Care FP: Giving Thanks — and Love — to Philabundance

Philadelphia’s largest hunger relief organization, Philabundance is providing sustenance to more members of our community than ever. Find out how you can help the people in your area.

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Your Essential Spring 2020 FP Horoscope, by Tracy Allen

Astrology is about cycles, and we’re in a tough one. But through it all, remember to nurture yourselves and each other. We’re all in this together!

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A Leap In The Right Direction: 5 Supplements to Help Balance Your 2020

Spend the year’s extra bonus day doing and feeling what-and-how-ever you want… 

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Your Venus-Filled Free People Horoscope, by Tracy Allen

Valentine’s Day may fall on 2/14, but relationships require our full love and attention 24/7. Find out what Venus has in store for you, and your +1’s, ALL YEAR LONG… Read More

Healing Via Simple Acts of Love and Light

As an intuitive guide, Nina Endrst works with people through both triumph and trauma. Teaching them that taking small steps toward love can and does create magnificent shifts in our being.

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