The FP Family’s Deliver Joy Campaign

Sharing and caring — together — for those who need help this holiday season…

On any given year, mid-December would see FP’s Home Office abuzz in holiday mode — with the usual brainstorming, of course, now surrounded by¬† holiday decorations and donation boxes for food and toys.

2020 has been a little different. as you so very well know. That buzz sounds more like a gentle hum (though the boxes are again there). We’ve faced many challenges this year, as a community and as individuals. But that’s the thing about challenges. No matter how hard things become, there’s always opportunity to find the light in the darkness, and recognize that, if you’re doing okay, you can make time and effort to help someone who may not be as fortunate.

It was in that spirt that our Deliver Joy campaign was born. For one month — 11/9 to 12/9 — our FP community took part in three unique donation drives with some of our favorite US and UK partners. With safety at top of mind, colleagues could opt to provide virtual donations and/or perform in-person drop-offs of food, clothing and toys. Want to see the results?


FOOD: 175 lb of food and $3,210 in virtual donations

CLOTHING: Over 4,500+ pieces of gently used clothing

TOYS: 4 large boxes of toys to brighten the holiday season for 75 children


And, in an effort deliver even more joy, our Graphic Design team created pre-stamped postcards for both Home Office and our retail staff to share uplifting messages, and address them to nursing homes, children’s hospitals…any place that could benefit from a smile.

We are proud of the impact our community made, in spite of the setbacks that will characterize 2020. We look forward to partnering with you to keep delivering joy and hope well into 2021, and beyond.


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Such a lovely campaign. Thanks!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog