“Home” Office Style with Jenna

As we all embark on a “new normal”, here’s a peek into the home office life of FP’s Graphic Designer Jenna. 

How long have you been with Free People?
2 years!

Three things you are grateful for:
Flowers, sunlight and family. 💛

Something you are doing now that never had time to do before?
Spending more time writing in my journal.

How has your style changed? What’s been your go-to wardrobe?
Alternating sweatpants with an occasional at-home date night dress up.

Happy song / song that makes you dance?
Freaking Out by Arizona.

Favorite activity to give your mind a little TLC:
A face mask/Facetime with my best friend.

Currently in your FP shopping cart:

Culver City Set in Linseed

Super Scrunchie

Summer State of Mind Set

Square Neck Good Karma Bra & High Rise Good Karma Leggings both in Rainforest

All Yours Cardi in Frosted Fern

Jenna is staying cozy in the Bonfire Cardi

+ Love Office Style? Meet more of the Home Office employees here!

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Looks so comfy! Love the space!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog