How to Take Care Of Your Skincare Products

Preserving your skincare items requires a little more than a spot on your bathroom shelf… Here’s a quick guide to where those serums, toners, creams can do their best.

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Start Making Scents: Q&A With Our 1809 Fragrance Developer

Our FP Beauty + Wellness Product Developer, Christine, took to Instagram to answer your pressing questions about our new fragrance line, the 1809 Collection. Find the transcript here!

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This Is What Those Words on Your Beauty Products REALLY Mean

Whether you routinely find yourself standing in front of a shelf of self-care products unable to decide what to buy because you have no idea what the labels are trying to tell you, or you just buy everything and hope you can decode it all in the safety of your bathroom, this one’s for you.

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What Can Aromatherapy Do for You? Olivia Clementine’s Oils Make A Case for Natural Cures

Olivia Clementine’s organic botanical oils are more than fresh fragrances… Read More