#MovingTogether with Cleo Wade and Friends

Be good to yourself — and Girls Inc. — this September 30th… and reserve your spot to be part of an incredible and inspirational group of women.

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High On Heart: Empower Your Voice @ Santa Monica Pop-Up

Where you long to be recognized is where you’re being called to shine. When you really allow yourself be who you are, there’s a freedom and a resonance that radiates from within. It speaks in a language of energy beyond words. An aliveness that’s born in your heart, and can be felt by all.

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Full Moon Workshop with The Numinous

You’ve heard the expression “once in a blue moon,” right? We use it to talk about a super rare event, referring to those times in the astrological calendar when we experience two Full Moons in the same month… like January 2018!

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12 Must-Have Picks from The Chalkboard Mag

TCM’s editor Suzanne Hall, along with the founder of Four Sigmatic, will host a workshop at our Santa Monica pop-up on 9/28 to discuss mushrooms and adaptogens. In the meantime, check out what Suzanne’s feeling at FP.

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A Grand Opening for the New CF Sherway Gardens FP Store!

Toronto! You’re invited to celebrate with us Friday, October 30th! 
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An Evening in NYC: #FPBFF Winners and Influencers

#FPBFF winners and influencers alike came together for one magical evening in New York’s Dimes Restaurant! Read More