I Put A Spell On You: Life According to Instagram

Melissa Daum addresses an extremely relevant topic —  considering the pressure to curate one’s life for the sake of Instagram.

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I Put A Spell on You: Catch Me I’m Falling

Falling asleep, falling in love, falls off buildings, tripping and falling, falls from innocence, falls from grace, rain, leaves, Icarus, Adam and Eve, and Humpty Dumpty — falls captivate our greatest fears and our flights of imagination.

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I Put A Spell On You: The Story of the Whale

“You are living with a whale who calls to you and wants to swim with you. What’s that like for you? Are you rejecting it? Do you feel a sense of obligation or maybe confusion? And what does that remind you of?”

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The Exhibit You Need To Visit In DC Right Now

Step into a world of wonder at DC’s Renwick Gallery.
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Dream Symbols & Their Meanings: Missing The Bus

Your eyes close, you drift into a deep sleep, and suddenly you find yourself in a state of panic, running to catch a bus, train, plane, or other form of transportation. When you arrive, you realize that it’s too late. You’ve missed your transportation — you had a feeling this was coming. Read More

Dream Symbols & Their Meanings: Flying

Dreams are an incredible thing. Sometimes they last a mere split second, whereas other times they seem to go on forever. Sometimes a dream is so lifelike that you may actually believe the events occurred in real life, whereas other times a dream is so ridiculous that you can’t even comprehend what’s going on. Dreams are a subconscious reflection of what’s going on within our mind. Read More