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January 20–February 18

With Venus sashaying into your thinking-and-talking house on February 7, your breezy mindset can lead to nearly four weeks of flirty banter and upbeat interactions. Then when a full moon lights up your interpersonal angle on the 9th, you might get way more serious about someone you’re seeing. If you’ve been toying with the idea of making a bigger commitment, now the timing feels right. And since Mars in your hopes-and-humanity zone is part of the picture, hanging with each other’s squads or fighting for an ideal you share could be what draws you closer as a couple. A collaborative partnership is also likely to flourish, so form a dynamic duo even if romance isn’t in the cards! But if your gut has been whispering that you should end a relationship, that whisper may reach full volume now, particularly if the match has caused your self-esteem to suffer. Don’t ignore the signs. If cutting the cord is the healthiest move, this moon prompts you to get off the fence. And since Mercury and the sun exit Aquarius and arrive in your worth sector on the 3rd and 18th, respectively, you’re ready to focus on what you need and what you have going for you. Unfortunately, Merc goes retrograde on the 16th, messing up your financial judgment for a few weeks. You may need to rein in splurges during this period if you’re worried about blowing your budget. Mars is also on the move, segueing into your subliminal corner for a six-week retreat on the 16th. Although you might get irritable if you want recognition for your efforts, this is the perfect time to work quietly behind the scenes on something you can get lost in, like a research project or creative endeavor. Mars and Uranus join forces on February 21, which will help you confront repressed emotions and move beyond an outdated modus operandi that no longer serves you. Try a different way of dealing with your feelings and your mistakes now. Quick rewind to the day before: On the 20th, Jupiter and Neptune hold the first of their three 2020 summits, which will give you chances to align your values and priorities with your spirituality and intuition. Trust the wisdom of your highest self, not your baser impulses, regarding what is truly most important in your life. Releasing something you’re holding onto that you wrongly thought you needed will ultimately enrich you, not deprive you. Inner faith can guide you to overcome fears around lack and loss and bring you a kind of security that’s more precious than what you were coveting.



February 19–March 20

February starts off on a high note, thanks to charming Venus in Pisces rendezvousing with power players Pluto and Saturn in your network zone on the 2nd and 3rd. Your squad is sure to have your back if you need any support, and you might feel super close to one friend. It won’t take effort to get on the same wavelength with people and make solid plans that no one flakes on. And if you want to meet someone like a career contact or your next S.O., people you already know have the hookup. When Mercury goes into reverse in your sign on February 16, though, you may start to feel misunderstood and less inclined to connect. Try not to take crossed wires personally; use the second half of the month to mull over a personal matter that needs your quiet focus. Lucky for you, the sun will sail into Pisces on the 18th, recharging your battery and helping you to make a strong impression — especially on the 22nd, 24th and 25th when it gels with three other planets, sending your charisma through the roof. Jupiter’s alliance with Neptune in Pisces on February 20, the first of three this year, drives home the message that teamwork makes the dream work. Keep growing your circle, learning from others and relying on them to uplift you. Surround yourself with people you respect, and join forces to advance a worthy cause you all believe in. Hopefully that goodwill can offset Venus’s struggles with Jupiter and Pluto occurring around the same time (on February 23 and 28). Those run-ins may pit your own desires against group interests — totally different from the vibe in the beginning of the month! You’re allowed to want what you want, as long as you don’t try to finagle your way with others, who are liable to have their own priorities. If your confidence takes a hit, remember not to let other people determine your self-worth. Know what you want and what you deserve. If a friendship is already changing, a dispute in late Feb will bring things to a head. As your interests and objectives evolve, so will the network of people in your life. Change is inevitable! The new moon on the 23rd occurs in your sign as well, which will give you a sense of personal renewal. New Year, New You. Although this is the perfect time to reinvent yourself in some way, with mental Mercury backtracking, save more radical options like a pixie cut for mid-March or later. But do start thinking about how you can express your identity in a fresh way that’s more empowering this year.



March 21–April 19

Venus shows up in Aries on February 7, lending you star power galore during her nearly monthlong stay. You’re looking your best, and no one can resist your magnetic appeal. The sun and Mercury will be hiding out at the end of your chart, so you won’t always feel like socializing. But when the spirit moves you, you’re sure to slay! A couple of caveats: Venus’s skirmishes with Jupiter and Pluto on the 23rd and 28th can tempt you to oversell yourself or create tension between taking it easy and pushing yourself. You’re attracted to power under this influence, and the trick is to make peace with not having as much control over everything as you want. The full moon on the 9th can make that date extra memorable for Rams. Since the moon is schmoozing with Mars, you’re in the mood to take a chance on love or happiness — finally switching gears from all those “What am I doing with my life?” freak-outs. Here’s a lovely planetary reminder that there’s more to life than work and goals. Now you can get back to being a fearless, adventurous sign who knows how to have a good time. A creative project may come together, a romance might blossom, or a bucket-list trip could be just the experience you’ve been waiting for. But a love affair or other source of pleasure can end now, if it’s taken you as far as it can. Mars heads into your success angle on February 16, sending your ambition back into overdrive. In the next six weeks, you’ll be incredibly motivated to achieve your objectives and will have the energy to make it happen. If it’s possible to be your own boss, that’s ideal since headstrong Mars doesn’t like to answer to anybody. For those of you who must report to a higher-up, you might need to dial down your drive slightly around her so you don’t appear insubordinate. Also on the 16th, Mercury goes retrograde, prompting you to keep your thoughts to yourself and tune into your intuition, imagination and dreams. On the 21st, a Mars-Uranus confab encourages you to give your ambition free rein. Using your talents in a unique way can fuel your progress, and a determined effort can have a positive impact on your finances and confidence. Jupiter and Neptune hold a summit on the 20th that will repeat in July and October. Your growing faith in your ability to make your mark in the world will help to relieve lingering regrets, doubts and melancholy and lessen your existential angst. Aiming high and believing in yourself are both part of the equation, but it’s also important to loosen your grip on the wheel and trust that the universe has a plan for you.



April 20–May 20

Your ruling planet changes signs a week into the month, and at that point you’ll become more interested in private time with someone special or quiet alone time than you are in girls’ nights out and big parties. Venus spars with Jupiter and Pluto late in the month (on the 23rd and 28th), making it harder to decide between relaxing downtime and cool new experiences. Maybe part of you wants to go with the flow, and part of you hopes to control the future so that it unfolds according to your vision. Avoid chasing after a romantic dream now because it couldn’t possibly be as amazing as you imagine, given all the smoke and mirrors that are obscuring your view. Mars is also on the move; he’s charging into your exploration corner on February 16, psyching you up to fight for a cause or argue for your beliefs. The former will probably end up being more worthwhile! In the next month and a half, you’ll thrive on taking calculated risks and breaking through boundaries that are limiting your growth. And when Uranus in Taurus dovetails with Mars on the 21st, blazing your own trail will make you feel more alive. Go on a big trip by yourself; conquer your fear of heights and take ski lessons; or lead a protest in the name of truth and justice. Think outside the box (and your comfort zone!), then leap into action with a freeing fervor. With Mercury going off the grid mid-month, you’re faced with confusing miscommunication in your squad, so steer clear of damaging group gossip. And take a social media break if the trolls get to you; they’re likely to be out in full force. An encounter between Jupiter and Neptune on the 20th will be followed by two more in the summer and fall, all of which will link your highest hopes to your connections with other people. You’ll learn and grow so much more when you band together with your peeps than you ever could flying solo. Because these houses govern justice and humanity, and both of these planets appeal to our better angels, joining forces in activism and philanthropy is the way to go. Seek out a group who shares your ideals, and strive to make the world a better place. This month’s new moon happens to land in your network sector on the 23rd, doubling down on the theme of forming new relationships that promote progress and also enable you to make bold moves for the right reasons.



May 21–June 20

Mercury — your ruling planet — and the sun both climb to the peak of your chart in February (on the 3rd and 18th, respectively), putting extra emphasis on your goals and your status. Spend the first half of the month making professional plans; communicating with higher ups like your boss or a mentor; and tooting your own horn. Once Mercury begins backpedaling on the 16th, none of those things will seem very straightforward and they might even be fraught with challenges. Try shifting your attention to researching careers, revising a business plan, rethinking your list of objectives and getting back in touch with an old boss or mentor. Let the sun do the talking! Here’s how: Maintain a high profile and be ready to put your best foot forward if you find yourself in the spotlight. Show off a little, proving what you’re capable of. The idea now is to let your light shine, not to sell yourself. (It’s not easy for a Gemini to keep quiet, but you can do it!) Venus will be dancing through your groups house from February 7 until March 4, so you’re not all work and no play. On the contrary, you feel like being around a lot of people. So go out with your squad, attend large events and say yes to parties. On the 16th, Mars rockets into your depth-and-sharing zone, and in the six weeks that follow, your libido may run the show. Do you usually wait for someone else to make the first move? Not anymore — you’re primed to shoot your shot. Block off February 21 — when Mars syncs with “I’ll try anything once” Uranus — for an electric, kinky encounter. This month-and-a-half-long transit won’t go to waste if you’re not into anyone, because you can dig around in your psyche and strike gold. What you discover about yourself during this period will shed light on how you tick. Venus squabbles with other planets on the 23rd and 28th, making sex and friendship a complicated combo. Maybe you’re torn between playing the field and putting all your chips on one person. It is possible that a casual connection will heat up in a good way. It’s just that Twins usually like to keep things light, and thorny issues like jealousy, high expectations, trust and control are lurking beneath the surface. Fortunately, a fruitful Jupiter-Neptune collaboration on the 20th will reverberate for days (and repeat in July and October). These planets are encouraging you to invest in partnerships and have faith that important individuals in your life will come through for you. Learning how to trust and share may allow you to reach goals that have eluded you in the past. So don’t assume you have to accomplish everything singlehandedly!



June 21–July 22

When a full moon rocks your worth house on the 9th, you might shop ‘til you drop and spend more than you planned to. Luckily, this lunation is in sync with self-starter Mars in your productivity sector, so if you’ve been working hard lately, the money could start rolling in. Wanderlust could strike even the most homebody Crabs when mental Mercury zips into your exploration corner on February 3, followed by the focalizing sun on February 18. If you have a winter-break getaway planned, the change of scene is sure to do you good. But since Mercury will do a 180 on the 16th, you’ll need to be patient with delays and detours. Maintaining a sense of humor always helps, given that Mercury is the trickster planet. Venus ascends to your achievement angle on February 7 for nearly a monthlong tour, improving your relations with authority figures like a supervisor or parent and allowing you to do creative work that gets attention. Be careful not to push your luck or jockey for position on the 23rd and 28th when Venus clashes with Jupiter and Pluto. You could snag a valuable contact if you play your cards just right. If you’re obsessing over #RelationshipGoals, you may find out you’re not on the same page. Resist the urge to issue an ultimatum and don’t get hung up on how your relationship looks from the outside. With Mars crossing your interpersonal angle on the 16th, there’s a push to air your grievances and hash out your differences. Just bear in mind that Merc goes retrograde the same day, which will lead to crossed wires aplenty! Fight fair if you find yourself embroiled in a conflict. And go out of your way to recruit partners in crime for various activities between Feb 16 and March 30, because two will be more effective than one. Mars and Uranus team up on the 21st, nudging you to do something spontaneous with another person to keep life interesting. Give people a chance to surprise you and the leeway to be themselves. A different way of doing things or an alternative lifestyle could open your eyes that day. Backing up a day, Jupiter and Neptune form their own dynamic duo on February 20 and will meet again in the summer and fall. Your relationships have been in the pressure cooker for ages at this point, and this pairing persuades you to keep the faith. Cultivating healthy connections rooted in equality and mutual respect can dissolve limiting beliefs, raise your consciousness and feed your soul!



July 23–August 22

Your sign plays host to a full moon on February 9, bringing out all the feels and giving you permission to put your needs first. Although you might act like a moody drama queen for a minute, it’s really not about that. Pay attention to what or who is getting on your last nerve. If you feel through with something or someone, it could be time to walk away. Take-charge Mars in your fulfillment zone is vibing with the moon, so you have no qualms about doing what’s right for you. You’re prepared to grab onto the love, happiness, fun or fame you want and milk your moment for all it’s worth. As long as you don’t trample on anyone else’s rights, you’re allowed to hog center stage under this Leo lunation! Venus twirls through your expansion corner from February 7 until March 4, upping the appeal of difference. Everything from dating a person you’d normally swipe left on to listening to music from a culture you’re not familiar with will feel good and can open up your world. The idea is to broaden your horizons through pleasurable experiences. When Venus gets overpowered by Jupiter and Pluto on the 23rd and 28th, your desire to escape routine could be thwarted by your workload or nitpicking. Don’t let yourself focus on what’s wrong with people. See if you can put your skills to use helping others. And check essential tasks off your list so you’re less stressed and have time for some adventure. Mars shows up in your efficiency zone on the 16th for a six-week visit, convincing you to roll up your sleeves and get to work. You can zero in on details and concentrate your efforts on doing what’s necessary. Challenging workouts are good stress-busters now. Uranus supports Mars on the 21st, signaling an opportunity to tackle something more stimulating and make progress towards a goal. Putting your nose to the grindstone can shift the tide and allow you to break through to the next level, but don’t just go through the motions. Invent new ways to get the job done, or at least put a fresh spin on self-promotion so you’re seen in a different light. With Mercury retrograde February 16 to March 9, communication in close relationships can be a minefield, and you might obsess over a sexy ex. A Jupiter-Neptune collab on the 20th (which will recur in July and October) coaxes you to keep a positive attitude about doing the work that deep, complex relationships call for. You might have a strong connection with someone where you’re helping each other and learning to share control. This planetary pairing indicates it’s worth it to do what feels hard this year instead of cutting corners.



August 23–September 22

One-on-one communication gets a shot in the arm when Mercury zings across your interpersonal angle on the 3rd. But after your ruler goes rogue on the 16th, you could find yourself rehashing the same conversation and not getting any closer to understanding each other. Don’t keep pushing your point. Instead, do plenty of listening and give people the benefit of the doubt for a few weeks. You could make the most of this time by reconnecting with someone important to you whom you lost touch with. Venus plunges into your depth sector on February 7, bringing a craving for closeness and loyalty. If you’re in a no-strings relationship, you might develop stronger feelings for that person or want something more serious with a different partner. And if you have a significant other, you’ll probably want to spend lots of time with them now. No sex or romance in sight? Maybe you’ll reach a new level of intimacy with a good friend and share your darkest secrets or bond over a crisis or wound. Discord between Venus and two other planets on the 23rd and 28th hints that your powerful desires could overwhelm you. You might be setting your expectations super high. Or you’re obsessing and creating friction. Look for a chance to bring more play, romance and self-expression into a relationship. And do your best to overcome fears around exposing your true self. Whether you’re single or spoken for, something inside you is pushing to be born or seen. Let it happen, even if there’s some pain involved. With Mars marching into your fulfillment house on the 16th, you’ll grow bolder in your quest to do what makes you happy. You might make a move on your crush, showcase your creative side or devote tons of energy to a hobby you’re passionate about. And a Mars-Uranus encounter on February 21 gives you the courage to do something for pure pleasure that you’ve never done before. It can help you look at life from a whole new angle. A vacay fling or some other impromptu adventure is in the stars! Jupiter and Neptune will converge the day before, foreshadowing their future meetups in the summer and fall. Their message to you is this: Be brave in expressing your true feelings and unique personality, because in doing so, you’ll form organic, soul-deep bonds with others. Want to meet your soulmate? Be yourself! The more authentic you are, the higher the quality of your connections will be. And a new moon on the 23rd hints that a new partnership — romantic, business, creative or what have you — may be just around the corner.



September 23–October 22

You’ll be in your element after your lovely ruling planet pirouettes across your interpersonal angle on the 7th. That’s the part of your chart that’s naturally associated with all things Libra, such as peace and relationships. For the four weeks that follow, you’ll have an easy time getting along with others and will be in the mood to spend lots of one-on-one time with the VIPs in your life. Two exceptions are February 23 and 28, when Venus throws darts at Jupiter and Pluto. Your mood and your rapport with other individuals are intertwined, and you might try to push things to the next level in a relationship out of an emotional need for more security. If you have that urge, take a breath and go with the flow, even if it feels counterintuitive. Dark feelings can bubble to the surface, and sometimes it’s hard for your sign to accept that niceness isn’t always the aim. Let your real feelings show, even if (especially if!) that tests the strength of a relationship. Weighty emotional baggage, buried anger and family turbulence can impact your relationships under this influence. Thanks to the arrival of Mars in your foundation angle mid-month, you’ll find the courage to face whatever is going on inside you — or in your home life or family. Mars meshes with Uranus on the 21st, hinting that liberating revelations can come from such emotional honesty. This planetary combo can also mean that sex in the privacy of your own home will be a revelation in its own right! Notice what your underlying mood is between February 16 and March 30 so you don’t wind up in petty arguments just because you’re cranky. There’s often a simple solution like food or downtime if you pause to check in with yourself and find out what you need. You’ll get a lot done around the house during this period, either attacking a domestic project or working from home. And be patient with scheduling glitches and misunderstandings on the job after the 16th as well, since Mercury will be backpedaling. Lucky for all of us, Jupiter and Neptune form a coalition on the 20th, and then again in July and October. For Libras, the theme is this: Your emotional security and physical wellbeing are connected. Feeling safe, grounded and comfortable in your own skin will enhance your health, your productivity and the quality of your daily life. A peaceful home life, family support and a nourishing personal life are not icing on the cake; they’re essentials, if you want to do meaningful work and keep stress at bay. You don’t need to look far for inspiration now — it’s inside you!



October 23–November 21

If you’ve been making moves to earn more income, the full moon on February 9 could coincide with a money-generating goal coming to fruition. You might feel ready to move on from one chapter of your career or from chasing after a particular goal that doesn’t resonate with you anymore. All eyes may be on you, so get ready to prove yourself in public. With pleasant Venus sauntering into your efficiency corner on the 7th and hanging around until early March, you’ll have a good attitude about doing what needs to be done. You’re able to do creative work and get along with colleagues now, and Venus’s run-in with Jupiter on the 23rd can result in major output and lots of learning on the job. Just try not to go overboard with what you see as constructive criticism. If you think you’re being helpful, it probably occur to you that you’ve gone too far. And a Venus-Pluto spat on the 28th could make it harder for you to lighten up and not force the issue. Get your brain into a different groove for your own good! It’s fine to confront problems, as long as you do it in a spirit of cooperation, not manipulation. After your co-ruler, Mars, dashes into your thinking-and-talking corner on the 16th for a six-week stopover, your ability to speak directly and honestly will help you to stand up for yourself and pitch your ideas. Your mindset becomes more proactive, and the rhythm of your daily life speeds up. When Mars fuses with Uranus in your interpersonal angle on the 21st, asserting your views can change a relationship for the better, so chime in! You could also sell a new contact on something you’ve cooked up in your head, do legwork to meet new people or hunt down information from an unexpected source. Speaking of unexpected, Mercury’s about-face in your love-and-happiness zone starting on February 16 might bring an ex out of the woodwork. Thinking of rekindling the flame? It may be fun, but there’s no telling if it will last. Neptune is also in that zone, and he’s huddled with Jupiter on the 20th for the first of three summits they’ll hold this year. Positive transits like this one are hard to come by in 2020, so make the most of it now — and again in July and October. For Scorps, that means opening your mind; growing out of old thought patterns; transcending preconceptions; doing some traveling; seeking out learning experiences; improving your relationships with siblings; meeting new people; and staying in better touch with those you already know. All of the above can put the fun, love, happiness, creative and personal fulfillment you yearn for within your reach.



November 22–December 21

Mars is still barreling through Sagittarius during the first half of February, firing you up to chase after personal goals. Take advantage of your momentum by working on projects you’re passionate about. Mars won’t be back until the end of 2021, so seize your moment! After he segues into your resources sector on the 16th, it’s time to deal with finances and possessions. You could pursue a side gig to boost your bank balance or get rid of clutter in your house. A full moon on February 9 harmonizes with Mars, spurring a leap of faith or an off-the-beaten-track adventure that sends your spirits soaring. Then the doer planet tangos with Uranus in your efficiency corner on the 21st, making that the best day for finding new work and using everything at your disposal to enhance your quality of life. Venus is also on the move, heading into your joy zone on February 7, which should put you in a playful, romantic mood for nearly a month. You know what will make you happy and aren’t shy about showing your feelings. But her disputes with Jupiter and Pluto later in the month (on Feb 23 and 28) can trigger a spending spree to sate your appetite for pretty things that please you. If money’s tight, keep in mind that the object of your desire might not be worth as much as you imagine. Do enjoy life in the moment, especially because creativity, attraction and fun can bring about a surge in confidence. Just don’t fall into the trap of waiting for an even greater payoff. And if you can avoid fixating on a specific need or desire, you won’t limit possible pleasures. Financial security and strong self-esteem will improve your mood and help you to feel more centered and at peace. That’s clear when Jupiter and Neptune rub elbows on the 20th, emphasizing a connection between two kinds of stability — material and emotional. Your home life, family and private feelings may grab more of your attention this month, since Mercury and the sun are dipping down to the base of your chart on February 3 and 18. Even though you’re known for your wanderlust, you’ll feel comfortable in familiar surroundings and might feel more introspective than usual. That’s especially true after Merc pivots retrograde on the 16th, sending you on a trip down memory lane. Don’t jump to conclusions if your family and housemates aren’t making perfect sense. You might opt to reminisce by reading an old diary or scrolling waaay back on Insta. Reconnecting with a relative or childhood friend would also suit this nostalgic mood of yours.



December 22–January 19

Your sign is home to three heavyweight planets — Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto — as the month gets underway, and on February 16, Capricorn will take in another wayward traveler, firecracker Mars. You’ll gain even more motivation from his dynamic presence and will have the necessary energy to take on an impressive agenda if you choose to. And you absolutely should grab the reins between mid-month and the end of March because Mars won’t return to Cap for another two years. Work on your own if possible, so you don’t mow down people in your path inadvertently. On the 21st, chemistry between Mars and Uranus might bring a crush out of left field or an opportunity for a spontaneous adventure. Bypass your go-to pleasures and pursue unfamiliar experiences, since Uranus shuns sameness. Don’t do what everyone else is doing or what they think you should do! With Venus cruising across the base of your chart from February 7 until March 4, when you’re not hard at work, you’ll probably feel like chilling in the house instead of going out. Whether you want to have people over or relax solo, home will be your happy place. Kicking back gets a little more complicated when Venus butts head with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn on the 23rd and 28th. You might overindulge in simple comforts like sleep, food and drink. The pleasures of home will compete with loftier goals, but can you pull off having it all? Perhaps you’re deciding between cuddling up with someone familiar and exploring new, exciting possibilities. Let the wave of enthusiasm carry you for a little while, but don’t lose sight of the shore. Your need for power can also override your pleasant mood or rock the boat in your family or domestic life. Do your best to loosen your grip if you want to keep peace on the home front and within yourself. Your feelings are heating up, and it may seem like personal security is hanging in the balance. Persuade yourself to take a closer look at what you want to control. Yourself? Others? Your environment? Your interactions? What compels you to call the shots? (Besides a couple of control-freak planets in your sign!) The second half of February lends itself to introspection, since mental Mercury will be off the grid. A Jupiter-Neptune waltz on the 20th represents a high point in everyone’s month, and they’ll dance again in July and October, thankfully. Their get-together links your personal growth with your ability to perceive spiritual truths and express your compassion for others. Notice what connects us all, and communicate with people in a way that fosters that connection. Your impetus to learn is super strong under this influence.

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Always looking forward to your horoscopes! Thanks for sharing!

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I love this blog for getting my horoscopes! Thanks for sharing :)

4 years ago

wow…..amazing…I am scorpio and I want to make more money. Seems February 9 is an important day :)

4 years ago

Yessss! Thank you always Tracy! And of course, free people <3

Gratiana Perescu
4 years ago

Yessss!! I’ve been waiting for this and it hasn’t disappointed (it never does). My favourite horoscope. Thank you Tracy and FP, you’re magical.

4 years ago

A very happy capricorn from over here. Thanks for this!