Blogger Diary: Holiday Warmth

The holidays have come and gone and now I’m filled with they warm feelings of comfort they left behind, as well as excitement for the brand new year ahead. I think the holidays come at the perfect time of year. The end of the year is a time we look back on the months that have passed and think about how each experience has brought us to where we are now. Read More

Blogger Diary: A Beautiful Birthday Trip

My birthday was last week and to celebrate, a few of my favorite people and I took off for San Francisco, one of my favorite places on Earth.  It was one of those magical trips where every moment is a highlight…we walked the city hills, picked up some books at City Lights, dug through used albums at Amoeba on Haight and caught Tame Impala at The Fillmore before making our way across the Golden Gate for the second part of our journey.  We stopped at Muir Woods, where the redwood trees completely took my breath away with their majestic beauty and sheer size, and then it was up to Calistoga, a small town on the northern end of Napa county.  We spent a day exploring vineyards and tasting wine at some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been before sadly packing up and making our way back to Philadelphia.  I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing trip…check out my photo diary below! Read More

Blogger Diary: Memories

I’m always grateful for photography, I’m grateful because I’m always reminded of memories every time I see a snapshot of my life. I can spend hours running through old photographs from when I was a young child to more recent photos. They send chills down my spine, loving memories captured in one shot. Read More

Blogger Diary: A Perfect Fall Day Trip

I have been wanting to take a day trip up to New Hope, PA for quite some time now, and this past weekend I finally did it. We chose this weekend so we could check out the annual arts & crafts fair, but ended up having more fun just wandering around the town and enjoying the gorgeous fall day.  Read More

Blogger Diary: London Flashbacks

After my freshman year of college, I spent a summer studying in London. It was a unique program that had a tremendously profound impact on me and my life. About 25 of us spent the summer living in a house in the gorgeous Notting Hill neighborhood. Our classes consisted of English literature, which featured books written in and around London, English poetry, and theater, which gave us the opportunity to see a different play each week in various theaters around the city. I did this at a time when I was leaving a lot behind and it was extremely difficult, but the second I walked out of the airport and was greeted by the sweetest, friendliest cab driver I’ve ever encountered, I never looked back. Read More