Adoption Stories: Meet Nicole and Emerson

And learn how Nicole, our Global Senior Buyer, met (and adopted!) her handsome fur baby. 

Why did you choose Home at Last Dog Rescue and how long had you been thinking about adopting?

I was introduced to “Home at Last Dog Rescue” through my aunt and uncle. They had just adopted a puppy through them and had a great experience. I loved that each of the dogs are placed with foster parents, and not left caged in a shelter. The animals are then monitored for at least two weeks before they can meet any potential parents.

What’s your pup’s name? How old is he?

Emerson is between 4 and 5 years old. He is named after Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Tell us about meeting him. Was it love at first sight? What brought the two of you together?

I was constantly checking adoption agencies for chow mix’s or chow chow’s and one day Emerson’s face popped up on Home At Last’s “adoptable dog page”. I reached out to the foster parent immediately and filled out an application. I then went to the foster mom’s home and Emerson and I played ball in the backyard. He immediately opened up to me, dropping the ball at my feet, running after it, and bringing it back to continue playing. He had a crazy haircut, but you could tell he was a very special dog. My Mom and I left the meet and greet, and she turned to me and said, “If you want that dog, you better act quickly. He seems pretty perfect”. Following that I had a few intense days at work, culminating in a successful buy meeting. I was so excited the meeting went well, I called the Foster Mom and said, I would adopt Emerson and to please begin the paperwork. Best decision I’ve ever made!

Any idea of the breed?

I had his DNA done! He is 65% Chow Chow, 15% German Shepherd, and 20% Breed Groups (whatever that means?!)

His favorite toy?

A rubber ‘Chuck-It’ ball. He has all the colors, even a glow-in-the-dark one.

Funniest quirks?

So many — he is quite the Muppet. He HATES closed doors. He will head-butt them to push them open. He also has the loudest, whiniest yawns. He also huffs and puffs until he gets his way, audibly.

Favorite activities to do together?

Grab coffee at our favorite spot and head down to the beach for a morning of fetch and reading.

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This post is in support of our long-time partner Best Friends Animal Society

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This is super cute! Thanks for sharing! ❤️ ✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Michelle Amory
3 years ago

I thought, by the way Emerson was retrieving so proficiently, that he might have some Labrador in his blood. (Black Lab, obviously!) Although his DNA test did not include “Lab”, I’ll bet a dime for a dollar “Breed Group” might include this retrieving breed. I have a Black Lab, my second in my adult life, and Blue’s greatest joy (and mine, I must admit!) is retrieving the ball, Frisbee, stick, tree, half a piece of pine straw.. it just doesn’t matter.. as long as Mom can pick it up and throw it!

3 years ago

Adorable! I love my rescue pup so much and it makes my day to read others stories about people adopting a rescue.