I’ll Tumble(r) For Ya: Zodiac Glasses from The Setting NYC

When it comes to your daily matcha lattes, the ladies of The Setting know it’s sometimes as much about the cup as what’s in the cup. That’s because Amanda Shine and Billur Kazaz, co-founders of the NYC-based ceramics and event planning company, believe that those few precious moments are more than the product: they’re an experience.

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An Evening in NYC: #FPBFF Winners and Influencers

#FPBFF winners and influencers alike came together for one magical evening in New York’s Dimes Restaurant! Read More

Celebrate Watermelon Day With Agua Fresca

There’s no other fruit that embodies summer quite like the watermelon. A warm-weather essential for gatherings and backyard parties, it seems only fitting that this iconic melon should have its own holiday, and this Sunday is exactly that: National Watermelon Day. You may not get the day off from work, but August 3rd is still a day worth celebrating. Read More