Your March 2020 Free People Horoscope, by Tracy Allen

On March 21, Saturn goes into Aquarius for the first time since the early ‘90s! But the main event of the month isn’t mentioned quite yet…

You’ll have to wait until March 21st to find out just what Spring has in store for your sign!

But until then… Here is your eagerly-awaited look ahead to March. And if you haven’t read your special Venus forecast for 2020 yet, it’s not too late to find out what’s happening in your relationships this year.



February 19–March 20

Try not to focus too much on getting what you want from others (including their approval!) on the 3rd, when Venus grapples with Saturn in your group sector. If you’re determined to provide for your own desires, you can avoid the insecurity associated with this transit. The sun and Neptune hold their annual summit on March 8, and since it’s in your sign, you may feel vulnerable, sensitive and overwhelmed. If you want to retreat from the world, no guilt! Soothe your soul with music, meditation or another healthy escape. Hours later, a Venus-Uranus rendezvous can bring a flash of creative inspiration. Capture your ideas like lightning in a bottle so you don’t forget them. Impromptu meetings will rejuvenate you, so get out and explore an unfamiliar neighborhood if possible. You might have to put someone else’s needs first the next day, due to the full moon in your interpersonal angle. And if a relationship has reached its expiration date or it’s high time you went all in, watch for this lunation to bring things to a head. You’re lucky that mental Mercury will zip into Pisces on the 16th, boosting your brainpower. Take advantage by clarifying your thoughts on personal matters and expressing your POV. Merc’s chemistry with Uranus on March 22 makes that a great day to share your brilliant brainstorms. Around the same time — on the 20th and 23rd — potent planetary forces could spell volatility in a group. But if you manage to join forces, teamwork can help you bring about change in the world or at least launch an exciting collaboration. You could also go out on a limb for a friend and expand your network of contacts under this influence. Group relations get a lot less complicated on March 28 when amiable Venus steps into the picture. Mutual affection and support will strengthen squad bonds, and telling a particular person how you feel can transform your friendship. Fortunately, that’s a Saturday, which should make it easier to gather your crew. Don’t try to confront anyone or assert yourself too much on the last day of the month, when Mars runs into Saturn. Direct your efforts towards disciplined, behind-the-scenes work, breaking it down into incremental steps. Otherwise, an old pattern of behavior could take you back to the same place you’ve been before. You can avoid backsliding — forewarned is forearmed!



March 21–April 19

It may seem like you have to choose between enjoying life and adulting on March 3, due to a Venus-Saturn standoff. Your conscience could overshadow your desires, or maybe an authority figure will nix your fun. Don’t focus on the buzzkill. Stop and think through the consequences of what you want to do. The day after, Venus’s vibe with Mercury (who’s still traveling retrograde) hints that reconnecting with an old friend will lift your spirits. Then Venus links up with Uranus on March 8, which might bring a sudden financial dip or upswing. Your priorities could also change on a dime. The sun’s arrival in Aries on the 19th marks the official beginning of your birthday season. Now you’ll have much more vitality, not to mention planetary permission to focus on yourself! A day later, your ruler, Mars, gets together with expansive Jupiter at the top of your chart, pushing you to go big when it comes to chasing after goals. A confident move could yield major dividends, as long as you avoid stepping on higher-ups’ toes. Operate independently if you can, and take a well-calculated risk. A combustible Mars-Pluto meeting on the 23rd calls for more caution because you’re likely to come on like gangbusters. Strategize and try to connect with a power player. Or see how much progress you can make when you make productive transformation your main aim. The annual new moon in your sign occurs on the 24th, offering a welcome opportunity to turn the page and start fresh. What do you want to be different this year? How do you want to be different? Consider positive ways to reinvent yourself. Then envision who will be on your team—not just to cheer you on but also to give you a reality check and keep you on track. Venus’s alliances with Jupiter and Pluto on March 28 imply that the progress you’re already making in your career or overall life direction is helping you to attract what you want and need. Plus the talents you possess innately are helping you make your mark in the world. Strong self-esteem is essential to making the most of this moment, and you might find yourself investing more definitively in your professional path. On the last day of the month, a group effort could grind to a halt. In that case, reassess a plan of action and resist viewing other people as roadblocks. Coordinate your next move with theirs and get organized as a unit.



April 20–May 20

On March 3, your ruling planet squares off with no-BS Saturn, pushing you to take a hard look at reality. What you wish were true about someone may not jibe with their track record. There’s also the possibility that education, travel, religion or principles will obligate you to do something other than chilling by yourself, which is what you really want to do. And if you’re dying to indulge in an escapist pleasure, the problem will be that part of you knows better. Venus cruises into Taurus the next day, bringing you out of your cocoon and transforming you into a social butterfly. Now you’re in an upbeat mood and ready to enjoy life. Plus you’re looking your best! It’s a great month for dating if you’re looking for Mr./Ms. Right or Mr./Ms. Right Now. No one will be able to resist your charms, so be selective. On the 8th, a Venus-Uranus encounter might send you in search of fresh excitement. Maybe you’re ready to meet someone pronto, in which case you should think outside the box to discover an interesting prospect. Or you have an urge to shake up an existing relationship, in which case you should probably opt for a novel experience over a rash breakup, since Uranus is super impulsive. A full moon the next day can also take romance to the brink, so if a relationship has run its course, those are two days when you might free yourself. Perhaps you just need to express your personality in a big way by showing off your creativity or passion — or by having a little too much fun! Speaking of going big, a few planets will align in your growth-and-journeys corner on the 20th and 23rd, inspiring you to take a courageous stand for what you believe in; launch an entrepreneurial effort; fight to bring about change in the world; embark on a major trip; jump into a new course of study; or brave a daunting learning experience. Take risks for the best reasons; don’t do battle just to be right. Venus in your sign clicks with heavyweights Jupiter and Pluto on March 28, boosting the appeal of adventure. A flirtation with someone who’s totally different from you or a trip to someplace you’ve never been will whet your appetite for more. Such exploration can arouse strong emotions and change how you see the world.



May 21–June 20

An obligation to your significant other could limit your social life when Venus gets into a scuffle with Saturn on March 3. Or maybe you can’t decide between monogamy and variety. It’s tempting to point the finger at one person if you get dragged down now, but it’s way more useful to consider your own mistrust, fear and control issues. Are you looking for an off-ramp for subconscious reasons? Speaking of privacy, Venus ducks into your subliminal corner the next day; after that, you’ll thrive on alone time or one-on-one private time, as opposed to hanging out with your whole squad. A Venus-Uranus meetup on the 8th could lead you to do something selfless or to finally feel over someone. A secret affair you didn’t anticipate is another possibility. With a craving for newness stirring deep within you, expect the unexpected! Thank goodness Mercury, your ruling planet, will pivot forward the day after that, making travel and learning less complicated and differences of opinion less dangerous. Merc reenters your ambition angle on the 16th, giving you a chance to walk back any misstatements you might have made at work in the second half of February. On the 20th and 23rd, Mars collaborates with Jupiter and Pluto in your depth-and-sharing zone, daring you to take a risk to get close to someone. If you have any fears related to intimacy, you’ll have luck getting past them now. An intense encounter has the potential to be incredibly erotic, but given Pluto’s nature, it could also be destructive if control becomes an issue. You could also dive into a passion project or investigation and make substantial progress. And if you’re grappling with an emotional matter, bravely facing what’s hidden deep in your psyche will enable you to turn a corner. Venus’s vibes with Jupiter and Pluto on the 28th can persuade you to make a kindhearted sacrifice for someone you care about and grow your relationship. Peaceful solitude will be cathartic if strong feelings come up. Mars and Saturn coalesce in your exploration corner at the tail end of the month, which could lessen your impetus to break new ground. You’ll end up spinning your wheels if you keep trying to advance in leaps and bounds. Resolve to take smaller, well-planned steps based on what you know. Then concentrate intently on gaining further knowledge.



June 21–July 22

If you’re focused on your aspirations and polishing your public image or winning your boss’s favor, a commitment to someone might cramp your style when Venus and Saturn clash on March 3. Wielding authority to get what you want won’t be the best strategy. In a serious relationship? You could find out you’re not on the same page regarding long-term goals. Better to know the truth! Your attention will shift from professional schmoozing to squad socializing after Venus segues into your group house on the 4th, so make a point of seeing your friends this month. Especially on the 8th when a Venus-Uranus confab points to impromptu fun. Think up fresh adventures to share with your favorite people. This is no time to settle for the same old thing. Seek out large gatherings where you’re apt to encounter new faces, then strike up a convo with someone riveting. After Mercury edges ahead the next day, you can clear up any misunderstandings that arose in a close relationship these last few weeks. And when Mars and Jupiter convene in your interpersonal angle on the 20th, you might pursue a person who can teach you or benefit you in another way; embark on an exciting joint venture; pair up with an exercise buddy; or take a gamble to secure a partner. Mars and Pluto meet up a few days later, ratcheting up tension and increasing the odds of a power struggle. Jockeying for position won’t help matters, but if you can join forces with someone to work hard and effect change, you’ll be on the right track. A new moon on March 24 invites you to set a new goal, start a new chapter in your career or create a business plan. And Venus’s harmony with Jupiter and Pluto on the 28th encourages you to enjoy life to the fullest. You might get your crew together with your S.O.’s or hang out with friends as a couple. This planetary map makes it easy to intermingle. On that note, you could form a strong connection with a platonic friend, perhaps segueing into friends with benefits. But a Mars-Saturn summit on the 31st hints at an impasse in an important relationship or in trying to secure outside resources like a loan. A disagreement over money may go nowhere and leave you livid. Don’t try to coerce anyone. A sexual connection can seem like a nonstarter under this influence, and trying to talk about it probably won’t make a huge difference. Patience is key; Mars will get past Saturn soon!



July 23–August 22

The appeal of experiencing a bigger slice of the world through a range of people, cultural experiences and travel is undeniable while Venus dances through your exploration sector. But her tiff with Saturn on the 3rd suggests your workload will curtail such pleasures. You can still have fun if you manage your day well. Take care of business first; then you’re allowed time off for good behavior! A sun-Neptune rendezvous on March 8 lures you to share yourself with another person and tune into your own psychological undercurrents. Under this influence, boundaries are blurry and everything feels intense and complex. Ground yourself by keeping it simple. Venus’s alignment with Uranus hours later might bring you unexpected attention and give you an opportunity to shine. If you attend an industry event or take advantage of another networking opportunity, you might cross paths with a valuable contact. Mingle with people in power because you can make a connection that changes your career or your status. The full moon of March 9 might spur an increase in your income or a shopping spree. If you’re worried about money, do your best to distinguish between want and need. Mars forms alliances with Jupiter and Pluto on March 20 and 23, providing you with a burst of energy to tackle your workload, a health issue, an arduous exercise regimen or your to-do list. You may be able to combine broad strokes and detailed analysis in challenging mental work and have great success. But you could also push yourself to the point of burnout. Monitor your stress level and heed your body’s signals. You’re capable of working very hard but still might need to blow off extra steam with a workout. Note that this isn’t the ideal planetary combo for calm cooperation. But fortunately, Venus’s tête-à-tête with Jupiter on the 28th makes it easier for you to get along with authority figures. Enjoy learning as you go and being productive. That same day, Venus gels with Pluto, indicating that all your hard work will improve your PR. Do you want your creativity to get noticed? You could be in luck now! Earning favor with someone in a position to help you get ahead could have a positive effect on your job situation — so stay highly visible when it matters. A Mars-Saturn battle a few days later could stall a collaboration. Maybe it seems like someone is acting against you. Regardless, don’t allow yourself to be provoked.



August 23–September 22

Sex and romance could be like oil and water when Venus spars with Saturn a few days into the month. If you’re in a relationship, one of you may be taking it more seriously than the other. Or you could crave closeness but fear opening your heart. This planetary pattern is less about the cold shoulder and more about respecting yourself enough to evaluate whether you’re really in sync with someone and getting what you want from them. Single? You might have intense feelings and stop yourself from expressing them. Step back from the dating game and ponder what you want out of a relationship. A sun-Neptune alignment on the 8th makes it difficult to comprehend your role in a relationship and see yourself from the other person’s point of view. Are you giving up too much to stay in it and losing sight of your identity? If anyone is eclipsing or exhausting you, get some distance in order to find your bearings and regain your strength and individuality. Hours later, Venus’s close encounter with Uranus can spark a sudden attraction to someone surprising. If you normally go for a certain type or have a long list of criteria that romantic prospects must meet, throw out the rulebook. Talking to a range of people or dipping your toe in an alternative lifestyle can wake you up. Admit it: You’re craving excitement! The full moon rocks Virgo the next day, triggering all the feels and giving you the right to put your own needs first. You might be in the mood to go a little crazy and over-imbibe, stay up all night, have a fling or pour your heart out to someone. Temporary insanity is allowed during this annual lunation! But if you notice someone or something stressing you out, now’s your chance to cut the cord and move on, free of that burden. After Mercury goes direct in your work corner that night, you can correct the record on the job in the days that follow (if you got something wrong recently). Mars gels with Jupiter and Pluto on the 20th and 23rd, daring you to chase after your heart’s desire. Again, you won’t show much Virgo self-control, but a nervy move to get what or whom you want would be a worthwhile gamble. You love life could get really intense, generating great sex or major obsession. Stalking can get you into hot water now. When Venus clicks with Jupiter and Pluto on March 28, adventures will be extra fulfilling, so don’t stick to the tried and true! Get off the beaten path and explore unaccustomed pleasures.



September 23–October 22

Your ruling planet’s scuffle with Saturn early in the month (on the 3rd) suggests a family matter, emotional baggage, domestic duties or private fears can hamper a romantic bond or your rapport with other individuals. If you do run into relationship trouble, look within yourself or close to home for the underlying cause. Don’t pretend everything’s okay if it’s not! Process your emotions and don’t feel obligated to explain yourself. Venus segues into your depth-and-sharing zone the next day, increasing your desire for closeness. And she lines up with Uranus on March 8, which could suddenly generate intimacy with someone. That combo can also give you or a partner the urge for more personal space. Sex is likely to be unconventional, meaning you might hook up with someone surprising or experiment in bed. In a committed relationship? Try new things so the desire for change doesn’t cause your eye to wander. Mercury powers on the day after that, lifting a creative block and helping you to stop thinking about your ex. After the sun crosses your interpersonal angle on the 19th, you’ll draw energy from one-on-one interactions—so pair up! Mars and Jupiter rub elbows at the base of your chart a day later, producing a flurry of action on the home front. If you slip into a habitual behavior pattern, you’re likely to take it too far. Try to be self-aware. You might opt to use this ample energy to tackle a big domestic project. A Mars-Pluto huddle on the 23rd can conjure up strong emotions you’ve pushed down inside you. Dealing with tough stuff from the past can help you make a big shift in your psyche, so don’t sweep your dirt under the rug. Tension with roomies or family can get out of hand. Alone time will help you escape the fallout. The next day’s new moon could take an existing relationship to a higher level, like cohabitation or engagement. You could also meet a serious prospect in the coming months if you’re dating. Venus’s synergy with Jupiter and Pluto on March 28 signals that your desire for security and comfort can facilitate closeness or self-love. Your personal life needs to be a priority, so don’t hesitate to hole up at home! Deep-seated feelings can intensify a significant connection — once again, it’s important that you don’t repress them. Self-acceptance can only happen when you come to terms with the whole truth of who you are, warts and all. And whether you’re on your own or with someone, loving yourself is the first step.



October 23–November 21

When Venus and Saturn clash a few days into the month, you may find you’re helping someone too much and it’s time to set limits. Or perhaps you’re being critical and think you’re doing it out of love — but feelings are bound to be hurt. If you’re dealing with practical stuff as a couple or working on your relationship, a cool head will be useful. Just try not to veer into pessimism. After Venus crosses your interpersonal angle on the 4th, you’ll find it pretty easy to get along with others. With some exceptions: Neptune and Uranus could disrupt relations on the 8th, but realism and flexibility can save the day. Try not to have illusions about a connection, and keep your own separate identity. If someone pulls away, give them breathing room and do your own thing. Be open to an unorthodox partnership or experience. You’re due for a change! The next day is packed with action, thanks to a full moon and Mercury’s U-turn after a three-week-long retrograde phase. You might have to support a pal who needs you or talk your way through some #SquadDrama. If a friendship or your affiliation with a certain group isn’t working anymore, it could end amicably now. And if you’ve dealt with miscommunication among your family or roomies or made a bad decision that affects your living situation, it won’t seem as unfixable after the 9th. Your co-ruling planet, Mars, teams up with Jupiter and Pluto on March 20 and 23, giving you opportunities to sell your ideas successfully and achieve impressive intellectual work. Go out of your way to learn as much as you can and to generate meaningful change through communication. And try not to become obsessed with one thought or to dominate conversations. Venus has her own hookups with Jupiter and Pluto on March 28, coaxing you to consider a change of scene to lift your spirits — and possibly elevate a relationship. A long weekend away should do the trick. Powerful, even difficult, dialogue can result in profound understanding. Stay strong and voice your true feelings. And remember to listen. Another person could change your mind or your attitude. Monitor your mood on the 31st though, when a Mars-Saturn collab threatens to nudge you into an emotional rut. A whopping dose of self-care is always a good antidote. Plus being productive around the house will give you a sense of satisfaction. Use your energy wisely by zeroing in on specific projects instead of taking on everything in a whirlwind.



November 22–December 21

Friction between Venus and Saturn could crush romance if insecurity rears its ugly head on March 3. Or you might have a specific pleasure in mind and have to modify your desires to fit your budget. Consider this a yellow light that compels you to slow your roll rather than going for it. On the 8th, switch up your routine if it’s gotten stale and you see the same people every single day. You’re a little bored and seeking stimulation from daily life. Work out with a different person or do a spontaneous favor for someone. And if creative inspiration strikes, run with it and crank out innovative work. You could finally achieve a big goal the next day when a full moon rocks your ambition angle. If it’s time to wrap up one chapter of your career or shift your overall trajectory in life, this lunation can force the issue. And it’s perfectly fine to drop an old goal if you’re just not feeling it anymore. Mars partners with Jupiter, your ruling planet, on the 20th, and this pairing might inspire you to throw yourself into an endeavor involving belongings or to make the most of your talents. Curb impulsive splurges if money is tight, and direct this abundant energy toward working hard to earn more. Mars pairs off with Pluto on the 23rd, tempting you once again to do something that damages your bottom line. And don’t be too heavy-handed with a possession purge — you might toss something precious in your zeal to declutter. Fortunately, this extreme drive can fuel you to take on a major reorganizing project, overhaul your budget or work like mad to generate more income. Venus gels with Jupiter and Pluto on the 28th, giving your creativity and confidence a nice boost. A job well done will help you feel good about yourself, and liking what you’re doing can enhance your ability to provide for yourself. Try to make the most of this connection between loving your work and gaining control over your finances. If you need to work on problems in a relationship, you’ll find the tools to do so and will feel better when you make the effort. With Mars and Saturn merging in your cognition-and-communication sector, your motivated mindset could take a pessimistic turn. Don’t focus on what can’t be done. Come up with a detailed plan of attack and tackle rigorous mental work.



December 22–January 19

When Venus feuds with Saturn on the 3rd, you might put a damper on your own good mood or keep people at arm’s length and feel isolated. If you get grouchy, relax your standards and remind yourself everyone’s human. You’re super sensitive now yet reluctant to open up and share. Venus waltzes into your love-and-happiness sector the next day, infusing you with passion and playfulness. You could feel like creating, dating and generally doing as you please. Venus canoodles with Uranus on March 8, so there might be a surprise in store in your love life. An attraction could spark out of left field, or you might suddenly want to take time off from a relationship or call it quits. Be open to whatever pops up, but don’t take a gamble that could have permanent consequences. On the other hand, the day after that, a full moon lures you to take a leap of faith and embrace unfamiliar learning experiences. An entrepreneurial venture could flourish now, or you might publish something. This happens to be the year’s best lunation for weeding out a belief in your head that has limited your growth and banishing it once and for all. Mercury’s about-face that night will sharpen your financial judgment if you’ve been making iffy money moves. When Mars combines his strength with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn on the 20th and 23rd, a surge of drive and confidence empowers you to move mountains. Fly solo if you can because you’re in danger of bulldozing people. Attempt something that requires vigor and courage. Fight for a righteous cause. Keep working to transform your life, starting from deep inside you and working your way out. A bold move in a positive direction can make a world of difference now. Venus meshes with Jupiter and Pluto in Cap on March 28, convincing you to lead with your heart and make personal happiness a top priority. Pleasure, love, play and creativity can have a major effect on you under this influence. You might be surprised by how much lasting satisfaction you get when you channel your intense emotions into the simple act of enjoying life. Let your feelings show. Give people a chance to see the real you, even if that means giving up the control you covet. When Mars bumps into Saturn on the last day of the month, you might get fed up if you feel like you don’t have enough resources to work with. This is an excellent time to pare down your possessions or come up with a savvy financial strategy.



January 20–February 18

If the Venus-Saturn squabble of March 3 casts a dark cloud over you, don’t let it linger! You want to be nice and think the best of people, but something negative is brewing in the back of your head. Or maybe negative feelings like regret, guilt or self-doubt are keeping you from giving off sweet vibes. Don’t plaster on a smile if you’re not feeling it. Is an individual or situation bumming you out? Look for a possible lesson. When Venus dips down your foundation angle the next day, you’ll get into the mood to decorate, play hostess and enjoy the comforts of home. A Venus-Uranus link on the 8th ups the odds that a relative or housemate will catch you unawares. If a relationship is getting too cozy and familiar, you might do something unplanned to shake it up. Your home can provide unexpected joy now, making this the perfect time to throw a last-minute party. You’re happy to stay in, but you’re also in the mood for excitement. A full moon the next day creates a concoction of sexuality and strong feelings. So a hot affair could reach the boiling point — for better or for worse. If you’re grappling with pain, loss or a crisis, that could also climax now, allowing you to finally recover and move on. Mercury is powering forward in Aquarius that same night, improving your objectivity and ability to express yourself clearly. On the 20th, a Mars-Jupiter summit can instigate bold, unconscious behavior, so keep an eye on simmering anger and try not to backslide into an unproductive behavior pattern. The good news is you could work behind the scenes to fight for truth and justice or take a risk inspired by compassion. Mars convenes with Pluto three days later, and their meetup could prove transformative or explosive. Stay on top of what’s going on inside you. If you’ve buried dark, heavy stuff in your psyche, it can show up at the worst moments! Make a concerted effort to harness combustible energy. Face a troubling emotional issue, and you’ll grow stronger. Or do something to empower those less fortunate than you. Venus dovetails with Jupiter and Pluto on the 28th, nudging you to make peace with the past and your strong emotions. Give yourself permission to enjoy some downtime at home. On the 31st, a Mars-Saturn conference feels just like driving a car with the parking brake on. Mars fires you up to take on the world, and Saturn says, “Not so fast!” Shift into a lower gear and expend your energy in a highly systematic way, concentrating on achievable goals.


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Can’t wait for March – looks like I’ll be taking on a lot of challenges! Thanks for the horoscope!

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