Your Essential Spring 2020 FP Horoscope, by Tracy Allen

Astrology is about cycles, and we’re in a tough one. But through it all, remember to nurture yourselves and each other. We’re all in this together!

This weekend, Saturn enters Aquarius for the first time since the early ’90s and will spend the next few months there. The ringed planet ducks back into Capricorn on July 1 for a final lap in that sign before returning to Aquarius in mid-December — where he’ll remain until March 2023. So this spring offers a sneak preview of what you’ll be focused on in 2021 and 2022. Hopefully we will all find it easier to envision a brighter future soon enough. To quote my 2020 forecast posted here last New Year’s Eve, which feels like a lifetime ago..…

“Astrology is about cycles, and we’re in a tough one. The world is going through a difficult time. A pivotal year like this one will test your mettle. You need a soothing, secure home base to retreat to. We must remember to nurture ourselves and each other. Take care of you and yours—and remember WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!”



March 21–April 19

As Saturn segues into your hopes-and-groups sector, much of your focus shifts from making your mark in the world to weaving your singular thread into the fabric of humanity. Future goals preempt current ones, and personal accomplishment takes a backseat to team-building. Contemplate what direction to take next and who can go on that journey with you. Now the emphasis is on integrating your individuality with group interests and recognizing who your people are, based on your ideals and aims. You could tighten your circle, as Saturn values quality over quantity. And no doubt some associations in your personal and professional lives will be put to the test, helping you to understand who you are in relation to others. You need other people in order to grow, so strive to network, integrate and cooperate. You’re called to forge lasting connections, to join forces for a higher purpose, to be accountable, to be a conscientious citizen and to master the art of collaboration. What is your social responsibility? What collective causes are you committed to? What is your duty to your friends? How can you take a stand in society? How can you use the freedom you possess? It’s time to give back to your community and to do your best to make the world a better place.



April 20–May 20

With Saturn climbing to the highest point in your chart, you’re compelled to zero in on your goals and strive to make your mark in the world. Challenge yourself to be a leader, and don’t shy away from positions of responsibility and authority. You can gain the respect you’ve earned and might secure a position that’s been a long time coming. Even if you attain your highest aspiration, you might start to question your trajectory. Ask yourself what lies behind your ambition and what success means to you. What are you working toward in your life? Be sure you’re guided by your own expectations, not those of others. Put your abilities to the test, but also do what you can to cope with any ensuing stress. If you’re harboring a fear of failure or fear of success, it’s time to come to grips with it. And if you’re not pursuing your true calling, a setback like a fall from grace that requires you to reevaluate your path could be a blessing in disguise. You’re bound to be more visible during this period, as Saturn pushes you into the spotlight and demands that you fulfill your purpose in life. You may feel pressured not to mess up, but both success and failure can offer lessons now.



May 21–June 20

After Saturn sets up shop in your exploration corner, a quest for understanding and meaning can ultimately give you a better sense of the world and your place in it. You’re tasked with becoming a wiser, more conscious human being. Concentrate on what you need to learn in preparation for reaching your professional goals and making a worthwhile contribution to the world. Broaden your horizons with a purpose, not simply for the sake of pushing the envelope. This would normally be a period when travel is a bigger part of your life, but trips may not be feasible for awhile. Instead, you’ll gain hard-earned knowledge through challenging, unfamiliar experiences. You might work to launch an entrepreneurial venture, earn a degree or get something published. Saturn wants you to construct a more workable vision of the future and dedicate yourself to figuring out how the game of life is played. You’ll be busy defining your personal philosophy and should let it guide you—but avoid passing judgment and dictating how others should live. Endeavor to build a personal framework of beliefs without becoming dogmatic or rigid. Your faith may be tested, but that is how it will grow stronger. If you feel like you’ve lost your way at times, ask yourself what you need to do to revive your spirits and get inspired.



June 21–July 22

Saturn’s entrance into your depth-and-sharing zone challenges you to master the art of give-and-take. You’ll delve into the inner workings of relationships, and issues around shame, control, trust, power, jealousy, sexuality, mortality and interdependence will be put under the microscope. Dig deep to resolve them! The emphasis on true intimacy means you won’t be in a frame of mind to enjoy casual encounters. Saturn is teaching you how to invest in another person and merge your life with theirs. Combining your values, resources, money and sexuality with someone else’s is messy. A relationship that’s already on shaky ground may end, while a healthy one is likely to grow stronger if you do the hard work of building something that has enduring value. If you’re not getting the financial or emotional support you need, look for a lesson about sharing and consider what work may be necessary to gain that support. During Saturn’s journey through this zone, you’ll face your private fears, heal wounds in your psyche and learn more about who you are in relationship to others. You can’t keep secrets (even from yourself) or be in denial now. You might undergo a death-and-rebirth process in order to transform something in your psyche. And you’ll find buried treasure within yourself, bringing out the core strength in your character.



July 23–August 22

You could go public with something you’ve been working on or enter into a business or creative partnership once Saturn crosses your interpersonal angle. Your connections with others will be appraised, and weaker ones might be severed, particularly if you’ve outgrown them. It’s possible that relationships will feel harder, but the best ones are apt to strengthen and mature. You could get more serious with someone, deciding to do the work to keep it going. Or you could get into a new committed relationship, as this is the time to lay the groundwork for equal alliances based on mutual respect. Forge bonds with people who require you to behave like a grownup. You’re ready to own up to your role in a relationship now. Strive to gain insight into your relationship patterns. Withdraw your projections whenever possible, so you can see what is really there. Don’t waste your time on fly-by-night types, especially if you know you’re in the market for something long-term. Take your obligations to others seriously and assess your agreements — spoken and unspoken — with them. It could feel like everyone you deal with is being more demanding. When people appear to be the source of your difficulty, bear in mind that the sphere of one-on-one relationships is where you’re learning what you’re made of.



August 23–September 22

You’ll put your nose to the grindstone while Saturn, the taskmaster planet, traverses your efficiency corner. You’re compelled to improve your job performance, time management, work ethic, physical health, skillset and daily habits. You could take on duties that feel rather burdensome, but you’ll also learn good, practical skills. You need to conserve your energy and get better at prioritizing so you can juggle everything on your plate and solve problems. Get organized and cut out time wasters. And get serious about lifestyle upgrades like exercising regularly and eating a balanced, nutritious, clean diet. Listen to your body and take better care of it. This transit will clarify the strengths and weaknesses of your health. If you’ve abused your body in the past with junk food, too little sleep and the like, you’ll notice the results now and feel the need to address the situation. There may be moments when you feel bored (or boring!), burnt out or stressed. Stay disciplined, humble and productive. You’re not aiming for accolades, wealth or personal pleasure; you’re enhancing the quality of your work, wellness and everyday life. If all of this resonates with you, it’s because this part of the chart is naturally associated with the sign of Virgo. So you’re totally prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work!



September 23–October 22

It’s time to take what you have to offer seriously and be responsible for your own happiness when Saturn arrives in your joy sector. Love, creativity and playful pursuits won’t feel light, because Saturn brings a stronger sense of commitment. Develop your talents and fulfill your artistic potential. Do the work to keep romance going in a relationship. Or make dating less of a game and more of a quest. Perhaps you’ll finesse your Tinder profile or your list of criteria for prospective matches. You could have a Big Talk to define the relationship, turning a breezy affair into the real deal. And Saturn may get you to address questions like “What role do children play in my life? What price am I willing to pay for kids?” Maybe getting pregnant will be your big mission during this time. Or you’ll work hard to learn about yourself and to bring out the best you have to offer. To give form to what’s in your heart. To express your passion and personality as a fully-formed adult. Commit to being a well-rounded individual who enjoys the life you’ve earned for yourself. Don’t avoid people or activities when things feel hard. Try to discover what love, pleasure and happiness really mean to you. And strive to conquer the fear of being yourself!



October 23–November 21

As Saturn gets settled at the base of your chart, you’ll start to do more inner work and may decide to process your feelings and memories in therapy. It’s worthwhile to examine your emotional inheritance. How have your childhood and family patterns influenced your sense of security? Try to discover the lessons in what got you to where you are now. Know where you come from, but also be able to extricate yourself from your backstory and define who you are from the inside out. Saturn wants you to build a stronger internal foundation on which to create your outer life. Are you comfortable in your own skin? You need to take self-care seriously now, as you’re learning to parent (and quite possibly reparent) yourself. You won’t feel as grounded as you’d like to and should resist falling into unconscious habits. This is a period for putting your literal and figurative house in order. Perhaps you’ll have to deal with a challenging living situation in order to stabilize it. You might declutter, downsize or get your own place at last. Working on your home and working from home are strong possibilities. Maybe you’ll need to shoulder more responsibility in your family or your home life. You may notice your parents, your home or your décor aging, as the march of time becomes apparent.



November 22–December 21

Start to examine how you express yourself, how you interact with others in your everyday environment and how your mind works after Saturn shows up in your cognition-communication-and-community house. Try to be much more aware of your habitual thought patterns and how they color the lens through which you view your life. Our thoughts become our reality, and the default modes of thinking that have worn grooves in your brain over the years may not be serving you well. You learned how to think while you were growing up, and now it’s appropriate to unpack that. Endeavor to construct a mental framework rooted in your inner truth. If you feel intellectually inferior sometimes, look for the ways in which your mind is becoming more focused and discerning. Don’t let serious thinking veer into negativity. Organize your ideas, focus on studying or writing, and communicate honestly and responsibly. Cultivate your verbal skills, but also work on being a better listener. Aim to be taken seriously as a thought leader. When you’re really invested in your ideas, you’ll speak with greater authority. Make an effort to keep learning, because the more you know, the more expertise you’ll impart. And on a different note, now’s the time to be a good neighbor — so step up in your community!



December 22–January 19

Your ruling planet, Saturn, exits your sign and moves into your worth zone, turning your attention to your finances, belongings, self-esteem, values and resources. You’ll begin taking stock of what you have going for you and clarifying your priorities. You may need to scale back and home in on what you actually need, as opposed to what you want. Get real with yourself so you can distinguish between requirements and desires! This is a period for conserving, not splurging. You’re investing in your future! If Saturn seems to be taking something away, look for the lesson rather than letting fears of lack and loss run your life. Don’t hope for a windfall; concentrate on stabilizing your assets and slowly shoring up your security. You’re in the process of learning what’s most important to and working hard to earn what you need. There are no shortcuts to financial prosperity now, so put sound plans in place. Your limitations and flaws may be highlighted during this period, so avoid self-criticism. When your confidence is tested, stop and consider what you base your self-worth on. Try not to buy into the concept that you’re not enough somehow. You’re challenged to be true to your personal values and to value yourself day in and day out during this transit.



January 20–February 18

When Saturn — your co-ruler — cruises into Aquarius, you’ll begin a maturation process that will put you through your paces. Your strength will be tested, as you’re called to prove what you’re made of. No doubt you’ll feel tired, isolated and vulnerable at times, but this transit presents you with an opportunity to get rid of false pretenses and learn who you really are. To define yourself on your own terms and assume more authority in the world. To demarcate your identity and stand on your own two feet. To become more self-directed and be taken seriously as an adult individual. To be accountable to yourself. Now you can establish a new image that embodies your true essence. Saturn pushes you to maintain your integrity and to grow into a more authentic version of you. This transit represents the end of one life and the beginning of another. You’re starting over and trying lots of new things on for size. Open your eyes and take in the possibilities. What feels right? Who are you becoming? What choices is life presenting you with? Even if the pieces don’t seem to be falling into place, try not to get down. Admit that you have more going for you than you thought and you never know where life is going to take you.



February 19–March 20

Saturn is ducking into the last house in your chart, nudging you off the grid so you can rest and reflect. This house is connected with Pisces, so you won’t have too much trouble acclimating yourself. Now you’re called to take a step back from the world. Your spiritual life, dreams and imagination may feel more real than the outside world. This is a time of endings, but try not to feel guilty, melancholy or regretful. Gaze at the past without judging mistakes and failures. You need to shed old skin in anticipation of the rebirth that will happen in a few years. Let outworn pieces of your identity fall away. Wrap up unfinished business and let go of what (and who) no longer serves your growth. Release toxic people from your life! Come to terms with the past and cut your losses. Forgive yourself and others. Leave festering feelings and old patterns behind you. Sever the ties that bind you to your backstory in an unhealthy way. Strive to understand what has been pushed down into your subconscious and undermined you. Look at the ways in which you sabotage yourself. The solitude you require for soul-searching could turn into isolation; this is a very spiritual phase, and you need to allow yourself to be guided by your intuition and your connection to the divine.

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