Meet the Gender-Fluid Beauty Brand Everyone is Talking About: NOTO Botanics

Founder, makeup artist, and cool-girl Gloria Noto reveals how she’s setting new beauty standards with her minimalist-inspired, unisex cosmetic range (and the face oil that’s all over Instagram).

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“I’m Obsessed”: Winky Lux’s pH-Activated Balms and 90s-Inspired Glosses Are A Makeup Artist’s Dream

Celebrity makeup artist Omayma Ramzy sounds off on why the adorable packaging isn’t the only reason to fall in love with every lip-hugging option…                                                                       Read More

Want Perfectly Air-Dried Hair? Here’s How…

Do you ever think to yourself, “Gosh, I would have so much more time in my day if I could just master the art of air-drying my hair instead of spending all that time coaxing it into a style I’m ok with wearing out in public?”

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So You Got A Jade Roller…Now What?

Devoted rollers can’t get enough of the tool and as a convert myself, I can vouch for the jade roller’s effectiveness at decreasing puffiness, minimizing lines and making sure your daily serums are penetrating deeply into skin.

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This Is What Those Words on Your Beauty Products REALLY Mean

Whether you routinely find yourself standing in front of a shelf of self-care products unable to decide what to buy because you have no idea what the labels are trying to tell you, or you just buy everything and hope you can decode it all in the safety of your bathroom, this one’s for you.

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Milky Cleansers: What They Are & Why They’re Perfect for Your Skin

They may look a whole lot like what you’d add to your daily cup of coffee or morning cereal… but, in fact, milky cleansers are secret weapons for anyone with skin that’s sensitive, reactive, dry, or even acne-prone.

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