Up Close With: Madame Gandhi

A lover, a dreamer, and a Pisces…and a pretty killer playlist maker, too.

“When what we think, what we say, and what we do

are in alignment, we can never go wrong.”

Madame Gandhi

What do you think of when asked to visualize a “Creative Spirit?”

You might envision someone taking a sopping-wet-with-paint brush to canvas, or scribbling feverishly in a journal. Maybe even dicing vegetables for a tantalizingly complex dinner.

And you wouldn’t be wrong to think that, not at all.

But after watching and listening to the wonderful people who spoke on behalf of our latest campaign of the same name (that being, For the Creative Spirit), I realized that perhaps I was leaving out some really key components. Meaning, a Creative Spirit doesn’t always have to be an artist of some sort. Because creativity is not always about MAKING something. A creative isn’t necessarily the result of a process. It’s more about harboring an inherent FEELING, a mindset, to look at something and say, “I don’t know if I accept this thing as is. I might, or I might have my way with it to create something new.”

After listening to Madame Gandhi, I was floored, for lack of a better word. Because she is, in fact, the epitome of creativity. As true to her school as they come. Meaning, she believes in the reality of who she is, but refuses to settle for it at any given time. And throughout her life’s journey, she is warm, inviting, honest and powerful.

Watch her video below, and mark my word — you’ll be inspired to shine more of your light on this world than you thought possible.

“This video is meant to live as a reminder to all of us that, when we do our own thing and shine in our own light, we are happy, and this is what the world needs! We deserve to feel effortless in our personality, clear in our choices and brave in our risks. We should not have to worry what others will think.”

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Thank you for the playlist! I’m really enjoying it! ❤️ ✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

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2 years ago

Ty so much for this – really enjoying it xo

2 years ago

I enjoyed the playlist. Thank you!

2 years ago


2 years ago

Interesting playlist.

1 year ago

I call that integrity of character! Love this authentic freshness