Which FP Girl Are You?

My style always varies I jump from being girlie, to a more tomboy look all the time depending on the mood I’m in. I think your style says a lot about your personality, your lifestyle and the way you think. You can change the way you dress accordingly to fit your mood but I always find no matter what look you choose, you always have that one style trait that you can never get rid of. I find I always have a slightly bohemian look even if I choose to go all out relaxed and, I think that’s because of the personality I have. Read More

Get Jana Wirth’s Model Off Duty Look

When models are not walking the runways at fashion week, they’re walking the streets in cool looks that you just want to adapt into your own style. Models have this effortless look to their personal style that I admire so much. There’s no denying that they can pull off most looks and have a natural ability to make an old and tattered item look somewhat desirable.

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Pamela Love Is Our Spellbinding Style Icon


Pamela Love has that spellbound look about her, you’re instantly intrigued by her presence. Wild hair, deep eyes and a fashion sense that’s like no other. She’s a talented jewelry designer based in Brooklyn, whose work is inspired by nature, science, magic, and folk culture with a deep touch into American Southwest.

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