Tattoo Inspiration From Our Office

Tattoo inspiration can be found in every corner of our office…whether they are bold and eye-catching or small and hidden, we have some real gems.  Ever since I did this post I’ve been on the lookout, and from new employees to old employees with new ink, I found so much beautiful body artwork today. Read More

Color Inspiration: Purple Haze

I’ve always loved the color purple.  A beautiful mixture of vibrant red and mellow blue, coming together to create a unique and bold shade.  The color has long been associated with royalty, but to me it always brings to mind things like lavender, amethyst, and of course the Jimi Hendrix song. Read More

10 Ways To Feel Light As A Feather

The name for one of our trends this week, Light as a Feather, intrigues me.  It brings to mind that easy, carefree feeling that we all long so much for, and that we’ve been talking about a lot in this month’s book club. When I think about the words “light as a feather” I think of that feeling you get when you are free of worries, pain or sadness and are in a moment of complete and utter bliss – nothing is weighing you down. Read More

Artwork We Love: Fiona Watson’s Dreamy Visions

I posted about artist Fiona Watson once before, but it was a long time ago and she has some new work that I have been dying to share! I think she just might be one of my favorite artists… not only are her etchings and watercolors amazing but she has such a dreamy eye when it comes to photography and these delicate little arrangements she creates using paper, watercolor, and found objects from nature. Read More

Color Inspiration: The Road Less Traveled

Our latest lookbook, “The Road Less Traveled,” is one of my favorites to date. There’s so much to take in from each image that I find myself looking at them again and again, letting my eyes travel from the clothes and jewelry to the hair and makeup, and the beautifully printed backdrops, taking my time to soak it all in. The girl in this lookbook is a bohemian wanderer, with stories as rich and as textured as the images themselves. Read More

Awesome Gift Idea: Chrissy Piper’s Image Transfer Journals

Chrissy Piper is a friend of the Free People family and an amazing photographer who shot the LA portion of last year’s January catalog and our December 2010 catalog in Utah. She sent over some images of these adorable little journals she’s been making and we fell in love with them! Read More