Office Style: Meet Madison

“Reach out to people who are where you want to be and learn from them; the worst they can do is say no.”

In what department are you interning?
Store Operations and Customer Service.

What did you do before starting your internship at FP?
I was working full-time as the Digital and Social Marketing Coordinator at ReminderMedia.

Where is your hometown and what is your favorite thing about it?
Montgomeryville, PA. I like the centrality – it’s not too far from the city, the mountains or the beach, so there’s a lot to do.

Favorite thing/place/activity in Philly so far?
I love that Philly is so walkable and that each neighborhood has its own vibe. I’m on the hunt for a jazz bar, so if you know of any – holler.

How did you land at FP?
A recruiter reached out to me. I quit my full-time position at a marketing agency, and here I am.

What drew you to it?
I have wanted to be part of the URBN community, specifically Free People, for a long time; opportunity knocked and I couldn’t pass it up. Things typically don’t happen how you plan them to!

Best part of interning at FP?
Walking down the halls and be surrounded by such immense and diverse talent! Oh.. and the doggos! 😊

What advice would you give to a potential intern?
Network, network, network – there are so many great resources around you. Reach out to people who are where you want to be and learn from them; the worst they can do is say no.

List your current favorite items on 
Hard to choose – I’ve been eyeing up….
1. Maya Swift Cardi
2. Agolde Jeans
3. Rsx Winter glimmer Sneakers
4. Elle Boots – love the new snake print
5. Butterfly Kisses Kimono is so fun!

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Love the all white outfit! Thanks for sharing! ❤️✨

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