Making Queen Moves + A Ride or Die Playlist

Brat + Guerdley Cajus talk expression and the power of woman…and share an exclusive Spotify playlist. Check them out at our upcoming #MovingTogether event on 9/30!

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FP Movement: Made for #MovingTogether

At your mat, on the dance floor and beyond the gym, we believe in the power of community, in supporting and lifting each other up. However, wherever, whomever, we are #MovingTogether.

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Meet the Hawaiian Beauty Behind ROCAMOON

We hope you’ve been watching the beautiful Mona-Jane share her favorite workouts via our weekly #MovementMonday series… Now, take a minute to learn more about the beauty behind the brawn!

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#MovementMonday: Full Body HIIT with @Rocamoon

If January was more like a wellness trial run, no worries! Mona Jane is here to help with full-body HIIT workouts — amazing at getting your heart rate to hit the roof, and to feel balanced and tight all over!

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#MovementMonday: Abs, Butt and Thighs with Ashley Freeman

No excuses allowed this holiday season — Ashley’s back with a solid lower-body workout that’ll have you taking on all the trimmings in stride… Read More