The Crystal Bathing Kit Bringing New Meaning to Refreshing Tub Time 

Before your next dip, why not make an easy leap from salt crystals to energetic stones?

A recent news article pointed out how bathtubs have been overlooked in years past by a generation that became so obsessed with go-go-go work attitudes, tight timelines, and streamlined schedules that something as indulgent as an end-of-day soak simply had to be cut from the list of daily tasks. To anyone in tune with the personal importance of bathing vs. showering for physical wellbeing, this rings of a missed opportunity. 



Take this study published in 2018, for example. In a randomized, controlled trial where subjects spent two weeks bathing versus two weeks showering, the results were well-documented. “Visual analog scale scores were significantly better for fatigue, stress, pain, and smile and tended to be better for self-reported health and skin condition after bathing intervention than after showering intervention,” it notes, and adds that for bathing, “scores were lower for stress, tension-anxiety, anger-hostility, and depression-dejection. Immersion bathing, but not shower bathing, exerts hyperthermic action that induces increased blood flow and metabolic waste elimination, which may afford physical refreshment.” For sure we cannot tout claims that could be misconstrued as misinformation, this writer is simply using this as fuel for thought. It’s a fascinating science project for those of us who’ve been told that showering is king. And, really, why not both? A quick rinse followed by a decadent soak for good measure sounds like the best of both worlds if you’re already thoughtfully budgeting your water consumption. You can calculate your personal H2O footprint here to take a deeper dive into the impact of your daily habits, wherever you fall on this. 


When taking a moment for an at-home dip, if only for your mental well-being, there’s a movement happening that’s an interesting offshoot of the crystal appreciation we’ve been seeing. Now it gets a bit more woo woo, as expected. There are those that believe that crystals have energetic benefits that can be enhanced by water. Put simply, the vibration of the crystal is thought to cause the water molecules to absorb similar energetic patterns. When crushed up like the ethically sourced stones in Ariana Ost Crystal Bath Kit, the intentions infused into the crystal may have the ability to resonate throughout an entire miniature body of water, just waiting to envelop you. 

With three stones like rose quartz (love), amethyst (dreaming), and green aventurine (connection to nature and immunity) to choose from, the kit lends a new spin to making the most of your downtime alone. Each set comes equipped with a glistening golden-topped glass vial of crystal powder, as well as a sachet of small stones that can be treated like a tub-sized tea bag (it even includes a pretty little saucer to hold it between uses). I tried it myself, even cupping the little glass vial of green powder in my hands while thinking about the things I hoped to accomplish with the simple soak, then sprinkled a bit into the water and lounged for over an hour (by choice, with respect for the H2O required). I listened to music, sent emails from my phone, read some news, and likely broke many rules of traditional crystal therapy… Still, I emerged relaxed and interested in trying the other two “flavors” for further personal study. As a bathing enthusiast, I don’t mind the idea of exploring ways to supercharge the elements on hand. Why not now? 


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