Artwork We Love: Alexander Korzer-Robinson’s Cut Book Constructions

I’m completely blown away by these cut book constructions by artist Alexander Korzer-Robinson, who carefully and strategically cuts vintage books to leave behind only certain images, resulting in these amazing 3D art prints. Read More

Artwork We Love: Illustrations By Angela Dalinger

I can’t get enough of these sweet illustrations by German artist Angela Dalinger.  The attention to detail is amazing for such small subject matter, and the composition, arranged like little collections on paper, makes them even more interesting.  Read More

Pin-Speration: Our Senior Graphic Designer’s Captivating Pins

When I first created my Pinterest account, one of the first people I started following was our senior graphic designer. She has such an artistic eye, which comes as no surprise, and her pinterest boards are a true reflection of that. I love seeing what inspires different people and what types of pin boards they create, and hers definitely have a very artistic, vintage/retro vibe. There is something very calming about them too, the colors are soothing and the imagery feels very nostalgic. Take a peek at her Pinterest board! Read More

Art Crush: Kristen Hassenfeld

When I first came across Kristen Hassenfeld’s installations they took my breath away – they are so delicate and intricate, and appear like dripping chandeliers of crystal and diamonds. She creates them using paper and mixed media, sometimes even incorporating unexpected materials like pipe cleaners. I would love to see them in person! Read More