It’s #NationalPizzaDay! Try Chef Amanda Cohen’s Perfect Vegan Pie Recipe

There are vegan cheeses out there, and some are great, but Dirt Candy’s Amanda Cohen thinks the best vegan pizza celebrates what you have rather than trying to replicate what you don’t.

We Found the Rainbo Connection

Tonya Papanikolov’s fascination with mushrooms grew from her own healing journey, her holistic nutrition studies and spending time in nature. From this came a tremendous respect for the potential power that these strange yet magical organisms harbor…

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Your February Horoscope Has Arrived!! Thank You, Tracy Allen!

Thank you ALL for your comments, and especially your patience. Now let’s not waste time — read on for your fave February forecast.

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How Myers-Briggs Impacts Relationships, Career, Wellness Practices, Style and More

It’s the reason people think Jenna Birch just “gets” their problems soooo well, even though it’s something that anyone can learn more about and access. 

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ThursDIY: Foraging and Using Natural Dyes

Natural dyes can make for a fun — and sustainable — way to refresh your wardrobe. Resident FP dyer Sydney gives us a few pointers on what plants to look out for, and how to use them to produce wonderful color.

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This Week’s Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen — 1/6-1/12

This week is all about (well, mostly about) Saturn and Pluto, who haven’t danced together since 1982. And they haven’t rendezvoused in Capricorn since 1518! Find out why it’s a BIG deal…

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