PG-13 Treats to Encourage A More Romantic Mother’s Day

Let’s all remember what got us here in the first place…so be sure to share the love this holiday!

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Lilah B. EVERYTHING: Why Editors and Makeup Artists Lose It for The Low-Key Essentials

Are we all secretly treating the eco-friendly pebbles and sleek brushes like straight-up collectibles?

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Endless Summer Escape Routes: What to Pack for FP’s Palm Springs Pop-Up Party

From vitamin drips to sunset sonic detox, a festival-friendly guide to the iconic desert playground…    

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“I’m Obsessed”: Winky Lux’s pH-Activated Balms and 90s-Inspired Glosses Are A Makeup Artist’s Dream

Celebrity makeup artist Omayma Ramzy sounds off on why the adorable packaging isn’t the only reason to fall in love with every lip-hugging option…                                                                       Read More

How BEAR Turned Organics, Science, and Single-Serving Supplements Into The Chicest New Health Accessory

Sammy Leetham and Saasha Burns have designed a choose-your-own-adventure series of stylish nutritional boosters…

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The Crystal Method: 8 Ways Energetic Stones Are Taking Over Everything

From facial rollers to sparkling vanity trays, the latest beauty wave is all about a power balance…

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“This Stuff Is Magic”: Why The Gentle Label’s Organic Healing Balm Is The New Cult Classic

Can one clean, genius product revolutionize your entire routine?

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