“Home” Office Style with Katie

The WFH life of a designer — in this case, it’s Katie  (Associate Designer for Woven Tops).

How many years have you been with FP?

I’ve been designing for FP for 4 years, but have been with the company a total of 9 now!

Three things you are grateful for:

Having a home I love, my animals, my fiancé, my friends and family. Really grateful for everyone around me during crazy times like these.

Something you are doing now but never had the time?

Making housework a priority. My fiancé and I are very social — we love being surrounded by people, being outside, etc. Now that we don’t leave the house, we’re using our time to finish projects that we might have put off otherwise. I don’t think our yard has ever looked so put together so early in the year. (Manifesting backyard hangs with friends once this is all over!)

How has your style changed? What’s your go-to wardrobe?

It hasn’t changed too too much. I’ve always been pretty lax/comfortable with my style — very much a jeans-and-tee kind of gal. It’s fun switching it up here and there, even at home, just to give myself a little confidence boost for the day.

Happy song / song that makes you dance?

I’m a huge sucker for 80’s jams. My go-to’s are Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” or Donna Lewis’s “I Love You Always Forever.

Favorite activity to give your mind a little TLC:

Taking my dog for a walk outside. The fresh air is much needed. If I can’t do that, I’ll hang on the roof and watch the sunset. We have such a good view — it always relaxes me.

Currently in your FP shopping cart:

The Real Love Tank

The Final Rose Blouse

The Motor City Jumpsuit

Wearing the Willow Printed Blouse, which she designed. :)

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I love her outfit! Super cute, totally something I would wear too! ❤️✨

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