Yes, You CAN Drink Cocoa For Breakfast 

And see the world through Rose-Colored Glasses…

I was about to say that there isn’t a lot that excites me about winter, but that’s not necessarily true. The things that I enjoy about the season I REALLY enjoy:

The cold. I know, call me crazy but — I love to layer. It makes getting dressed so much more interesting.

Snowmen. (Or is it snowpeople?) They’re very underrated.

And hot chocolate. Because, what isn’t there to love about THAT?

Truth be told, I’d never think about drinking a cup of cocoa outside of a cold February evening. It’s always been reserved for post-pelting friends with some hastily made snowballs, or after shoveling my sidewalk clean. 

So when Lauren Haynes, founder of herbalism-focused wellness brand Wooden Spoon Herbs, told me that she drinks cocoa each morning, my DNA was kind of confused. Like, I had never really considered that possibility before?

”A Rose Cocoa Mocha works to open your heart and soul to the world around you,

let go of what isn’t working for you, and just ground into bliss and being here now.”

Turns out, cocoa can offer up even a bit more than “delicious breakfast companion: status. Enter: Lauren Haynes’ Rose Cocoa Mocha. This concoction requires only 3 (or 4) ingredients:

  • Rose Cocoa, which is made with ground pink rose petals, fair trade cacao, and sensual shatavari. A veritable bliss-builder, if you will. 
  • A caffeine-free coffee alternative (here, we used Wooden Spoon’s Herbal Coffee, made from burdock root, chicory and maca) to replace the energy buzz of a more traditional morning beverage. 
  • Sweetener. Lauren uses Rose-Colored Glasses. Not only does this tincture offer up a subtle rosy flavor, it’s infused with calming herbs like holy basil, hawthorn, and milky oats.

With the addition of some oat milk (and rose petals, if you have handy), be prepared for a seriously creamy cocoa indulgence, with strong notes of savory chicory and maca to zen-ify your day. 

Time to step aside, chia porridge/yogurt/tofu scramble — there’s a new breakfast buddy in town.

Rose Cocoa Mocha 


1 tbsp Wooden Spoon Herbs Herbal Coffee or herbal coffee of choice

1 tbsp Wooden Spoon Herbs Rose Cocoa

1 cup oat milk (or milk of choice)

35 drops Wooden Spoon Herbs Rose Colored Glasses

Dried rose petals (optional)

Moka pot or French press


Fill base of Moka pot with water. Scoop herbal coffee onto Moka pot filter plate. Place on stove to brew. If using a French press, scoop herbal coffee into press and fill to your liking with boiling water. Pour and set aside one shot of Herbal Coffee espresso. Warm oat milk in a small pot on stove. Scoop Rose Cocoa into mug. Pour espresso Herbal Coffee over Rose Cocoa. Pour hot oat milk into mug. Add 35 drops of Rose Colored Glasses into mug. Use hand frother or whisk to stir together ingredients. Sprinkle with dried rose petals.

Lead image by Nastassia Bruckin.

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Yum! I need to try this recipe! ❤️ ✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

I like to drink cocoa very much. Thanks for the recipe.

2 years ago

For breakfast cocoa, i like it. I’ll make on this weekend.

2 years ago

Yum, looks like it is sugar free as well.

2 years ago

My sister used to make rose petal tea and it was amazing. I’ve never heard of rose hot chocolate but it sounds great!! Thanks

2 years ago

The cup is pretty! Thank you for the post! Definitely try this recipe!

2 years ago

Yes, why not – cocoa is delicious any time of the day :) I’m a recent convert to oat milk too so yummy!

2 years ago

Nice Recipe. Thank you. I will try it at home.

2 years ago

nice Post

2 years ago

This sounds and looks delicious!

2 years ago

Good recipe, but I fell in love with your mug.

1 year ago

Your recipes are always great. I will try this soon. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

1 year ago

Rose Mocha sounds pretty interesting. I’m going to have to give this one a go.

11 months ago

Me too! If I have 1 cup of cocoa in the morning, my day will have more energy to complete the work.