Making Natural Beauty Products Has Never Been Easier

The new book, Hello Glow, offers quick DIY recipes that don’t require days of distillation or advanced training in a lab — and yet, still work magic on your pores and more.

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Wellness Encyclopedia: Why We’re Wild About Witch Hazel + DIY Post-Workout Spray

Wondering why witch hazel is so wonderful? Why, we’ll tell you!

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No More Bags Under Your Eyes, Naturally: 3 Easy Ways

Remember these simple and natural tips to rid yourself of under-eye baggage.  Read More

Tighten & Tone: Homemade Coconut Coffee Body Scrub

This post was originally published on January 14, 2014 but we loved it so much, we just had to share it again!

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Make Your Own Lotion Bars For Smooth Autumn Skin

I made the switch from lotion to oil about a year ago, but I have to admit, there are times when I miss the ease of using regular old body lotion. Read More