Adoption Stories

Two of our favorite BFF stories (that’s Best Furry Friends)…


One boy’s pet allergies led to our Paid Social Coordinator finding her new best friend…

What is your pup’s name? How old? Any idea of the breed?
Smokey is 2 years old, and I think he’s a Pug, Terrier, and maybe Beagle mix. I just sent off a DNA test so I should have the real answer soon!

Why did you choose your specific rescue and how long had you been thinking about adopting?
I am a huge dog lover and always knew I would adopt one once I was ready. I had been stalking Petfinder with no luck but came across Smokey via a private rehoming situation. His original family had adopted him from the Faithful Friends Animal Society in Delaware but their son developed severe allergies to him during quarantine.

Tell us about meeting your pup. Was it love at first sight? What brought you together?
My boyfriend and I went to Delaware to meet him and I instantly fell in love. He was a huge goofball, and was so happy to be around people — I knew he would be the perfect fit. He laid in my lap the whole car ride back and ever since we’ve been attached at the hip.

His favorite toys?
Anything with a squeaker, especially stuffed toys or tennis balls. He loves to play tug of war with a good rope!

Funniest quirks?
Smokey is a little guy with a big personality — he has a ton of quirks! My favorite is when he gets the zoomies and runs around the house making a little grumbling noise the entire time. He also loves Chapstick and will come running when he sees someone put it on.

Favorite activities to do together?
Smokey LOVES to cuddle — if he could sit on my lap all day, he would. Hi favorite activity is definitely watching TV in bed so he can get pets all day long. We also love to go on walks around the neighborhood, play fetch and visit my parents so he can play with their dog!



Kim is our Senior Buyer of Beach/Endless Summer/Swim, and she’s been with Free People for the past 10 years. A couple of years ago, she moved to Savannah, GA. With more outdoor space at her disposal and a desire to stay active, she went in search of a dog…

Tell us about Gus. How old? Any idea of the breed?
He’ll be 3 years old in September, and he’s a German Shepherd, Poodle, American Staffordshire Terrier mix.  

Tell us about meeting him. Was it love at first sight? What brought you together?

I found his picture while scrolling through Petfinder — I think my love for German Shepherds and wire-haired dogs is what got my attention! He was rescued by a woman from a shelter in South Carolina who bought his whole litter off of a questionable Craigslist post. They wouldn’t allow her to see the mom or come to their location to get the pups, so she knew she needed to get them out of there ASAP. Ideally, he would have stayed with his momma longer but it was not a good situation. When we got Gus, he was very young, underweight, and he was missing patches of hair due to excessive fleas. He also had a really bad case of roundworm which was so severe we thought he had Parvo! Luckily, he recovered super quickly!

His favorite toys?
Ball for life!

Funniest quirks?
His long beard 😊

Favorite activities to do together?
Long walks, swimming, trips to the mountains. If he were answering this question he would absolutely say throwing the ball. 😊

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