About A Girl: Lana, Our Senior Store Manager

You all know this instance… when you meet someone for the first time, yet it feels like just yesterday the two of you were reminiscing on family and childhood fun. Yes, those that you’ve known for seconds are also subsequently the same person you’ve known for years.

Lana is one of these souls. Read More

Musical Muses: Joni Mitchell & Country Roads

This week’s Country Roads trend had me thinking backwards…

To a time where gates were seldom and untouched land was vast… where neighbors shared open doors and landline telephones still gave their distinct rings from kitchen walls.

I think of home. I think of the old dirt road I grew up on… in the Redwood forest… where my closest friends were my ponies and my imagination. Read More

An Interview With Photographer Joni Sternbach

The best of friends are those that pass along good art, and wise words.

In this case, the name Joni Sternbach was introduced to my daily perusing through a dear friend. Peruse and pursue I did, and what I found was nothing short of breathtaking. Joni’s Surfland collection immediately blew my mind, the entirety in tin type process. Read More