Adoption Stories: Meet John and Cinder

Read on to learn how John, our Senior Photographer, met his very own Cinderella… 

Why did you choose NY & NJ Bull Terrier Rescue and how long had you been thinking about adopting?

I really wanted a dog so I started looking into different dog breeds. I fell in love with English Bull Terriers for their personality — they are known to be super goofy, playful, wannabe-big-lapdogs — they are also extremely cool-looking. This led me to start looking at the breed’s rescues and found a local one, within driving distance to where I lived at the time. The rescue no longer exists today but I am grateful it did then, because it brought me to my baby girl. 

Tell us about meeting your pup. Was it love at first sight? 

Once the NY & NJ Bull Terrier rescue posted a photo of her, I knew she was it. I went to meet her and I left with her the same day. We’ve been together ever since. 

What is her name? How old is she?

Her name is Cinder, short for Cinderella. I didn’t name her, the rescue did, but I think the name suits her. She is going to be 14 years old this April but you wouldn’t think it the way she plays sometimes. 

Their favorite toys?

She’s pretty good at rotating them, digging through her toy basket and surprising us with a different one each time. She got a pink flamingo for Christmas that she played with until we welcomed a new puppy to the family. Now she is too fascinated with him to play with her own toys, but I’m sure that’ll wear off.

Funniest quirks?

She is a very goofy dog. I will find her in the bedroom by herself, doing the zoomies on the rug. Sometimes when I first take her outside, she gallops instead of walking. She also loves to lay in the sun… 

Favorite activities to do together?

Playing tug of war is by far the number one. She would do that all day every day if she could! 

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This post is in support of our long-time partner, Best Friends Animal Society


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catherine from France
3 years ago

What a lovely Cinder ,what a good thing to adopt instead of just buying a dog ,so many animals are in jail because people got fed up of them.What a shame !!
I always had dogs from rescue shelter ,sometimes it was hard for dogs are traumatised by their past but I never regretted it .If I am proud of something in my life apart from my children ,it is the way I take care of my cats ,my dogs ,my poney and my goats and also my lovely chickens all from rescue shelters .long life to Cinder with you alongside her .

So cute! Thanks for sharing! ❤️ ✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog