Adoption Stories: Meet Alex, Juno & Owen

Our Merchandiser shares the heartwarming story of how she adopted not one, but two furry best friends!

What are your pups’ names and how old are they?

Juno Marie is 6. Owen is 2 years old.

Tell us about meeting them. Was it love at first sight? What brought  you together?

While browsing rescue puppies in my area, I saw Juno’s photo before even seeing the name of the rescue (Wags Rescue). It ended up being one of those rescues that link up with a place in the south and drive puppies up in big vans; which was all new to me at the time. Juno was living with foster parents in North Carolina who called her Mummer – a fitting name for a dog who would shortly be moving to Philly. I think the van ride was traumatizing for her, she’s driven to the office with me pretty much every day of her life since but she still hates the car. I’m convinced it’s PTSD. 

We had no business getting Owen- no need for another dog, especially a big one in a small townhouse. My husband had just met up for drinks with friends, he was in a great mood, and on his way home, he rounded the corner and saw Owen in the widow of Doggie Style. He was so handsome, we had to have him. We brought him home the next day. A very selfish, wonderful, mistake. He’s a handful and got a lot bigger than we expected, but we’re so in love with him!

Any idea of the breeds?

Juno is a lab mix- I’ve always loved my Dad’s black lab mix so I decided I needed my own.

Strangers stop us all the time with guesses about Owen. We think he may be a mix between Rhodesian Ridgeback and Boxer. 

Their favorite toy?

Each other and whatever the other one is playing with at the time.

Funniest quirks?

Juno still can’t sit without her back legs splaying out like a puppy.

Owen won’t let anyone carry his frisbee to the park, he has to carry it himself.

Favorite activities to do together?

Rolling Hill Park woods romp. It’s their favorite place on earth so far!


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