Meet our LA Style Contest Winner!

As you may recall, we had a little contest this month in conjunction with our January catalog and its NY vs. LA theme. We picked a winner for each city, and now its time to learn a little bit more about these stylish ladies – up first, our LA winner, Eva of Cathedral City, California!

Her winning photo, rocking our sheer printed romper with a belt and turquoise accessories.

I love the relaxed vibe of this outfit! Get the look with our fairisle pullover, feather headpiece and linen extreme flare.


Looking adorable in the floral woven pullover, ankle crop jean and saddle shoes.

What do you love most about Los Angeles?

I definitely love the diversity that exists in L.A.  It’s this huge melting pot of all kinds of people…mostly strange people [haha], but that is what makes L.A. interesting and unique.  It’s one of those cities where self expression is a must.

Three words that best describe California style are: Cool, chic, and trendy.

How would you describe your personal style? Which Free People girl  are you?

I would have to say I’m Meadow and Ginger mixed into one!!  I love the relaxed, carefree, bohemian look when I’m out during the day running errands, shopping, or having lunch/coffee with friends.  But I definitely appreciate a sexy mini dress paired with 5 inch platforms when I’m hitting the town!

What is your favorite trend this season?

Colorblocking seems very popular this season…haven’t tried it yet, but definitely something I would love to try.  Who knew that not matching could ever look so cute?!?!

Favorite FP items of the moment:


Undercover Maxi Dress, Stavros Buttondown, High Waisted Extreme Flare, French Terry Cross Bust Bra, Ginger Long Sleeve Lace Back Tunic

Meet the Win Your Wishlist Winner

Let’s meet the lucky lady who won this year’s win your wishlist contest! Get to know a bit about her and why she picked the items that she won :)

Jessica, Sandy Hook Connecticut

What do you love most about the holiday season?

I love to give presents!  I always know it’s a great present for a girlfriend if I want it too : ).  I also can’t forget about all of the magical decorations and lights!

What are your favorite activities this time of year?

I like to listen to Christmas music and bake festive treats!  Cuddling by the fireplace is a favorite also.

How would you describe your style? And, what Free People girl are you?

My style tends to fluctuate with how I feel that day, week or month!  I’m probably a mix of boho gypsy and rocker hippie child at the moment haha.  I love statement accessories and anything that looks unique. I’m definitely a Meadow girl.

What is your favorite fashion trend this season?

I LOVE feathers, I’m also loving how 60s and 70s style is back!

What is your motto?

It’s hard for me to choose just one!  But if I had to wrap them all up into a ball I would say: to seek happiness with whatever you do, always be kind because you never know what someone else is going through, and have a sense of humor because no one gets out alive :)

Her Picks:

1.  New Romantics Sequin Button Down –  As soon as I saw this in the catalog it went right on my wish list! I love a little sparkle and the copper sequins go so wonderfully with the off-white/ivory color of this shirt.

2. Roaring Bead Collar – This necklace is such a great statement.  It will dress up just about anything you put on and I can just imagine it for a night out!

3. Lace Curtain Top – I had to get this because I love lace!  This top is much more beautiful in person and hangs on the body so well.  I might have to wait for warmer weather to wear this one though!

4. Victorian Romance Fringe Top –  Talk about summer of ’69 this top is upscale Woodstock at it’s finest!

5. Sunset Beach Hoodie – I love over-sized clothing almost as much as I love hoods!  So this pullover was perfect for me; can’t wait to wear it to the beach.

6. Le Deux Velvet Tunic – The perfect New Years Eve dress.  The material and pattern of this dress are to die for.  This is truly a unique piece!

7. Fp One Love in Florals Boxer – These are just so adorable.  They will have so many uses; Pj’s, summer shorts, I could pair them with a sweater and leggings.  Endless options :)!

8. Floral Burnout Henley (Sweet Basil) –  I was attracted to the color of this top and layered with the Tupelo Honey Seamless Top underneath it looks fantastic!

9. Marled Yarn Pullover –  LOVE this.  This sweater is so comfy and can be worn alone or layered.  I layer it with the Embellished Long Sleeve Mesh Layering Top in black :)

She’s got great taste, huh?! I love everything she picked! Thanks Jessica :)

FP Me Style Contest Winners!

A little while back we held an fp me style contest and we were completely blown away by the amazing entries! It was very difficult to narrow it down to three winners – who are currently being featured as part of our holiday boutiques! Here are the winning photos, and a little bit more about each of these lovely fp girls :)

Photo Credit:  C Studios

Amy Crandall, Columbus OH

What do you love most about the holiday season?

Holidays are an amazing time because you are surrounded by fabulous family and great food! What could be more lovely!?

Where is your favorite place?

My favorite place is Byron Bay, Australia. There is such a peaceful calm about it and the people with whom reside. The laid back vibe, fantastic hikes, beautiful views, and amazing surf all drew me in.

How would you describe your style? And, what Free People girl are you?

I am a boho-girl to my core! I am extremely inspired by photography, music, art, and adventure which directly influences my life and style. I love pieces that you can wear in more ways than one, like a fantastic maxi that you can pull up, belt and wear as a dress. I am also careful to purchase pieces that I know I will still be in love with years down the road. I could definitely be soul sisters with the FP girl, Miss Meadow.

What is your favorite fashion trend this season?

I am always freezing cold, so the thing I love most about this season is layering. Being all bundled up and cozy with over sized sweaters and scarves is exactly what you will catch me in this season!

What is your motto?

My main motto in this life is just to keep putting yourself out there because you never know what can come from an experience. I always surround myself with creative, motivating and positive people because they are constantly inspiring me and challenging me to grow.

Amy’s picks:

Crochet Love Cardi in Rust paired with a distressed boot :  I love this look because it is such a  laid back, comfortable and relaxing look yet so incredibly detailed.

Multi-Color Stripe Pullover onto of the Feather Slip:  What makes this look special to me is the pairing of these two interesting and very different textures and materials.  It stands out in such a delicate yet confident way.

Marled Yarn Pullover in Golden Marl:  I love the way you can wear this sweater in multiple ways.  You can layer it, you can pull it off of one shoulder, you can perfectly expose your collar bone; On top of how comfortable and cozy it looks, there is no question that this piece is special.

Beaded Hippie Jumpsuit:  I am speechless — I just…. I can’t.  It’s too good!!! Pair it with an intense head-piece…Unstoppable!

Cabin Fever Layering Top in Pimento:  This top is a perfect piece for the season!  The detailing and color is really eye catching.  It is perfect way to add some flare and really brighten up your look!

Mariya Miller

Mariya Jasmine, Seattle WA

What do you love most about the holiday season?

Getting to watch Home Alone and Love Actually all the time! I love that the holidays allow you to spend time with and celebrate the amazing people in your life, and it’s fun to dress up for all of the fancy parties!

Where is your favorite place?

I just got back from my honeymoon to French Polynesia, which was incredible! The islands of Bora Bora and Moorea are breathtaking and were incredibly relaxing … It’s my favorite place I’ve traveled…so far!

How would you describe your style? And, what Free People girl are you?

My style is pretty relaxed… a mix of feminine, romantic, flowy and floral pieces… care-free but put-together – I would be the “new romantic” Free People girl.

What is your favorite fashion trend this season?

I am loving this season’s trends of lace and maxi dresses and skirts, often together. Pairing a boxy, lace top with a long maxi skirt and a blazer is my go-to outfit of the moment.

What is your motto?

Always stay inspired.

Mariya’s picks:


Lacey Layering Top – I love the versitility of this piece. you could wear it alone or use it for layering. you could dress it up or down, depending on how you accessorize it, and it could be paired with pants/skirt or layered under a dress for a stylish way to keep warm.

Crochet Love Cardi – This sweater looks so comfy! what i love about Free People is that all the pieces are versatile, and you can incorporate them into your wardrobe and make it work with many options.

Crochet Sleeve Pullover – Love the exaggerated sleeves on this top. crochet is a great trend this season…almost like lace but a difference texture.

Jilly Maxi Dress – I feel like this dress could be a great, sexy piece on its own, or almost like a slip under another dress. the pop of color peaking out under the bottom would be a great way to change up a dress or maxi-skirt you already own.

Nicole Embellished Lace Dress – I”m such a sucker for lace! and i love the white option of this dress, it feels very festive :)

Sophie London

Sophie Anna London, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

What do you love most about the holiday season?

I love holiday parties, the outfits that accompany them and flowing champagne! New Years Eve is the most magical holiday of the year and I try to go on a beach vacation every winter.

Where is your favorite place?

Praia do Rosa, Brazil and Paris are my favorite places I have been to… New Years Eve in Brazil is amazing! Morocco and Tahiti are my current dream destinations.

How would you describe your style? And, what Free People girl are you?

My style is bohemian Gypsy luxe. I love special, feminine pieces, lots of jewelry, and a 70’s Rock & roll attitude. I have a good time when I get dressed. Listening to music and channelling different muses depending on my mood. I am a combo of “Ginger”, “Meadow” and “Sandy”. Sexy, bohemian and beachy!

What is your favorite fashion trend this season?

I would call my favorite trend this holiday season “Spice & Honey”, inspired by a poem I read about a fairy. Romantic and magical, glittering and delicate in whites, silver and gold. I want to dress like a fairy queen dripping in crystals, pearls, velvet and lace! With hints of Victoriana…Thank you FP for making my fantasy wardrobe come to life.

What is your motto?

“Cherchez La Femme”

Sophia’s Picks:


High neck Victorian Lace dress – A must have for me. Stunning and Victorian inspired. I love bodycons with high necks right now.

Pearl Crossbody – This bag sums up my holiday mood. Even fairy queens have things to carry sometimes…

Symphonia Platform heel – I love these party booties! Edgy & Victorian, paired with the dancers dream leggings….sigh

Cashmere Romper – Luxury lounge-wear heaven!

Svetlana Cuff – Gorgeous stackable cuff. I love crystals with brass!

Image of me Mesh sequin capeletThis is so ethereal, and will be amazing over party dresses.

Embellished daisy chain crop top – White, beaded, sheer must have! I need the matching pants as well.

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