A Leap In The Right Direction: 5 Supplements to Help Balance Your 2020

Spend the year’s extra bonus day doing and feeling what-and-how-ever you want… 

For the first Leap Year of a completely new decade, yet another opportunity to practice a bit of foresight 2020 arises. This time, it arrives in the form of performance-tailored supplements designed to level-up the areas of your life where you could use a spotter. It’s not that they’re magic cure-alls that overpromise to the point where you simply have to scrunch your nose and side-eye the label – no. Instead, they’re realistic. They’re supportive. They’re like a logical friend who wants you to succeed and offers a helping hand when they can. 


Take Moon Juice SuperYou, for example. You’ve probably already heard of it from that girl that’s good at yoga. If you’re looking for an energy boost, it doesn’t pump you full of caffeine and leave you begging for sleep at the end of a long day. Instead, it may balance your cortisol (even lowering it up to 24%, which means less stress on your gentle bod). It is even said to help regulate your hormones, to help you level out instead of feeling trapped in an anxiety spike. 

If focus is an issue for that constant stream of deadlines and requests for fresh ideas, Anima Mundi Brain Tonic has packaged an extensively studied blend of adaptogenic herbs that may have the power to stimulate nerve growth factor. In layman’s terms, it’s an energetic elixir that has the potential to boost your memory while keeping your brain balanced. 

And while the sober movement is a forward-looking concept for nights out (and in) with friends, try not to beat yourself up if you have one celebratory toast too many. For an easygoing guide back to clean living, WTHN Oops I Did It Again helps detox the body from the remnants of last night’s party. An organic blend of chrysanthemum flower, red citrus peel, and milk thistle seed (plus many, many more) helps with stomach issues, achey moments and fatigue. 

Melasma (a hormone-related condition that creates uneven skin tone) is one of the most common conditions for women. Pretty much anything – from taking birth control to getting too much sun to having a baby to simply existing with ovaries – can cause it. External creams meant to treat shady areas are often filled with toxic chemicals that should never touch your face. For an internal option, Ora Organics Be You Tiful is packed with organic algae, seaweed, and probiotics that have the potential to reduce hyperpigmentation. 

Sometimes you feel like no fun, and that’s totally fine. You don’t always have to be fun, to entertain people, to do a little dance so they feel ok. Still, if you are feeling a little low and want a boost that isn’t in the form of a 21-and-up substance, you aren’t alone. For thousands of years, organic ginkgo biloba has been an eastern secret used to treat depression. St. John’s Wort can help, too. Also, a little chaste berry may naturally ease symptoms of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. Love Wellness #Mood Pills have all three. Still, there’s no need to change anything if those monthly moments just mean you want a little me-time. Kick back, put on some silk pajamas and turn up Monica’s 1995 firepower jam, Don’t Take It Personal, knowing that this year features an entire extra bonus day to spend however. you. like. 



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Thanks for the recommendations! Going to check these products out! ❤️✨

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