approach to dating, weeding out matches who lack LTR potential. A casual hobby might have morphed into a pet project you’re obsessed with. Or perhaps you’ve developed a creative talent to the point where it’s a boon on your résumé. Who do you love? How do you define happiness? What do you need in order to feel like a more well-rounded individual? What gives you pleasure? Virgo want to be useful and productive, but with so many planets gathered in the part of your chart that rules joy and passion, it’s essential to ask yourself questions like those above. Lead with your heart, your humor, your inner artiste. You’re the real deal, and you have something unique to contribute to the world. Saturn and Pluto aren’t gently telling you that you deserve to be happy and loved — they’re making sure you act like it.



September 23–October 22

With Uranus resuming forward motion after traveling retrograde for the past five months, you may become a little anxious about getting what you need from someone, but the urgency isn’t as real as it feels. Mercury is syncing up with three other planets throughout the week, promoting communication with family members and roommates. You’re able to speak from the heart about sensitive issues like very private feelings and memories. Consulting a parent or someone who’s known you forever could help you in your effort to unpack emotional baggage. It’s a good idea to ponder the past in search of lessons; however, you should avoid beating yourself up over old mistakes and regrets. Introspection can be highly productive now, as you could solve an ancient mystery, get to the bottom of troubling emotions and gain profound insights into family history and old patterns. If you share what’s going on inside you, choose a confidant whom you trust implicitly. This week’s lunar eclipse is due to rock the peak of your chart, which could bring a goal to fruition, especially one that you’ve been chasing after since last summer. The timing is also right to drop a goal that no longer strikes a chord with you or to switch directions in your career. Be prepared to prove yourself because you might be pushed onto center stage; it’s practically impossible to hide during this lunation! Bosses, parents and other authority figures are liable to be moody, so handle with care. Saturn and Pluto are linking arms after two years of slowly approaching one another. You’ve been wrestling with turbulent emotions, mood swings, dark memories and a sense of unease. Changes in your family and/or home life have also unsettled you. You want peace, but to attain it, you need to face what’s going on inside you and in your personal life. Psychotherapy — or something else that helps you process your feelings — would be a healthy step. Self-care in general is crucial during this stressful time. Maybe you’re having work done on your place, you’ve moved or you’re downsizing. Regardless, it’s like a gut reno is happening in your emotional life and your home life, and you don’t feel grounded. The planets are prompting you to mature and take responsibility for parenting yourself (or reparenting yourself, if you had a difficult childhood). More specifically, you need mothering — and this also happens to be a good time to work on your relationship with your mother.



October 23–November 21

Now that Uranus is turning direct in your interpersonal angle, other individuals could start throwing curveballs at you, and your patience may wear thin. Try not to go into reaction mode. Instead, stay aware of what’s coming up and be flexible. Mercury is lining up with three other planets this week, putting tons of emphasis on your thought process and your communication. Let your curiosity lead you to gather key facts and ask tough questions. Speak responsibly, saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Stay away from gossip and be very mindful of how much weight your words carry. Avoid low blows and coercive language. Take a deep dive into the dark waters swirling around in your brain. But don’t give in to negative thinking and see only the bad stuff. You can absolutely use your impressive mental and verbal powers for good now. When a lunar eclipse falls in your exploration corner, you might have a crisis of faith or a surge of spirituality. An urge for adventure may push you to take a trip or jump into some other exciting, unfamiliar experience. A publishing project or course of study could reach completion. And your vision of the future or your worldview could be blown wide open, compelling you to broaden your mind. This is the year’s best lunation for dropping a limiting personal belief in the interest of growth. Saturn runs into Pluto at last this week; you’ve had so much weighing on your mind and may feel the mental pressure acutely now. You’ve noticed the grooves you’ve worn in your brain with habitual thought patterns but may not have figured out how to change them. Whether it’s an obsessive loop, a glass-half-empty mindset or some other default mode you tend to revert to, your thoughts shape your reality. Fortunately, neuroplasticity is also a reality! Exploring this growing field of research could help you to develop a mentality that serves you better. Your writing, your verbal expression and your everyday interactions have also been emphasized, as the planets push you to take yourself seriously as a communicator. It’s crucial to keep learning, because the more knowledge and information you have, the more respected you’ll be as a speaker and writer. Maybe you’ve questioned your intelligence and your communication skills, but don’t assume they’re lacking. Channel the tremendous personal power you possess into voicing your profound, passionate thoughts and ideas. One more thing: You could make a major decision soon.



November 22–December 21

As Uranus gets back into gear, a source of stress like a job situation or health issue may arise, and you probably won’t feel like you have control over the circumstances. You’re fired up to make progress but still need to be flexible enough to accommodate the reality you’re faced with. Mercury’s various get-togethers with other planets throughout the week nudge you to get real about what you need and what you have. Being super pragmatic about finances, assets and belongings could lead you to worry about what you have going for you. But in the long run, you’ll feel much more secure when you assess your resources and necessities and decide what’s most valuable. While zooming in on such matters, you could discover a core truth about your relationship with money and stuff. Your attitude about making a living could also become crystal clear. It’s a good time for coming up with a no-nonsense budget or financial game-plan and to negotiate like a power player. The lunar eclipse pushes you to shift your focus from mine to ours and to master the art of balancing give and take. A sexual relationship could heat up or go sour now. You could also pay off a debt, lend money or provide emotional support. The worst part of a loss, crisis or wound may finally be over, allowing you to come back as a changed, stronger person. When Saturn and Pluto convene in your worth zone, though, it can bring your anxiety around self-sufficiency, security and stability to a head. You’ve felt a strong compulsion to get a handle on your finances, earn a steady income, deal with your possessions, provide for your own needs and build up your assets. Perhaps you’ve gotten rid of what you decided was extraneous or you’ve had things taken away that you thought you needed. In any case, you’ve zeroed in on your core values, assessing what’s truly most important to you. If you haven’t done so already, the planets will push you to transform those values into a stronger set of priorities. Your self-worth has been put to the test, and maybe you’ve looked at how it affects other kinds of worth. Dysfunctional habits in these areas, like blowing your budget on something you don’t need when you’re feeling down, must be conquered — otherwise Saturn and Pluto will make you learn your lesson the hard way.


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I sense rockiness at work this coming week! Thanks for the warning, haha!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Cancer is the same as for the week 1-6 january…..

3 years ago

Ready for this coming week’s horoscope

3 years ago
Reply to  Andrea

Hi Andrea, Tracy is currently working on two bigger forecasts – a month-ahead outlook for February, and a relationships-themed forecast that’s sure to prepare you for Valentine’s season. Thank you for looking and asking — we won’t let you down! XO

Katherine Sasko
3 years ago

Hi where is this weeks horoscope!?!?!??!!

3 years ago

Hi Katherine, Tracy is working on 2 bigger-format horoscope forecasts that will be appearing at the end of January. Thanks for your patience and please come back to visit us then! XO

3 years ago

Canny find the next weeks horoscopes. Have they been posted yet?

3 years ago

Hi there — thank you for writing! Tracy is working on a long-form February outlook that will be published at month’s end! As well as a love-themed horoscope just in time for Valentine’s Day! We appreciate your interest — please come back and visit us! XO

3 years ago

The horoscopes are my favorite part of the free people blog! My co-workers and I have a weekly tradition (for several years now) of reading them out loud together on Sundays. Looking forward eagerly to the next one! :)

3 years ago
Reply to  Laila

Hi Laila! Thanks for your note — what a great tradition! Tracy is working on a detailed February forecast which will be published at month’s end. Please invite your co-workers to catch up with us then! We appreciate your interest — and your friendship. XO

3 years ago

Super bummed there won’t be weekly horoscopes for a while

3 years ago

Does anyone have recommendations on where to go for a weekly horoscope? :)

3 years ago
Reply to  Sam

Sam, thank you for your comment! Tracy is finishing up her forecast for the month of February — please visit us on Saturday, Feb 1!!