Two FP Girls’ Guide to Wanderlust Festival

Alexandra and Ksenia’s insider tips will you help you to achieve a healthier mind and body – both in and out of Wanderlust’s four day festival. 

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Love What You Do: Chantel Jiroch of Rawesome Juicery

When we travel for work, the best part is always the people we meet.  In Atlanta, we were lucky to meet many amazing and inspiring people – and one of them is Chantel Jiroch. Read More

The Soothing Benefits of Chamomile

Life has been a little bit stressful lately. Stressful in a good way though – a lot going on, both in and outside of work. I have a tendency when I get stressed to grind my teeth while I sleep. It’s something I’ve tried various treatments for (including mouth guards) but I was looking into alternative options recently and that’s when I discovered that chamomile is so much more than just a flavor of tea… Read More