Quest For Calm

Now, and perhaps more important than ever, exercise your ability to practice staying present. Nina Endrst’s “Quest for Calm” will help you do just that.

“Quest for Calm,” a series of movement and breath work, was developed for you by intuitive guide and certified yoga/meditation instructor, Nina Endrst.

In times as uncertain as these, allow yourself the space to know one thing: simplicity is key. “Quest for Calm” was created to bring you back to center, with the intention of bringing you even a moment of peace. These practices may be small, but are profound in their ability to help stabilize us, even while standing on shaky ground.

I hope they serve you well.


Gathering strength from the earth.

Stand with your feet hip width apart on a mat or the ground. Extend your arms by your side, for a moment just feel your body in space. Bring your attention to your feet. Feel your toes, your heels – the center of each foot. Breathe. When you feel ready, inhale, bend your knees and reach your arms down to the ground, as if you are scooping something up from the earth. Perhaps the feeling of safety, or support. Straighten the legs and extend the arms up toward the crown of your head, then bring palms to face down. As you exhale (through the mouth), imagine the breath, the grounding energy pouring over your whole body as you release your arms down. Imagine pressing the breath down with your hands from top of your body down to your feet. Repeat 10 – 20 times. Inhaling to gather, exhaling to settle. Rest.

Clear your energy.

We hold a lot of tension, emotions and stress in our belly. Often referred to as our second brain, this space must be tended to often and with loving kindness. Come to a wide squat, toes and knees pointing in the same direction. First place your hands on your lower belly and gently begin to tap with your hands. If you are comfortable doing so, start to make some sound as you exhale. Try not to worry about what it sounds like, just let something go, release. After a few rounds of breath, inhale deeply, bring hands to heart. As you exhale, bring hands down to belly and actively push something out of the space around your belly. Do so with intention. maybe there is a fear that is sitting there, or anxiety. A news story you read, or simply something unknown. Whatever you choose is right for you. Inhale, hold that intention, exhale (through the mouth). Repeat 10 -20 times. Rest.

Open your heart.

Come to a seated position and place both hands on your body, one on your heart and one on your belly. Take 2- 5 minutes with eyes closed to just be. Notice the emotion right on the surface. Notice, without judgement or shame, where you are holding tension or stress in your body. Say thank you to your body for carrying you through this time. When you’re ready, open your eyes and lift the arms up. Bend the elbows and activate all ten fingers, spreading them apart. Let your heart lift and your chin rise an inch or two so your throat opens. Relax the jaw. Just feel your heart lifting. Feel the connection to everyone who is in your same situation, whether near or far. Send them love. As you exhale, round the spine and bring navel in and up toward the heart. Reach your arms out in front of you, fingertips to touch as if you’re hugging the earth. Drop your head and push all the air out of your lungs. Repeat 10 – 20 times. Rest.

Stay home, stay safe.

Photos by Bex Griffin.

If you enjoy Nina’s work, visit her at The SoulUnity, a virtual wellness membership, where you can practice movement, breath work, tarot and more. 


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Thanks for the video! Stay strong! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

1 year ago

Love this

9 months ago

I like this post!

9 months ago

I like her performance.

9 months ago

I follow Nina’s work to perform yoga and meditation. Her popular work ‘quest for calm’ is designed for the beginners to get started from meditation. Like her, I also help the people through providing information and guidelines. Meditation and yoga helps me to work longer time with calm and quit mood in my workplace.

4 months ago

Wholeheartedly agree to these methods. Helped me through some rough times. Something i tend to write about every now and then :-)

ty so much xo