Wellness Encyclopedia: Turmeric

The little spice that could… from combatting chronic inflammation to boosting memory to fighting depression and beyond…

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Exploring India with Lucy Williams + WIN a £500 Gift Card

Colour, people, energy, exhaustion, beauty, religion, cows, flowers, rubbish… just a few of the words that spring to mind when I remember snapshots of Rajasthan. Read More

April Catalog Behind The Scenes Part II

Before we bid farewell to the month of April, I had to share another batch of stunning behind the scenes imagery from our April catalog shoot in India. For our short film Rangeen, our team actually staged their own little Holi festival! The annual festival typically takes place in March, celebrating colors, love, and the coming of spring. The resulting images are nothing short of breathtaking… an explosion of color that I can’t even imagine experiencing in person. Read More

India Through The Eyes Of Our Assistant Catalog Stylist

By now you’ve probably caught wind that our April catalog was shot in the most magical land of India — a place I so badly would love to explore. While a trip to India has not yet happened for me, it has happened to a group of people I see every single day: our catalog team.

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Our Designers In India: A Beautiful Mehndi Experience

UPDATE: This post previously ran on November the 2nd because we love the culture of Indian so much we brought it back to inspire you this weekend.

Our FP One designers recently traveled to India and, while they were there, documented their incredible experiences getting Mehndi. Here, our FP designer tells us about her journey. Read More

Inside The Artist Studio: Lily Stockman

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting artist Lily Stockman in her New York City studio, located in an old building on NYU’s campus the East Village. It was a grey, overcast day, but I found myself comfortably ensconced in her beautifully lit space with Ethiopian piano music playing, a cup of hot tea in my hands, and so much beauty to look at. I couldn’t have asked for a more lovely way to start the day than spending it there, talking to her about art, Joshua Tree, India, blogging and more. I absolutely love talking to artists – there is something so fascinating about the way their minds work, and the stories behind their work. There is always so much more than meets the eye. Read More